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  1. This week on The Apprentice:White House edition.... Freddie Mercury!

  2. Bwauder

    Thanks, Advertisement Box

    While the numbers sent and the percentage of early "forced immigrants" was definitely much higher on Australias side, alot of Americans with scottish ancestry would agree with me to a limited degree. In the clearings of the Scottish lowlands many displaced people were forced into indentured servitude and while not shipped as criminals, still forcibly sent to serve masters, often traditional lords ands nobility ( pre war of indepence). To a lesser extext this also applied to the Irish, but more of them came later and voluntarily, the 1840s potato famine being a major point.
  3. Bwauder

    Thanks, Advertisement Box

    In english ( you know the United Kingdom (UK) where it came from in the first place) advertisement is the correct spelling. It's only in US "english" (where after the initial failed colonising attempts the English sent a large number of illiterate prisoners, malcontents and indentured servants) that so many words use a z where a proper dictionary would place an s.
  4. Bwauder

    The break up

    As long as the balance of meds is sorted, 10 months in Canada is the right place to get them cheap.
  5. Bwauder

    Thanks, Google

  6. Bwauder

    first entry since 08

    Trumps grip on reality.
  7. It appears Trump has found a way to pay for his wall...
  8. Enjoy Easter like its your last, it probably will be.

    1. Chaoss
    2. Sobend


      Its the Zodiac KILLER

  9. Bwauder

    'A friend to all is a friend to none'

    The way i read it is pretty much the same, you could be friendly to all in a superficial associated way, but by making no tight commitments or investing in anyones more personal situation. If you become closer to one persons or a small groups "story" you increase bonds and the value of association to those involved and increase the odds of support in a risk or personal issue situation. On the other hand you also increase the odds of alienating other superficial friends,because of those in your chosen groups problems with other people &/or social circles. So effectively to remain friendly with everyone ( but likely not more than a brief happy chat &/or wave when seen) you can make no tight ties to anyone, & will have no true friends or quality social life. This doesnt necessarily make them a "false person who merely seeks to integrate and please" - they could be just loners or socially awkward but making a best effort to interact with society with minimal discomfort. I'm more inclined to think a false person will still seek a group for closer ties to help reiforce the ego that seeks that attention or at least gain personal value by attachment to that group. While the inflated showing off ( a la movies of massive Hollywood party blowouts or gangsters boasting loudly to restaurants) is not so much friend seeking as looking for admiration.
  10. Bwauder

    Small survey, takes 5 min max

    Meh, i saw a low post count..."survey" & external links.., it was only as i hit downvote & went to report i realised it was fabio. Pls disregard
  11. Bwauder

    Hey Conspicuous, Kemosabe, and Sobend

    The oxford comma is specifically the one after "kemosabe", notionally there to make sure it is clear he is talking/typing to 3 seperate people, not yourself then kemo & sobend as a singular group.
  12. Bwauder

    I got booty last night

    But not yours
  13. Bwauder

    Sals Clan leadership

    Vote GG , Lets make Sals great again.

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