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  1. Chuffa

    Chuffa's Skill Log.

    Well, I haven't played for absolutely ages! I thought I would open this back up and let you all know what I'm doing :P Currently, I am trying to get 99 magic by alching only at a profit or small loss, I figured it is the cheapest way to do it, and I want to help my clan our more during wars, so.. I missed 91 :( It's good to be back :D
  2. What's changed then? The HUD looks a little different, there's a new skill, and I just got lost in Lumbridge :( I've also noticed that I just hit a 40 something on a cow, how is combat worked out now? Thanks :D
  3. Chuffa

    -♥carly's Log♥-

    Congrats on all of your level's Carly
  4. Chuffa

    Choco >> 1900/2k Overall Goal >> 87 Mage

    Wow awesome level's you have there. You rock
  5. Wow 7m I don't even have that lol. Massive congrats anyways Reno
  6. Chuffa

    Dj Gavri : A Log Of A Tree Killer :)

    Congrats on 73 Ranged dude
  7. Chuffa

    Chuffa's Skill Log.

    What level you going for? Am going for 99, just want to do it together with farming :lol: as soon as I get agility to 95+ i guess i'll start runecraft You'll have 99 Everything soon Woot.
  8. Chuffa

    Chuffa's Skill Log.

    Just for you.. I usually wear full Black Dragonhide (to protect from magic attacks) boots of lightness and spottier cape to brintg my weight down. I take an amulet of glory for Edgeville teleport to repair pouches, and ring of dueling, just incase. I also wield a staff of air for teleports to Moonclan Isle. In inventory, i take 4 Pouches, Law Runes, Astral Runes, Seal of passage, and infinate run scrolls for my Terrorbird. Method wise, if your'e interested, i take a Spirit Terrorbird for infinate run, as it's cheaper than Super Energy. I start of by teleporting to Moonclan, and banking there, as i find it cheaper than paying by Fire Runes, and it gives me a little Magic xp. I fill up, then teleport to the Alter, run up the hill, pray at Alter ( I use protect from Range and Steel Skin), climb down ladder, turn on prayer and run That helpful?
  9. Chuffa

    Ever Get Bored?

    Yeah, but i try to do different things all the time now, so i don't get bored
  10. Chuffa

    ~|| Danetello's Log To 1337ness ||~

    Omg awesome crafting level, congratulations
  11. Chuffa

    Amberr ~ Auhdrah's Skill Log

    Wow Amazing keep it up
  12. Congrats on 74 Summoning Reno, you still have a lot of charms left
  13. Chuffa

    Chuffa's Skill Log.

    Thankyou, i'm hoping for 77 tonight
  14. Chuffa

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Awesome level's, congrats on the SGS
  15. Epic Massive grats Reno!!!! You didn't invite me though >.>

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