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  1. Dark Light A

    How To Desensitize Myself For My Planned Career.

    Nurses are very overworked. There's a good chance you'd find yourself just being a nurse and never actually continuing your education. A full Bachelor of Science is probably advisable.
  2. Dark Light A

    How To Desensitize Myself For My Planned Career.

    Maybe search up some surgery videos and try to watch them all the way through without turning away. Generally, I guess you need a stronger stomach, so try doing/watching some gross things once in a while. Maybe eat some weird foods too? If you vary your approach, your general "gross factor" dulling will increase, instead of just being less nauseated by a particular thing.
  3. Dark Light A

    Pandemic 2

    I do believe that makes me the winner. Started in Cuba, took 113 days. Soooo close.
  4. Dark Light A

    Ban Comic Sans

    Frutiger is the best group of fonts ever to be created. Comic sans, however, is one of the ugliest.
  5. Dark Light A

    What Kind Of Government Are Nato Forces Supporting?

    One that's frankly crap, but better than the previous both ideologically and practically.
  6. In Soviet Russia, society lives in you!
  7. If by "France", you mean socialism, then yes. For "France", comrades! On a side note, your questionable allegiance to Mother Russia has been noted. Please do not lock your doors tonight for the convenience of our police.
  8. Dark Light A

    South Africa Bans Dalai Lama Trip

    Wouldn't have been much of a conference, given what South Africa would do to please countries clearly not in line with the principles of such an event.
  9. Dark Light A

    Lol Europe

  10. Dark Light A

    English Version Of These Two Books

    They're fairly easy to find in English; Mein Kampf would probably be harder to find in German, given the legal complications of publishing such a book in Germany... http://www.amazon.com/Mein-Kampf-Adolf-Hit...0071&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.com/Communist-Manifesto-...pd_bxgy_b_img_c
  11. Dark Light A

    Sarah Palin

    Political parties die from the head-down. The anti-intellectualism of the Republican campaign last year was deeply troubling. The choice of Sarah Palin was either cynical or a grave mistake. When asked about drilling, the Republican party offered "Drill-baby-drill"; when confronted about the economy, the Republican party suggested tax cuts, and in the face of a Democrat comeback, the Republican party threw around accusations of "élitism" and worshipped Joe the Plumber. Either the Republican party can manage to revitalize itself as it did with Ronald Reagan's neoconservatives, or it will rot. Such a scenario would be intensely risky for America, as the loss of the relevance of one of two of a country's main parties is dangerous, no matter how liberal or democratic a nation is.
  12. Dark Light A


    China is definitely not a capitalist country or society. Public ownership is more or less still a Communist party tenet, and is still practiced to a large extent, especially rurally. Regulations are indeed present; quality and consumer protection are not the only type of regulations. The Chinese government actively intervenes in the market to distort it towards exports, and it holds a heavy hand fiscally to manipulate conditions towards exporting as well. Communism is not solely economics in the way socialism is. Society and politics remains authoritarian and the rule of law is not enforced.
  13. Dark Light A

    Trigonometric Identities

    Prove the equation is an identity. sin (x)+cos (x) =? (2sin^2 (x) -1) / (sin (x)-cos(x)) I honestly have no idea where to go with this one. Multiplying the right side by the conjugate of the denominator and such doesn't seem to help at all.
  14. Dark Light A

    Couple Clones Dog For 155k

    Meanwhile, people are dieing from starvation...but no, wait, cloning a dog which would not have the same personality is a better use for that money.
  15. Dark Light A

    Ky Coach Murder Case

    This should be a case of involuntary manslaughter, at most.

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