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  1. Great question. Knowledge. I'd like to say final goodbyes to my loved ones... then blow my money on blow and purple sweets.
  2. Woohooo!! Wall of losers!! That's awesome for 1800 and Ara :)
  3. Similar to you, I took a long break from RS and returned at the end of 2014 for Oldschool Runescape. If you don't like what RS3 has become, consider it. :) The community is actually very strong and there's an amazing bunch of developers too.
  4. I may make some incorrect assumptions and stuff here so I apologize if anything offends you, but it's just a very quick breakdown of how I read your post. From my perspective, here's another way if seeing your situation: Your parents sound extremely strict and have set unrealistic restrictions on your social life for a very long time. Now, you are 18 which is an extremely stressful 'stage' of life because: you are provided with a glimpse of freedom that comes with adulthood you are provided with a glimpse of the constraints of adulthood you are still 'tied down' by your dependance on your parents physiologically and psychologically you are going through the most drastic changes your body and mind will experience With all of these factors contributing to stress, you are also under pressure from society to adhere to its social norms and values which may or may not be realistic: Let's face it, the internet and social media dominate our culture and makes us all look way more socially competent and connected than we actually are You go to a friggin' HUGE university with 80,000 people and you probably see people all around you making you say 'if there's people everywhere why do I feel so isolated?' you may forget that just because you all have the mutual connection to your university, it also has the size of a medium-sized city: how many people can you actually connect with in a city? So in conclusion, you may be putting too much faith in OTHER peoples' social abilities, including womens'. While there are people mingling all around you, social groups, teams, etc... I would put SO much money on the fact that the majority feel socially incompetent and out of the loop themselves. It's the world we live in now, as sad as that sounds. My advice: First and foremost on the subject of girls: be a good listener. If you aren't the most outgoing or best at carrying a conversation for a long time, just practice asking questions. Some girls will be withdrawn and won't want to open up to so many questions but that could just be their personality or the effects of our disconnected society. You may get along quite well with an outgoing girl who admires your listening ability and wants to do most of the talking herself. P.S. the thing you said about you immediately catching feelings for any girl that pays you attention happens to almost every guy ever. It's imbedded in our nature.. it's really annoying but it's our instinct. Your perceived 'problems' with yourself... you are not fudged up, I promise. Everyone else is. Not as individuals... everyone else as a group. What I mean by this is: instead of getting frustrated at yourself and not meshing with everyone, try to take amusement in it. Look around you, observe, take it all in as a very funny/awkward mess of society. You should start to see everyone constantly "trying to find their place". You'll see that everyone is strikingly the same, regardless of how different their backgrounds are. You have some crazy things that are putting a lot of pressure on your life right now, but almost everyone else has their own crazy adventure they're dealing with as well. So maybe just try to be a "fly on the wall".. take the leap and join a team or a club, even if you have only the slightest interest in it, observe people, laugh at their jokes, be a good listener, ask questions and pay them attention people LOVE attention: if you develop this "good listener" approach and display interest in other people, I almost guarantee they'll feel a lot closer to you.
  5. Sneezingtree

    oh wow

    Best way I can describe aging (late-er 20's now) is that you'll never drastically change. However time will go increasingly fast. It creates a kind of permanent adulthood crisis. But it's enjoyable in some weird way, so it's all good. Nice entry. I liked the part about lifting. lifting kewl.
  6. Sneezingtree

    On Activity

    I think if this was done it should highlight some of the changes in RS that may convince them to actually play RS again: the new platform for RS3000 and the strong community on OSRS. After all, RS is what this forum is based on.
  7. Interesting post, welcome back. :) You shouldn't take advice or .zip files from strangers online without a thorough evaluation of what it contains but I do want to offer you an idea for consideration. Even if your goals don't require a degree you may want to consider completing one anyway.. maybe on a part-time basis if that's possible. It may not seem like it's ideal or necessary at the moment but I think you'd thank yourself for getting schooling out of the way while you're young at some point down the road. Seize the opportunity that is infront of you. That includes the next mom that hugs you. She's totally into you, man.
  8. Solid achievement :) great job.
  9. I'm so sorry I haven't found this thread earlier!!! Jeeez... great log, man. When RSC is rereleased soon I'll be playing it periodically as well probably. :)
  10. That's ridiculous, I'm not trying to lure you back.. not just you... I'd like to see as many of you retirees back as possible. Now would be the time to do it though. Like... right now.
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