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  1. tis logan

    I'm Back

    Ah, I see. So I take it not many Salmoneus members play Oldschool then because they would be in the friends chat? Yeah I can only think of a couple people who play old school, and there's not really enough of them to form a community. This is utterly depressing. :( Runescape and Sal's was my childhood, and I thought I'd be able to get that feeling of nostalgia...I guess I'll just have to settle with the fact that I have Oldschool Runescape and a real life friend or two to play with.
  2. tis logan

    I'm Back

    I remember you! Ah, I see. So I take it not many Salmoneus members play Oldschool then because they would be in the friends chat?
  3. tis logan

    I'm Back

    What's up guys. Not sure if anyone remembers me. I can't remember all of my past usernames, but I know I've been "Mohawk567" (my original IGN) and "IDK My BFF Jill." I'm 17 now and a lot has changed. I don't have nearly as much free time anymore, but Xbox has gotten boring and I've decided to buy 1 month of membership to play Oldschool Runescape and maybe join the community again. I doubt anyone left here will recognize me, but oh well. I'd be glad to add anyone in-game. All I will play is Oldschool. My IGN is LH4. Also, if there's a specific 2007 clan chat for Sal's on Oldschool, I'd love to know it, because there didn't seem to be anyone in "Salmoneus" when I checked.
  4. tis logan

    Sharkay's Log - Last Things : Comeback time '07

    Do it! It's me, Mohawk567! I've been playing here and there myself!
  5. tis logan

    A Discovery v2

    Well I'm not as wordy as byz, so I can't really come up with an intro as good as his. But basically I asked in the cc if someone could invite me to the Sal's clan so I could work on the citadel. Ansak responded telling me to come to his world. I came, but then I had to go unload the dishwasher so I told him I'd be right back. I guess he has no patience, because that's when he started his bot up. I noticed he was botting when I said his name several times and he didn't respond. Discuss.
  6. tis logan

    Turmoil | 85 Ranged | 71 Summoning

    Well I have Turm now, however I've decided to skill and earn some money (mostly via Runecrafting) before the push to 99 Slayer because I honestly just don't have enough cash for gear/supplies at the moment. Boy do I have a lot of updates...skill logs section is just not what it used to be. Firstly, I got 95 Prayer after spending 114m on Dragon Bones. After all the quests I completed for curses, I ended up getting 74 Mining, 75 Thieving, 61 Runecrafting, all from quest rewards. After getting Turmoil, I went to do my Suqah task from before I started training Prayer and got 85 Ranged from my cannon. After a couple tasks with Turmoil, I realized how expensive getting 99 Slayer the way I wanted to (turm + cannon at all times possible) was going to be, so I decided I'd take a break and skill for a while for some money. My skilling journey starts with getting 74 Hunter which is need to make Juju Farming Potions which will increase my profit from herb runs. However, I wanted to unlock the ability to summon Arctic Bears first as they increase experience per hour whilst Hunting, so I got 71 Summoning. My achievements end here. I am currently 73/74 Hunter and expect to get 74 some time tomorrow. After 74 Hunter, I will be doing daily tree runs that will basically be free because they will be funded by my herb runs. While getting 70 Farming, I'll be runecrafting Nature Runes to get some money. I plan on getting 99 Magic on Bonus XP Weekend, which will cost ~10m from 94. Runecrafting will fund this. Thanks for reading all!
  7. tis logan

    My first 99

    Congratulations on your first 99! Trust me, after your first, you'll be hooked on getting them, and they all seem easier, so good luck on Max Cape! Haha. :P
  8. tis logan

    Turmoil | 85 Ranged | 71 Summoning

    I'm back with a vengeance! Won't quote any posts or anything, too busy training Pray. On my road to Turmoil!! *Psst: How do I make a paragraph like [p]?* Firstly, 98 Defense while on an LRC task. I've been Pietying every task, makes them quite a bit faster. Secondly, I noticed I was only 225k from leveling Agility and I had Skoll Boots unused in my bank...here was the outcome. Now, a game changer...I finally had enough money to buy 95 Prayer, so I went for it. Sold Bandos/Claws but not Fury. Here I come! At the moment I'm earning ~350k xp/hr using D Bones on Gilded Altar with Tort and Rings of Dueling. I don't believe I can increase this rate, but if I can in any way possible, please let me know. Currently on a 10m budget after buying 94 Prayer (21 Effigies for 95).
  9. tis logan

    Holy Crap, Im Back - Log Of Sage

    SAGE I don't know if you remember me, but it's IDK My BFF Jill/Mohawk567. Add me in-game: LH4. :(
  10. tis logan

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    Some people prefer using Whips on tasks where you lose money from the repair costs, and he could've spent all his tokens on 120 so he can't repair using tokens. Just a guess.
  11. tis logan

    Turmoil | 85 Ranged | 71 Summoning

    Thanks, although I think I'm updating a bit too much for the amount of posts I'm getting in it. :o I guess it's best to be active, though. [p]
  12. tis logan

    Turmoil | 85 Ranged | 71 Summoning

    [email protected]@@ If there was anyone that I could've asked for to end my post-drought on my log, it would've been you babe. LOL, but no, Sax and I have been friends since like '07. We're old school. [p] I'm finally able to update, thanks to Sax! :) I've gathered lots of screenshots including 90 Slayer and a Robin Hood clue, however I don't remember the stories behind them all, so I'll just pile them up in one huge spoiler. :) I've been doing a lot of questing and Achievement Diaries (tasks) recently. I finished both Lumbridge/Draynor and Falador Hard task sets to aid me on herb runs that I do between slayer tasks. I eventually plan on doing the 5 quests needed for Ardy Cloak 3, however at the moment, I'm slaying, so stay tuned for 97 def and 91 Slayer!
  13. tis logan

    A Very Barrows New Year!

    All I can say is I personally hate the way Barrows armor looks now.
  14. tis logan

    99 "hitpoints" Constitution

    Grats on 99 HP, I recently got that myself as well. :( OT: How do you get your cursor to appear in your screenshot?
  15. tis logan

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    ^ Greater Demons hit really hard, therefor it is absolutely necessary to Deflect Melee when you have Soul Split to flash to heal. ^ When you get 99 RC, I guess the only viable thing to do would be to buy a DFS to slay in. Also, you should NEVER get Karil's Skirt, only Top. Good job, D3Crypt3R. Good job.

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