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  1. In the trash bin. Technology is only getting better and newer games will blow RuneScape out of the water (hell, they're already doing it). It won't have much life in it for long.
  2. Obeliskos

    Combat Lovers

    Wh.. what? Those.. are the only types of combat.. right? If you don't use those, you don't use combat at all..
  3. Obeliskos

    Weird Song

    I think he's just trying to be funny.
  4. Obeliskos

    Ownage Traing

  5. Obeliskos

    Advrage F2p Money Making Per Hour

    I haven't played in almost a year, but this is what I did to make money.
  6. Obeliskos

    "Worst Update Ever!"

    Why not save time and just tell everybody to pick on you?
  7. Obeliskos

    "Worst Update Ever!"

    lol Jagex. I don't get the point of buying t-shirts with game logos on them. Not just RuneScape, I've seen World of Warcraft shirts too. It's like an invitation to get beat up. The Worst Update Ever t-shirt won't make sense to most people. I bet even fellow RS players won't get what it means. Besides, what a dull t-shirt. Three words on the front making an inside joke that most people won't get and the Jagex logo slapped on the back.
  8. Obeliskos

    Display Names

    Wow Jagex. Just wow.
  9. Combat is utterly boring, anybody who says otherwise must get a kick out of watching pixels taking turns hitting each other. To be fair, most MMORPGs use that system (except for DDO and PSOBB), so it's not fair to pin all of that on just RuneScape, but RuneScape's combat somehow feels even more boring than combat in WoW or RoM. I think it's because of the repetitive animations and lack of special skills, hotkeying, etc.
  10. Obeliskos

    An Uncomfortable Choice

    You could possibly ruin a friendship over freakin' RUNESCAPE. Let him know that it's technically illegal and drop it. If he decides to do it anyway, let it be on his conscience.
  11. Oy, the music.. Anyway, whoop dee doo, first documented solo. As if it wasn't bound to happen.
  12. Obeliskos


    I love using that. Seriously though, yay for you.
  13. Obeliskos

    Are You A Noob? (quiz)

    This is a bad topic and you should feel bad for making it. Anyway, I got 32.
  14. Obeliskos

    Run! Escape!

    Oh well. I guess you could say it's hinting on the fact that RuneScape is addicting. Or that it's bad. That's what most people use that old crap for.

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