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  1. Lord Fusian

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    Fair enough,just warning.
  2. Lord Fusian

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    Do we have guards? Someones planning a crash of it, and although i'm not going now, dont want it ruined: 14-15-324-44151120 that'll take you to the topic on the RS forums.
  3. Lord Fusian

    Dream Mentor

    Where does the making your own plank come in and how is it done? Just wondering, seems helpful.
  4. Lord Fusian

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    I think that grey means they have no cape.
  5. Lord Fusian

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    Wooo war! Go Sals! This looks like it's gonna be fun! A bit of bloodsehd never hurt anyone. Aren't there gaurds for crashers? Then again, F2P wildy isnt excatly dangerous...
  6. Lord Fusian

    Masors 3.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

    I got a nice bundle, rune plate,scimmy, 3 helms, 3 2h (which i sold for 20K less then their worth...grr...) Got a full mith set, and an addy plate. I look forward to the next one! Go MaSoRs!
  7. Lord Fusian

    Masors 3.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

    hey i saw u! Oh yeah, you where there just before me werent you? lol.
  8. Lord Fusian

    Masors 3.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

    Theres a load of us here, is the party gonna start soon?
  9. Lord Fusian

    Masors 3.5 Year Anniversary Drop Party

    I can't wait to come, hopefully i'll be able to get something, i'll need it seeing as i got hacked and lost everything. But even if i dont i'm sure i'll have fun, these look really popular.
  10. Lord Fusian

    My Giveaway!

    Can i come? My names: Lord Fusian I really need some stuff,got hacked ages ago.
  11. Lord Fusian

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    i saw this person,i think their well known. is she famous or not?
  12. Lord Fusian

    Official Random Event Topic

    Thats the second time i've had him ever,
  13. Lord Fusian

    Evil Lurks In Wisdom

    No offence but i'm not taking new chars. I've already got everyone ready for the story.
  14. Lord Fusian

    Evil Lurks In Wisdom

    Few things before i start: This story is not complited. It is very long. Quite a few charcters are based off my friends. Nixreth is my own creation. I have explained why i use levels in the story. Please do not reveiw without reading the whole thing. Better title suggestions are welcome. I know there are a few mistakes,when i complite it i'll look over it and correct everything. They stood together, a mighty level 90, Nixreth, in full rune and a Dragon Scimitar, his best friend, a level 79, Recken, in mostly rune and an addy kite shield. Then there was him. The level 40, in full steel, with a bronze 2-hander, by the name of Raxor34. ‘Why is he here? He’ll just get in the way, he such a noob!’ Nixreth sighed, Recken was right of course. Yet Nixreth had always had a soft spot of noobs. Raxor looked so happy. Like he had never done this before. They where only going into the wilderness. Someone had discovered a new monster. A Chaos Elemental and everyone wanted a piece of it. It was rumoured to drop Dragon 2 handers. Recken turned to Nixreth, “Are you sure we have enough provisions? I mean, I’ve only brought 25 sharks. I’ve heard this thing is pretty powerful.” “We’ll be fine, just use magic protect until it runs out, and we should have weakened it by then and we’ll finish it. Did you bring your duel ring to teleport?” “Yeah, it’s on its last charge as well.” Raxor34 turned as he mentioned a duel ring. “Duel ring? What’s that?” The two friends just looked in amazement. Recken’s mouth hung open. “You don’t now? YOU DON’T KNOW!? WHAT THE HELL KINDA NOOB ARE YOU!?” Recken stormed off, into the wilderness. Nixreth made sure that Raxor was safe and went after Recken. Raxor34 stood there. He felt hurt. No-one had ever yelled at him like that. He’d prove them wrong. He’d defeat the Chaos Elemental and receive a D 2-H, and prove Recken wrong. Clutching his Bronze 2-hander he wondered into the wilderness hoping his inventory of bread was enough to survive the harshness of the wildy. Nixreth blazed with frustration. Recken had completely ruined this trip. He had to find him and get back the Raxor before anything happened. He looked around Dark Warriors Fortress, Recken’s favourite Pking spot. In the corner of his eye his saw a blue cape go into the castle. It was Recken! He ran into the castle, Dark Warriors immediately sited him. In a few quick slices they fell. Nixreth ran on, to see Reken… Recken stormed off. ‘That damed noob!’. Recken thought back to when he was a noob. Level 35, full steel and iron long sword. Wherever he went abuse followed him. Be it Castlewars, Duel arena, or even just doing a quest. He since then evolved, into a feared PKer and respected fighter. He did not notice where his feet where taking him. He was not in fact angry at the noob. It just reminded him of the torment that he received when he was at that level. Soon he was at Dark Warrior Fortress, a beloved Pking spot of his. He had gained many sets of rune armour here. He trod along the familiar path, Dark Warriors stalking him, he killed a few and the rest backed off. They seemed to be focusing on someone else. ‘Let them die’, he thought with glee. He spotted a ladder, up it was a respawn of runes, there was bound to be someone up there he could take down. He ascended to find some prey… Raxor was scared. He had never been this deep. He was seeing things that horrified him. He had heard stories of the wildy, but never believed them. Blood was strewn everywhere, bones and skulls littered the ground. CLASH! Raxor turned to see two very high levelled players fighting. A level 120 and a 122. One using a weird whip thing, in strange red armour. The other had equipped things that looked ancient, a strange flail, and a top that only covered half of his body. Both had a huge skull above their head…it scared him. The 120.who was wearing the old armour swore loudly. “oh my gosh! My vercs is completely gone!”, He began to flee the 122 laughed and followed him, cracking his whip on the 120s back. Blood poured from a deep gash. The wounded one screamed and fell, soon his body was taken by the gods. His worldly goods left behind. The 122, with pure glee on his face, picked up the armour and left smiling. Raxor almost cried at the horror. Nixreth climbed the stairs he couldn’t see Recken. Yet he could hear sounds of battle, and it wasn’t Dark Warriors. He heard someone laugh and a yell of someone being murdered. ‘Oh Gods! That better be Recken laughing… Turning a corner Recken saw a level 67. He was able to fight him. He advanced. The 67 was injured. With one swift strike it was done. Recken felt the skull appear above his head. He looked around trying to find some sort of reward. Yet nothing could be found. ‘Must have been a 3 itemer.’ Something bothered Recken. How did a level 67 receive that much damage against Dark Warriors? Unless, he had come from deeper wildy, and was just healing…but he doubted a PKer would give up that easily. He must be near… He was on the floor, someone attacked him, Recken stood up to see a level 86. He had an ancient staff. Recken couldn’t move, he had been frozen! The ancient laughed taunting Recken calling him a noob. Recken’s anger rose, he prayed to gunthix and received magic protection as reward. The ancient used all his runes trying to defeat him, but it was futile. The ancient went from full black mystic to full rune and equipped a Dragon Halberd. The freezing spell was still in place, praying again Recken received melee protection. The spell’s effects wore off at the same time as Recken’s prayer. He charged, although he dealt small damage his opponent was too much. Recken was smashed against the wall. He couldn’t believe what was to soon happen he braced for the impact…yet it did not come. Opening his eyes he saw his killer had switch to a granite maul. He lifted it a brought it against Recken’s ribs, he could feel his rib bones stabbing into his heart, he let out a scream of agony and died. Nixreth arrived to see the Gods take Recken. He could see a level 86 taking his armour. Full of rage Nixreth crept up on him, he readied his scimitar. He delivered two quick slices weakening the PKer, who ran for his life, Nixreth switch to his magic bow and let off 4 arrows. The PKer fell. Nixreth walked past; there was no point in picking up the drops. He walked back, grimly. Recken was gone forever…his bones hadn’t been buried…Everyone knew the rules. Out side of the wilderness when you died the gods always bring you back. However inside the wilderness…you where fine provided you didn’t have the skull. If you had a skull, your bones needed to be buried. If they weren’t then the gods wouldn’t bring you back. Recken was gone. Killed by his own foolish pride. He reached the edge the wilderness. He looked for Raxor, yet he could not be seen. Dejected at the fact he had lost two friends in one day, he walked off towards Varrock, to drown his sorrow. Raxor was lost. He had stumbled upon a selection of sharks, near a pile of bones. He buried the bones and wondered. He would never leave this place…it was his home now, and anyone who invaded it would be destroyed… “And then, listen to this…and then I steal the guys money, poor guy lost 2K!!” laughter roared through the Blue Moon Inn. Lord Fusian took a swig of his beer. “So lads, never trust a guy in Fally saying yer wanna be rich!” He laughed again as the group dispersed. Dr. Harlow stumbled around begging for drinks, Fusian saw a man in a d-med shoving the Dr away, walking up to him and Talon188. “Hi MPK how’s it going?” “Good, hey Talon, heres some coins get us a beer.” “Yes sir, right away sir”, Talon mockingly bowed and went to the bar. MPK sat down in Talons seat. “So Lord, wanna go to Castlewars?” “I’d love to, but Talon hasn’t paid for the unlocked vision, he can’t even go west of Fally.” “Oh yeah, well maybe later then I’ll be at the Duel arena if you need me.” MPK walked off, taking his beer from Talon. Talon sat down again and began talking to Fusian of the unlocked vision. Suddenly a hush fell over the bar. A PKer had walked in. The skull was above his head, a murky white. He stumbled to the bar. “One please”, his voice was full of sorrow. The barman eyed him suspiciously. “We don’t serve PKers in here. Get out I don’t want no trouble.” “Look I’ve had a bad day just give me the friggin’ drink!”, the PKer smashed his fist on the bar. A few level 30’s got up and tried to pull him out of the bar. “Get the hell off of me!”. The PKer tossed them off easily. A few more tried to subdue him. “Leave him alone”, everyone turned to see Lord Fusian stood up. The level 30’s left him alone and walked out. Talon turned to Fusian, “What are you doing? Let’s just leave” “No, I’m interested in what this guy’s story.” Fusian pulled up next to the PKer and got him a beer. He drank deep and sighed. “Why so glum?” “I had a mishap…” “It helps to talk come on; can you at least tell your name?” “…Nixreth my name is Nixreth. I went with my best friend Recken and newer friend of mine, Raxor34. We where going to kill the Chaos elemental. But things went wrong.” “Raxor? I saw him making bread yesterday. What happened? He get murdered?” “Recken was mad at Raxor for being a noob. He stormed off, to Dark Warriors castle. I told Raxor to stay put. By the time I reached Recken it was too late, he was dead, and he had been marked, I avenged him to return to find Raxor missing, probably dead.”, Nixreth finished his story with a loud sigh. Fusian nodded solemnly. He had seen those who had lost friends in the wildy. He bought Nixreth another beer and went over to Talon. “That poor guy…I’m gonna spend today trying to cheer him up. I’ll catch yer later.” “K, see yer later, I’m gonna fish some lobbies.”, with that Talon went to the bank. Fusian went back to Nixreth, “Look you can’t spend all day getting ****ed, lets go have some fun, fancy going to Castlewars?”. Nixreth sighed. He knew Lord was right, but he had known Recken most his life, they got the unlocked vision together…and now he was gone. Then again, he couldn’t just wallow in self pity. “Yeah I could go for some Castlewars…” Fusian had to go to a bank so they made quick trip. He put on his rune legs and body, red boots and gloves. Grabbed his rune kite and D long rubbed his duelling ring and off they went. Nixreth arrived seconds after Fusian. Fusian looked at the clock; they had 8 minutes till the next game. “What team do you want Nix?”. Nixreth thought about it. He usually prayed to Saradomin, yet did not follow a pacific God, and he had heard Zamorak was fun to play as, and Lord seemed to want to go to Zammy. “Zammy, lets go into Zammy” In the waiting room were quite a few high levelled players. Fusian made his way to a level 83 with a D-med. “Hey MPK!” “Hi Lord, whose your friend?” “This is Nixreth, he needs some cheering up. Come here and introduce yourself!”. Fusian stepped aside and let Nixreth talk to MPK while he checked out the rest of the team. MPK shook his hand. “Wow, you a strong one aren’t yer?” “Yeah well I train a lot, mostly on Fire Giants.” “So, hoping to score this match? I know I am.” “Well I usually defend; you know get my kills up.” “Nah, sod that! You gonna attack with me and Lord” “Er…okay…” “All you need is some bandages, about 5 rows and 2 rows of potions. Also don’t forget your pick.” Suddenly the waiting room filled with players, the last game had finished. Only 5 minutes to go. From the shouts of joy, Nixreth assumed they had won. They spent the rest of the time discussing tactics then it began. All 3 of them swarmed the bandage table. They picked up several bandages and climbed down the stairs. All 3 of them stocked up on potions and divided. MPK ran out the side of the castle, going the direct way, yet Lord went across to the tunnel ladder. Nixreth decided to follow Lord. They climbed down the ladder and sprinted to the end of the cavern. It was collapsed. Fusian started mining while Nixreth had forgotten to get a pick. Once it was all cleared they ran across the opening and down the cleared cavern. Half way there they came across a level 60. Nixreth stopped and attacked but Fusian ran on. “Leave him!!” Fusian’s words echoed as he continued running. Nixreth finished off the level 60 and followed Lord. They ascended ran through the deserted supply room. They went up the next floor, where the defenders usually stayed. Lord prayed and magic protection was blessed to him. Nixreth followed suit. A whip wielder spotted them; he chased them as the pair switched to melee protection. They ran up the stairs, the whipper still tracking them. The reached the flag level! Lord fought off some defenders. “Get the flag Nix!”. Nixreth captured the standard and ran. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Fusian be overpowered by several level 60’s and an ancient. Nixreth sprinted down the floors. He could feel their swords and arrows pelting him. He though he was done for…When suddenly he heard a scream. MPK and a level 80 had made it to the castle and were defending him. The level 80 had a magic bow and was taking out the 50’s. While MPK was battling two level 74’s. Nixreth ran down into the caves a raced towards the Zamorak fort. He had just made it passed the Sara caverns when they collapsed. He heard the crunching of bones as people where crushed under the rocks. Looking behind him saw a Sara in full Vercs, being chased by that 80 ranger. As Nixreth climbed the ladder, he saw the Sara full down. The quickly went through his own Castle too the standard. He claimed their flag and turned to see MPK and Fusian fighting off 5 Saras. Turning Nixreth helped. They killed off 4…all that was left was an ancient. He froze all 3 of them switched to a crystal bow and starting firing. He pumped Fusian, who with 10 addy arrows in him fell down, bleeding. Zamorak teleported him to the respawn room. MPK went down next. Finally Nixreth was murdered. The ancient took the flag and ran laughing. All of 3 of them where in the respawn room. As they passed the energy barrier they saw the ancient run passed. Chasing him, along with 4 other Zammys, they viciously slashed at his ghostly robes. MPK entangled him so the rest could finish him off. As he fell the flag returned to its standard. Lord laughed and motioned for Nix and MPK to follow him. They restocked and went to attack the Sara team again. MPK switched to his mage gear and follow Lord and Nix down the tunnel. As they ran down, 4 Sara’s stormed them. MPK fired a Saradomin Strike which blew one back. The other 3 laughed and put magic protect up. Lighting fast Nixreth shoved the other two out the way and led the Sara’s after him. As they reached the entrance of the cavern Nixreth brought the cavern down killing them all. Fusian and MPK bolted down the cavern MPK fired off a wind blast every now and again at Sara’s just to scare them off. Upon reaching the castle MPK went one way while Fusian went another. MPK climbed up the stairs and was confronted with the ancient they fought earlier. Laughing he froze him. He told the others to back off and began slicing MPK. Fusian charged him and used his Dragon Long sword to stab him right through the gut. This attracted the other defenders attention. Fusian had to fend off 4 attackers, he motioned for MPK to run and get the flag. He shot up the both sets of stairs, and took the flag before the defenders knew what happened. He ran down the caverns and spotted a Sara with the Zammy flag. MPK scored easily. For the remainder of the game the trio defended as much as they could. Sara seemed to keep sending the same 6 attackers. Soon they got to grips with each ones weakness and each ones strength. The match ended with a 5-3 victory to Zamorak. They banked their tickets and MPK had to leave. He was tracking Capo, an enemy of his, and he just got a report of him in the wilderness. Fusian turned to Nixreth who still seemed sad. “Come on man, you gotta cheer up. People die in the wildy. Everyone’s lost someone in that place. There’s a reason it’s the land of Zamorak.” “You don’t understand. It’s the fact that they died. It’s the fact I couldn’t save them. Here I am. A level 90, full rune and a Dragon Scimitar…and I couldn’t save him. What’s the point of all my power when I can’t even save my friends?” Fusian and Nixreth stood there in awkward silence. Fusian had always thought that the strong could do anything. Yet in front of him was one of the strongest people he knew, standing there in failure. It didn’t seem real. How could someone that powerful…fail? Fusian had always had a great respect for those above him, especially now as becoming stronger was hard. However, he was beginning to question his life. Is power really everything? Should he really continue to bother? Was there any point? Should he hang up is sword and leave fighting? Nixreth could see Fusian doubted himself. Yet no comforting words could come to Nixreth. What could he say? Waste your life becoming powerful just to fail anyway? Is what Nixreth has true power anyway? Or is it just a vain attempt to try and look strong? Nixreth simply looked Fusian. Fusian looked back. Nixreth got some teleport runes, sighed and teled away without saying a word. Deep in the wilderness, there was madness. A clan war had broken out. VSG and PKinc. MPK was directing troops they where sure to win. Capo had the number advantage, but they had the strength. Capo was already down by 20 fighters. Suddenly, four of MPK’s troops fell. He turned to see a level 45 with a normal bow leaving; he had picked off some of MPK’s weaker men. Killer ran up, a level 86 and the other commander of PKinc. “Capo’s pulled a fast one. Five rangers, around level 70. They’re cutting us down!” “Find their safe spots. Get our three strongest mages. Take them down. I need to check something.” Killer nodded and went off. MPK did a quick check. This war was won. Yet he wanted to find that low level that picked off some of his troops. He killed two of Capo’s mages and went off. Raxor couldn’t believe it. That clan war was…horrific. Those fighters he finished were poisoned. His way was slower. Someone was tracking him, he could tell. His life was in danger yet all could he think of was the trill of killing those warriors. Out of the corner of his eye Raxor spotted a pile of bones. Quickly thinking he dived under the pile of bones and breathed very quietly. He could hear the footsteps of his purser. The uttered a few curses then left again. Razor stayed for a few more minutes just to make sure they where gone. MPK was a little angry. Four good men. Upon returning to the war, he saw VSG was down to Capo and two other men. MPK called off his soldiers. Gripping his whip in his hand, he advanced. One of Capo’s guards charged, MPK wrapped his whip around the guards neck and pulled. The head came clean off. He switched to a Dragon Battleaxe and buried it into the temple of the other guard. There was a loud thud. Capo ate a lobster. “It ends Capo. What do you have to say?” “Please, don’t kill me. I’ll do anything…Please!”. MPK just smiled. He kicked Capo in the gut and smashed his axe into his gut. As Capo collapsed, MPK withdrew the axe and sliced Capo’s head off. Walking away from the bloody puddle that was once Capo. He gave the order to leave, and they trekked back to edgevile. He wanted to find him. Before he did something stupid. Nixreth seemed slightly unhinged by what had happened to him. Zamorak knows what he was going to do. He walked to Seers village. Fusian walked into a house and began filling vials of water. Out of the corner of his mind he saw two friends of his. Talon and Djsporty…they didn’t have unlocked vision… “Hey guys! What the hell are you doing in Seers?” His two friends turned, smiling. “We just go the vision”, they replied together. “Good for you guys. Hey Talon, you seen Nix? He ran off” “You mean that PKer? No can’t say I’ve seen him.” Sporty looked bemused. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”. They ignored him and continued talking. “Fine screw you guys, I’m going to Entrana.” With that he left. Talon and Fusian talked for a little longer and soon Talon had to leave. Talon had been walking for awhile. He was lost. He had never been this far north. He knew castle wars were in this direction, past Ardougne. Which he passed twenty minutes ago. He was now in a very strange place. Ghosts were everywhere, bones littered the ground. He saw a grave. Intrigued he walked towards. Wiping off the dust it simply said ‘Here lays Scorpius’. Talon wiped off more dust. There where weird symbols underneath the writing. He suddenly felt an icy hand on his shoulder. Talon gripped his rune scimitar. Turning he saw a ghost. It was different to the others. “I am Scorpius. One of Lord Zamorak’s greatest troops. Why do come here?” Talon was amazed, this ghost was talking to him, but he wasn’t wearing his ghostspeak amulet. “I am Talon. A great fighter. I seek the path to Castlewars.” The ghost smiled. “There will soon be no point. A change is coming. A great beast resides in the wilderness. It will soon awaken” “What do you mean? We have the great Mods, sent by the gods!” “Correction, sent by Saradomin. Lord Zamorak dislikes them greatly. Soon you will see. Warn the others…It ends by the rising of the skull…” With that Scorpius blasted Talon with such force he was blown clear and knocked out. It was nice and calming. Picking flax was just what he needed to calm down. He could let all his problems just flow out of him. “You can’t hide from your problems.” Turning Nixreth saw Fusian. “Leave me alone.” “You’ll have to come to terms with it eventually” “Or what? What could happen? I lose my friends? Too late for that.” “From what you told me it wasn’t your fault. Recken did it to himself. He was a fool.” Fusian could tell he touched a nerve. Nixreth stopped picking flax, dropped it on the floor and looked at Lord. “He was not a fool. He was a fighter. He had a troubled past. It wasn’t his fault. It was people like you. Those who throw around the word ‘noob’ like it doesn’t mean anything. Well it has effects. Just look. It’s because of people like you that Recken, and countless others are dead.” With that Nixreth shoved Fusian out of the way and walked off. Fusian couldn’t believe it. He had never thought about the effects of his words…and now they stared him in the face. He then made a small vow not to use the word noob again. However, he stilled wanted to help Nixreth. Yet how? Nix seemed really ticked. Fusian began walking, not really caring where his feet took him. He was deep in thought. What would it be like to like to lose a friend? He had died before, and it was painful. Luckily, he had never skulled. Anytime had died, he always came back. The first time it happened it was very scary. He was a mere level nine. The matter of levels was confusing to him, and still is. Someone explained it to him once. The gods need to see who was stronger, so they gave everyone an ability. From the moment you where born, whenever you looked at someone a number would pop into your head. That was their level. It’s boggling at first but eventually you can zone it out. Anyway, he was level nine and was journeying around Varrock. His two friends, Tm13 and Zero had gone off into the sewers. He wasn’t strong enough and so fought with some level 2 men around Varrock. He wasn’t paying attention to the damage he was taking, before he knew it his was on the floor. Near death. The kick came to his head and finished him. Then everything went black. He was floating, below him he could see the items left behind. A flash of light hit him and he was back in Lumbridge. Of course, by now he got used to the sensation; he had died five times after that, each time the experience a little less magical. He looked up; he had walked all the way to Falador. Looking around he caught sight of someone he hadn’t seen in months. “Hey Tm!” A face obscured by a rune med-helm turned to face him. It seemed Fusian had passed his old friend. Tm was level 68. Almost ten levels below Fusian. Smiling Tm walked over. “Long time no see friend.” “I’ll say, where you been?” “Resting, I grow bored of this world; I’m ready to leave this worldly plain.” “You can’t be serious…We’ve been friends from the start! You can’t leave…” “No it’s right for me too; there is so much I have done, I am proud to have lived as I did. But now, I must go to the spirit world.” Fusian felt like a ton of bricks had hit him. Fusian had heard of those who went to the spirit world. Fusian couldn’t imagine it. Never to fight again, never to feel his sword run hot with blood. Never to help someone in need again. Never to enter the doors of the Hero’s guild. “Come on man, you can’t be serious there is so much more to do!” Tm simply smiled, removed his Med-helm gave it to Fusian and walked away. Today had been boring. The King Black Dragon stood there, all three of his heads sagging in boredom. Not a single morsel had come today. Things had been running dry recently. With that Kalphite lair discovered, and the Chaos elemental released. Why did his creator release such beasts? Here stood the greatest dragon in the world. Reduced to waiting for the odd adventurer. It wasn’t right. In the corner of the lair, one of his heads saw something. Turning he spotted the Wise Old Man. The KBD’s left head chuckled. “Bored of Draynor?”. The WOM smiled. “I’ve come in the name of the Lord Saradomin.” “Saradomin? We’re not stupid like those adventurers. Show your true allegiance.” With that the Old Man lifted his staff in the air. The holy symbol of Saradomin moulded into the unholy sign of Zamorak. His thick glasses shattered to revile dark eyes, poisoned by evil. His flowing blue robes morphed into blood red ones, with strange symbols all over them. The KBD smiled. His middle head snorted some flame. “Impressive. Still, why do you bother me?” “Scorpius is becoming troublesome. He attacked another person today. If he keeps it up, the plan will fall apart.” “What are we supposed to do? We’re trapped here you fool!” , Snapped the right head. The middle heard snorted in agreement. “Also, you’re no help. You don’t have a level.” The Old Man frowned. He walked towards the KBD. “Just because you cannot sense it, does not mean it isn’t there. About your imprisonment, we’ll fix that. Also, you are a king Black Dragon are you not? Send some troops.” “How I’m a supposed to rally Dragons? I haven’t left this cave in centuries!” The Old Man seemed to be enjoying making the Dragon mad. “Fine, maybe we can get Iban to do something.” The Dragon seemed shocked at this remark. His left head spoke first. “Iban’s dead! Only his disciples are left!” “So you think. He didn’t earn the title ‘Son of Zamorak’ for nothing” “Is he really alive?” “No he’s dead, just not for long.” With that the WOM turned into his Saradomin follower form and left. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared. He was at a temple. Whenever a person decided to leave this world they came to a temple. Tm removed his armour. He placed it on the alter, then he emptied his back pack and placed that on the alter too. Now for the final step. He kneeled down and began to pray. “STOP!!” Tm looked around. Fusian had run after him. “Please…don’t leave…” Tm walked up to him and looked him in eye. “It’s what I want. This world has no appeal to me anymore.” “But you’re my friend…” “And your mine. As my friend let me go.” Fusian just stood there. Tm knew he was debating mentally with himself. In the end he sighed and just looked at Tm. Tm took that as acceptance. He moved slowly towards the alter, knelt his head and prayed. Once he finished, a beam of light hit him and he was teleported away. Fusian put Tm’s med-helm on the alter and left. This place stunk. Djsporty walked around Entrana. He couldn’t bring any weapons are armour, and there where no shops. Just chapels. Then, he saw a cave entrance. ‘Intresting’. Walking towards the opening he saw a monk. The monk began warning him, but Dj just ignored him. He dived down the cave. Walking past the weak zombies he saw something red…A Greater Demon! ‘Damn it!’ Dj nearly wet himself. There was no exit to this place either! He began sneaking past them. He stepped on a bone and it cracked. The Greaters turned to face and began advancing. Dj prepared from their claws to pierce his chest. However…it never came. Looking around he saw something else. A Mod! It was Mod Ash! He stood there in full Dragon. “These foul beasts. They’re beginning to cause problems.” Ash raised his hand and several Greaters evaporated. Dj stood there in awe. “Why did you save?” The Mod turned to him. When he spoke it sounded like 1000 voices at once. Each one full of wisdom beyond years. “I did not do it to save you dear mortal. These demons have been part of a plan. They have lived her for years, yet recently they have been trying to smuggle monsters here. Leave and spread the word.” The Mod teleported away and Dj stood in awe. He didn’t notice the Greater Demon behind him, claws at the ready… Talon woke up in Falador. His body ached. He saw a huge mark where his body landed. Had he really been blasted that far? He couldn’t move his arms. He was almost dead. Looking around he noticed he had a big dent in his armour. His brilliant Rune body plate. Everyone walked past him, leaving him for dead. “Little help?”, Talon barely got those words out. He closed his eyes. Then he felt as those he was being lifted up. Someone put a shark in front of his face. Talon ate it. Looking up he saw Nixreth. “You?” “Yes me. Who the hell did this to you?” “Scorpius.” “But he doesn’t attack people.” “Well he attacked me.” “Strange. Come on, let’s get you some more food.” Nixreth carried Talon, he seemed less sad, now he seemed determine. “Are you alright?”, Talon’s voice was sincere. “Fine, you have no need to worry about me.” “Fusian is really worried, you seem slightly unhinged.” Nixreth gave Talon two sharks and sighed. “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry, I’ve slowly got over it. I hope we can still be friends.” “Of course we can! So what you doing now?” Talon began eating some shark. “ Smithing Mithril body plates, I’ll high alch them and make them money.” Talon smiled, finished his sharks said goodbye and walked off. Nixreth went back to work. Sporty woke up. He saw the familiar sights of Lumbridge. Looking at his gut he noticed that his organs where back in place. ‘Stinking Greaters…Stupid Mod, leaving me for dead’ He began the trek to Draynore to get his armour. He took his short cut through the swamp and saw Fusian trying to break into the H.A.M. place. “Hey Lord!” Fusian turned, he looked sad. “Oh…Hi DJ…” “What’s wrong?” “TM left the world.” “Ouch…you okay?” “I’ll be fine just need to be alone” With that he walked off ,towards Varrock. Sporty continued towards Draynor. He passed the WOM’s house, strange, he didn’t seem to be in. He did a double take…he was there now. Walking up to him DJ noticed that he wasn’t wearing his party hat. “Where’s your party hat Wise old Man?” The WOM looked slightly annoyed. “That’s none of your business insect” “What do you mean insect? I’m level 66!” “To me you’re an insect. I can kill you in single blow. And you wouldn’t come back.” “That’s bull, you can touch me! You don’t even have a level” “Just because you can’t sense it, doesn’t mean it’s not there” “Come on then, have a go at me.” The WOM’s face became stern. He morphed into his real clothes. Then…Dj could sense his level. His heart stopped; there was no way the WOM could be that strong. “Please…spare me….I was ignorant…” “You had your chance.” The WOM raised his hand. A dark red energy encircled his hand. Energy flowed through him. “You blew it…” He fired the spell. DJ was in unimaginable pain. He could feel his skin be sliced off his bones. His mouth filled with blood. His organs where being crushed. Finally everything stopped, and he turned to dust. Nothing was left. He was dead. Everyone was shocked. There was a huge crater where Djsporty used to be. The WOM, at least it looked liked the WOM was standing there. He surrounded himself in energy and blew up his house. “I’m sick of living with you fools. Prepare for oblivion.” First he destroyed the market. Diango stood there, his stall was in ruins. Then he felt dark energy scorch on his back. He fell down dead. The WOM then turned to the bank. He waltzed in. Two level 126’s in full Dahroks rushed him. The WOM artfully dodged and fired two ice spells, they where frozen. He walked past them and shattered the ice. The rest of the people backed off. “You can’t save yourselves.” Several people tried to teleport, but the WOM had teleblocked. He shoved his staff in the ground. A shockwave flowed. Everyone was killed. “Now to get Iban back.” He teleported away. Mod Mark and Paul arrived too late. “Damn it Paul. I knew we should have destroyed this guy years ago.” “We can’t. He’s got the protection of Zamorak and Gunthix doesn’t allow interferences.” “And now fifty people are dead. It’s like wildy rules, their not coming back.” “I know, it’s awful. Maybe Ash or Greg could help.” “Resurrections are Andrew’s specialty, and nor even he can fix this…” “Let’s fix this place up and get rid of the bodies. Even Diango is dead.” “We need new people to run the stores, also get the templar knights on WOM’s case” “What is his real name anyway? Only you and Andrew seen to know it.” “His name? It’s…Ozark.” “Wasn’t he the one that almost brought Zaros back?” “Not only that…he managed to find a way for Zamorak and Zaros to forgive each other.” “So, if he brought Zaros back then he and Zamorak could easily other throw Saradomin and Gunthix?” “Exactly…” A bit blood stained, but good. Raxor picked up an adamnite body plate. He discarded his old Black one. Still. That victim and his friend had some interesting news. The WOM wiped out all of Draynor. How could he? Raxor always enjoyed the WOM; his wise words had kept Raxor Company in days gone by. Of course, from the sounds of things that happened weeks ago. It made sense, the wilderness was changing. The Greater Demons had increased in number and roamed more of the lands. Green Dragons where now level 90. Hell hounds had appeared around the Chaos elemental, which itself was acting strangely. A huge shift was coming, and Raxor couldn’t wait… “Can you believe it? I’ve never seen so many Mods…” MPK’s words rang true. All four of them had noticed it. Talon had bumped into Mod Emilee. She was chasing after a fire giant with a Dahroks axe. Nixreth saw Ozark fighting Mod James C, Ozark froze him and ran off. Fusian had met Paul, sealing up the Kalphite’s lair. Rumour had it he left 5 people down there. MPK had seen Mod Andrew and Laura W checking the Dourgeshuun caverns. “I know, can you believe this? We can’t do anything.” Fusian finished his beer. “Dj’s been missing for days. I wonder where he is?” Talon sounded slightly worried. “I don’t know, weird things have been happening lately. The Steel Dragons apparently went up to level 280. Thirty people died.” Nixreth pulled his Dragon Scimitar across his neck to mimic it. “Yeah and my clan tried to take on the KBD, he’s gone up to level 350. Chaos Elemental is 370; I’d hate to be in the Kalphite lair.” MPK stood up. “So, where do you guys want to go?” “I fancy going to Tzhaar for awhile.” Fusian got up and walked out of the bar towards Port Sarim. Everyone followed. They reach the port and where horrified. There had been an attack. People lay dead, and Mod Peter was restoring buildings. He turned to them. “Go back, Black Demons from Brimhaven dungeon have took over Karajama, they sent some troops here, it didn’t go well.” Looking around they saw evidence dead demons. “Aw come on, let us go!” “No. It’s too dangerous. Everywhere has become wildy rules. You die your not coming back.” Nixreth sighed. He turned to leave and MPK followed. Fusian and Talon argued a little longer but eventually followed. “Let’s go to castle wars!” suggested MPK. “No. If we were killed we wouldn’t come back.” Nixreth didn’t seem to enjoy that thought. Talon and Fusian both wanted to see what Castle Wars was like now. Nixreth argued against it but eventually teleported with the rest of them. As they arrived they where immediately attacked. Talon ducked as a Gargoyle went for him. Nixreth jumped in the air and stabbed its gut. He went to the bank chest and got a rock hammer. “Guys stand back. These things require special weapons” Nixreth then smashed his way through several of them. More where coming. MPK grabbed Talon and Fusian and chucked them into the Zamorak portal. “Come on Nix. Let’s get the hell outta here!” They too dived into the portal. When they where all together they looked around. Maimed corpses laid everywhere. It was evident Castle Wars was screwed up. Turning behind them they saw one of the walls had collapsed. The Castles where now accessible. Several level 50s ran past. Spotting the four friends they ran away. MPK chased after them and entangled them. “Hey you guys! What’s going on here?” One of them, in mostly full rune, spoke. “We don’t know. At the Zammy castle an ancient is slaughtering everyone. At Sara everyone’s dead. We’re like the only ones left.” Suddenly the ground rumbled. One of the level 50s obviously scared out of his mind ran away. A deafening roar filled the area; the level 50 was caught in two huge pincers. Of the Kalphite Queen. She was now level 450. She tore the level 50 apart. Thousands of Kalphites swarmed the area. “Run!” Nixreth and MPK legged it, followed by Fusian and Talon. The two level 50’s where shooting crossbow bolts at the now level 50 Kalphite workers. Fusian stopped. “Hey you two, run this way!!” As several blots reflected off their shells, the level 50s got the message. The ladder was in sight. It collapsed! Kalphite Guardians smashed through the wall. They where trapped. Talon pulled out his rune scimitar. “Talon your gonna need more then that”. Nixreth then pulled out his Dragon Scimitar. Everyone else prepared and began trying to fight. One of the level 50’s was tossed into the ceiling. He fell onto the Kalphite Queen’s back. She opened her wings and smashed his face into the wall, killing him instantly. Just as it looked liked they where done for, MPK noticed one of the walls where weaker. He nudged to Fusian who understood. Fusian and MPK ran head long into the wall, smashing it. “This way!” Quickly everyone dived in, and Nixreth caved the wall in. The last level 50 was extremely distressed. Nixreth turned to him. “What’s your name?” “Straven” “Right well, at least your in one piece. Did you know the other two?” “No. I met them in the waiting room. Why is all this happening?” “I don’t know. Look, we better find the portal to get out of this placed. Lets go to Sara.” “No good. The portal had half the castle fall on it.” “What? How?” “Ahrim.” “But he’s a barrows brother!” “I heard Ozark released them all. They’re all level 200 now as well.” “Dear Saradomin…” Ozark looked around. His plan was going extremely well. All the chaos was taking away from his true motives. A shadow moved in the corner. “Ah my messenger.” Lucien walked from out the shadows. “My lord. Hazeel has been gathering majarahat.” “Good. Iban’s disciples are working on resurrecting him. He’ll bring Zamorak to this mortal plane. Then Zaros can kill him.” “I thought you where going to unite them?” “No. Zaros’ soul is in my body. He wants vengeance.” “I’m not sure I approve. I serve Zamorak.” “That does not matter. Hazeel switched sides weeks ago. You’re not needed.” “What are you saying…?” Lucien stepped back. Ozark turned his eyes glowing blood red. He raised his staff…dark energy surrounded the tip. It was brought down onto Lucien’s skull. His head exploded. The corpse was sent into the lava stream near by. Ozark smiled. “Now…come here my stead.” A great rumbling was heard, and his pet walked towards him. “We have to stop this!” Mod Andrew smashed his fist into the wall. Isobel put her hand on his shoulder. “It’s not your fault. No one knew that Ozark was still alive.” Paul stepped forward. His face was full of regret. “Actually I knew.” The meeting room fell silent. All eyes on Paul. Ian dropped him wine glass. “Why didn’t you do something?” “He didn’t seem that much of a threat.” Peter began screaming. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN HE WASN’T A THREAT?” “I didn’t know he was going to cause this much trouble.” Laura let here cat scamper away. Walked slowly towards Paul and looked in his eyes. “I’m very disappointed.” Her voice had no anger. Just pure sadness. She walked away and left the room. Paul was speechless. “We can still…do something!” Mark sighed. “No we can’t. Our powers are blocked. Ozark got some of Iban’s disciples to block all Mod abilities.” “Not to mention Iban’s coming back soon.” Ash looked around for reactions. “What do you mean? He’s stuck in the underground pass!” “No. Wrong. Iban’s dead. That thing underground is a decoy. If he was ever brought back to full power, Ozark would have a very powerful ally.” Paul stood amazed…he couldn’t believe how much damage he did. Andrew walked up to him. “You’re not fit to be a Mod anymore. We’re stripping you of your powers” “You can’t do that…I’ve given years of my life to this world!” “Sorry Paul. It’s over. You’ve made an inexcusable mistake.” Paul bowed his head. Andrew placed his hand on Paul’s head. Energy flowed from Paul to Andrew. As his power left him Paul felt great sadness. This was it. No more helping those in need. The last of his abilities left him. “There. Due to your services in the past. Your bank has been filled with the best items, several times over.” Andrew raised his hand and Paul was banished from the Mod base.
  15. Lord Fusian

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    when the POH where relased i went to varrock to buy my house,and who should i see in front of the bank? Mod Paul! Hes on of the guys in ghostly robes. He was really nice,and even said hi *insert name* for loads of people to take screen shots. There he is,in all his glory...lol

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