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  1. x3 mage x D

    Skills Good Enugh?

    Yeah looks good enough, just watch your health If you mem bring ring of life just incase
  2. x3 mage x D

    Rate Me!

    Woah nice thieving level Good luck in 99 Loving the con level aswell
  3. x3 mage x D

    Best Way To Train 75+ Str

    Hey guys i need a decent way to get Stength xp on my main Defense is 70 btw Recently i have been kiling Cockroach Soldiers which have been turning out to be pretty good, decent xp and drops (bout 50k+ per trip) Dont really wanna do like AFK training since i dont wanna risk death and well isnt it against the rules? So anyone got any other good Strength training places? NOTE: I usually bring a dds and 1 super attack and str when i train. Thanks
  4. x3 mage x D

    J 5 First Pk Vid!

    Loved the video it was great Not a fan of the music tho, sorry. But great vid
  5. x3 mage x D

    What The #$%@ Is "safing"

    Safing is when you eat at a higher hp. Some people dont like it when you safe.. and think it makes to harder to kill someone. Try not to, or just say idc or something.
  6. x3 mage x D


    Isnt there one at the g.e at the shortcut? i was looking at this vid and people use the d spear spec on you, then when you hit multi, they d bow spec you. (didnt know how to explain it)
  7. x3 mage x D

    Wha Stats Should I Get Before Pking

    Ok ill focus on 85 str and piety then on 80 attack
  8. x3 mage x D

    Wha Stats Should I Get Before Pking

    Ok 85 str 70 prayer + the quest + mini game for piety 80 attack?
  9. x3 mage x D

    Wha Stats Should I Get Before Pking

    I dunno about the 80 attack, i was thinking of staying 75, but we'll see. Also is piety worth the extra combat levels?
  10. Some nice pks there... Looking at these gallerys makes me want to train to get good enough stats so i can pk.
  11. x3 mage x D


    No matter what you cannot get rid of Pjers what linkin said. Exit straight away bank and come back for the loot Straight after a kill shove protect from melee on. Safe (not a good idea) Or bring a mate to protect you.
  12. x3 mage x D

    Improvements To The Game Log-in Process

    This made it alot easier.. Faved my home world (which recently got changed due to pvp )
  13. x3 mage x D

    New Pvp P2p

    Thats pretty good, i cant wait to pk Nice master wand pk xD
  14. x3 mage x D

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    You know your addicted to Runescape if you see your friend fighting someone irl and you yell "SMITE HIM"

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