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  1. Sorry, but why is this case so much more important than any other case in recent years? It's literally the ONLY thing the media talked about...
  2. Mikey

    What Movies Have Made You Cry?

    Toy Story 3 during part where you think everybody is going to die near the end in the fire. They all exchange a sad look and hold hands. :D
  3. Mikey

    If You Could Learn To Play Any Song

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pazNVGk2WU My favorite piece of music currently, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1, Mvt. 3, and then some impossible Bach played by my favorite pianist of all time, Martha Argerich. :D In time, I suppose.
  4. Mikey

    College Laptop

    Only thing I'll say on the matter is that AppleCare is complete and utter horse-you-know-what. It doesn't cover accidental damage at all, and they will try to weasel their way out of most things saying that you caused it. I ran into a doorframe while holding my MBP and it kind of broke the piece between the bottom and top half of the computer and ended up having to pay a shop here (certified apple people or whateva) $800 to get a completely new screen. Apple said they would have fixed it for $1200. So, if you feel confident that you can take good care of your laptop, and want an otherwise great experience, get the Mac. If you want great support and a laptop like a rock, get the Lenovo. I had a friend that ran his over with his car on purpose and got a new one for free.
  5. Mikey


    I got my very first 99 in a skill tonight: Fletching! :D Thanks to Gocart, Zelly, and Isis for the congratulations! :( and Zelly failed: Also thanks to Gocart for letting me get a duplicate cape :P
  6. Mikey

    Is This A Legit Site?

    http://worldofsports001.com/Contact_Us-W10181.aspx I won't usually give money to a website that only provides an email address for contact... If you don't get it within like a month, call the BBB or FTC or something to raise some hell just for kicks.
  7. Mikey

    U Text. U Drive. U Die.

    It's illegal to use a phone at all in the car in my state, IIRC. Anyway, I've tried texting a few times while driving but then I just decide either it can wait until I'm at a stoplight or until I get to where I'm going.
  8. Mikey

    Os X Lion

    Okay, I think we all know how much you hate OS X and how much you love Ubuntu. :D ---- I'm excited for OS X Lion, I think a nice UI change is in order for OS X. Getting a little stale in the current version...
  9. Mikey

    Os X Lion

    If you noticed, they said that their notebook sales are like 75% higher than desktop sales.
  10. Mikey

    Ios 5 Announced

    Who cares if they are "copying" everyone else? Android may have done it first but Apple usually does it right. Also, IMPOSTER!
  11. Mikey

    Feelings For My Sister.

    dang bro thats pretty deep, but i'm sure it will all pan out in the following movies...
  12. Mikey

    Driving Poll!

    This is why I never get into the far left lane.
  13. Mikey

    What Do You Keep Your A/c At?

    72F in Winter and Summer
  14. I mean, I understand what the guy is saying, but in today's culture it's just the way it is and you have to live with it. I admit that I struggle with things like affirmative action especially for college admissions. It irks me sometimes that such a decision would be made based on the fact that I'm a well-off white male. Oh well.

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