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  1. bart9114

    A Hard Boss....

    Eh...Inferno Adze... I like the idea...would definitely make boss fighting different for sure. Also, he could drop something that could be used to mount in POHs? He could also drop Visages and Dragon Med Helms or something. You do realize Inferno Adze only works as a Rune Pickaxe, I believe you are confused on fact that it also works as a Dragon Hatchet. This is a good idea just maybe some other specif-to-creature drops, what I mean is most players killing dragon at this level wouldnt be helped by a 1k xp lamp.
  2. bart9114

    The Grand Exchange Suggestions

    This is the most brilliant suggestion I have ever seen on the forums. Complete Support
  3. bart9114

    Varrock Respawn Point

    Think up some better reasons for this, or maybe suggest adding a new quest instead of changing an older one. Do that and I'll support.
  4. bart9114


    Guys I'm pretty sure there are high leveled monsters in f2p such as idk demons or revenants. Basic idea is good dude just try to get it worked out better.
  5. bart9114

    Dragon Crossbow

    Yes it does! look CLOSELY see how it's just really detailed. Look in the middle, does it not look like a close up bolt or something like a bolt, that or it's fliped over and it's showing the bottom and that "arrow" looks to much like you can hold it, with a ranging pub coming out there are to many possibilities that it's a new ranging weapon! And he is SO right Jagex loves teasing us! And that is just BEGGING to be talked about, they had this with summoning! And people catch th details as i said before a new pub is coming in runescape about Ranging and crossbows are SO close! And I do know that the dwarfs use crossbows meaning, this could also be for the new dwarf quest! ;) Jagex love puzzles... Omg your so right, with the finishing of the entire dwarf series coming up, the final quest could give the reward of being able to get a dragon c'bow. :lol: Only problem is that so far none of the new dwarf quests have had a range requirement. :P
  6. bart9114

    Dragon Crossbow

    Dude thats just a darkbow thats been painted green. EDIT:Also this supposed dragon c'bow is mounted on a wall so its not a painting.
  7. bart9114

    The New Upcoming Skill 2010

    Well I think they might make an add-on to hunter that is more like actual hunting. you know sitting in the woods with a bow and then shooting a deer or something. Of course the new skill might be something else completely. You can never really know.
  8. bart9114

    Jagex Destroys A Player :3

    Well, there are hundreds of parodies in RuneScape, but other than the very general layout of the map (good in west, evil in east), I see no similarity between LotR and RuneScape. Well, the humans, dwarves, and elves are kind of similar, and the gnomes could be compared to hobbits, but they're in just about every middle ages fantasy story or game, so they don't count. I agree with your main point, though. Well in Lord of the Rings, you have a river that is actually named the river Lum, same as river in Lumbridge. Mithril is the type of armor that Frodo wears. The Queen of the forest elves has one of the rings of Power and it is made of Adamantite. Plus the city of Falador is based on the city where the huge battle takes place during The Return of the King, in the book the same city also had a White tree which only bloomed after aragorn became the king, there are giant eagles in the story, Mordor is very simmilar in spelling to Morytania, there is a desert to the soutn of Mordor in the books, just like the kharidian desert. And im just naming a few of the simmilarities that exist in the game and in the books.
  9. bart9114

    Jagex Destroys A Player :3

    Okay I vote that MMH should get a large trophy and a cash reward for this. ;) Also how does this kid not realize that Runescape is just a parody of the Lord Of The Rings series by Tolken. Not to mention the hundreds of other parodies in the game, just to name a few; Creature of Frenkenstrain. The Forgettable Tale, A Tale of Two Kitties, I mean someone who had worked at Jagex for a few years now is clearly well read.
  10. bart9114

    The Top Stupidest Noobs U Have Ever Seen

    Ok that's just plain hilarious. The biggest noob i ever met was this like lvl 35 combat standing outside of the sword shop in Varrock. I saw him standing there for like 5 minutes and asked him, "Why are you standing there?" So he said "I can't get the door open." So I went and opened it for him he said "Omg, how did you do that?" and then he gave me 10k. Only other thing I can think of is the lvl-3 combat i saw mining pure essence that got killed by a mugger like 4 or 5 times.
  11. bart9114

    Offence System Updated

    This looks just plain great, so many people are going to be able to get old banned accounts back. Also the idea of categorizing the rules is a good idea. But the only thing is, Jagex shoud've done this about two years ago and not waited so long. All in all this is just a plain great update! Hi all you salsamanders out there! Oh yeah, YAY FIRST PAGE!
  12. Well a hasta is a spear that has spike on it like a mace does, so it would make more sense to make a hasta 2h because you would get more power out of it and makes spears one handed because when using a spear the best way to attack is to make the enemy run into, which is why they use spear walls as defence around varrock castle. P.S. If ur wearing 60k of armour you run at same speed as someone with no armour but you wont run as far.
  13. bart9114

    99 Quick Ways To Improve Runescape

    Ok so i think that the basic points of pickpocketing on PVP are these. 1. The likelyhood of you pickpocketing another player is your thieveing lvl is compared to victims thieveing lvl and the higher your thieveing lvl and the lower theirs the more likely you are to successfully pickpocket the victim. 2. The likelyhood of you pickpocketing the victim would also determine the maximum value of the item you can steal. (In this case stackable items such as coins are all treated as seperate items) Basically, if you have 5mil with you (for some reason) then a person can only steal a percentage of your coins. 3. (This rule would be just to be fair to the victim) Once successfully pickpocketed, you can not be pickpocteted again for 5 minutes, also you can pickpocket you item back, and the person who pickpockets you can not bank the stolen item for 7 minutes (or some other amout of time). 4. Finally, you can only pickpocket from people who are in your combat range. Also Jagex could make it so you can only be pickpocketed on certain PVP worlds, so you have two types of PVP worlds. If anyone agrees with this idea please post and say so! Woot, finally got my first post over with! >.<

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