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  1. Thomas

    Calculus Optimization

    ________ |__|__|__| |__|__|__| Needs to look like that I think, to minimise perimeter. Also remember the fences in the middle, not just the outside - you need to fully split the patches.
  2. Thomas

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    Calculators aren't working quite right. I am 13% from 95 to 96 agility but the calculator is saying I am 91%. I think it is taking my percent from level 1 which has little meaning and is not helpful. I guess it was made that way but really needs changing.
  3. Thomas

    New Signature Rules!

    Out of interest what were the old limits?
  4. Thomas

    Student Protests

    Cars cost around 6k min and 10k average for a new one. Second hand ones can be as little as 1k... Are you even British? By the way £30k is around $50k. Insane to expect to pay that without a loan given these people are aged 18 and have almost no income.
  5. Thomas

    Student Protests

    Did you read the first post yet? The problem is that our ability to get a loan is being removed. Currently, we get a loan of £3k each year which just about covers tuition but not living costs. The plan is to raise the tuition fee to £9k and remove our ability to have a loan. So suddenly university costs over £10k a year instead of the 2-3k it costs now (depending on where you live etc.). If we could get a loan for the 10k a year I'm sure more would be happy as then at least everyone can go, even if afterwards they are hugely in debt. The problem is that this new idea will make university not even a dream for anyone without huge savings. Parents will have to save £30k during childhood if they want their children to go...which is a crazy idea.
  6. Then the warn guidelines that mods follow need re-evaluating, not the max. number of warns. If the 8th warn is given just as easily as the 7th, this solves nothing. If on the other hand the warn guidelines are already fixed, just give all old bans a review and be done with it for good.
  7. Far too complex for no gain (the only ones who gain are the little shizzles on 7 warns). What can possibly be the justification?
  8. Increasing max/min is pointless. Hardly anyone is in the range of more than 5 warns, why do these people deserve more chances? Just re-scale so they don't get a 4th warn or something...
  9. Thomas

    Don't Know What To Call This :/

    All chickens hatch from eggs. The egg may have been layed by something else, and layed a chicken egg by random mutation, but the egg must have come first.
  10. Thomas

    The Temple St Senntistenn

    So you banned all those people? Why do you even care that she wants it removed?
  11. Thomas

    The Temple St Senntistenn

    It's not her choice though. Bad call removing it.
  12. Thomas

    The Temple St Senntistenn

    And someone thought it was a good idea to actually remove it? How bizarre. Sal should put it back.
  13. Thomas

    Intregration By Parts

    That won't help... u=ln(1+x) dv=dx gives du=1/(1+x) dx v=x So using int(u*dv)=uv - int(v*du) So we have x*ln(1+x) - int(x/(1+x) dx) int(x/(1+x)) = x - ln(1+x) So the answer is (1+x)*ln(1+x) - x which is easy to check.
  14. Thomas

    Slip-on Shoes

    They look too casual?
  15. Thomas

    More Math

    The equation of a straight line is y = mx + c where m is the gradient and c is the y-intercept (the value when x is 0). So here c = -8 And m is the [change in y]/[change in x] = [0-(-8)]/[2-0] = 4 So y = 4x -8

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