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  1. wingzero253

    Santa Came Early This Year...

    They came out really good The guy that did the embroidery did a very good job
  2. wingzero253

    Sal's Christmas Banner Competition

    Good luck everyone, Wonder how many entries we will have Can't wait to see them all! :lol:
  3. wingzero253

    Planetside 2

    been playing on and off for two weeks.its awesome
  4. Private jet for prize please! :D
  5. How can you forget it? Even he knows of sals!
  6. pink salmon with a santa hat on it is obv choice :( And sounds good easl. Wonder what people will come up with.
  7. wingzero253

    Sal's Weekly Events

    1 Person hides, the rest go seek! :D Doesn't that seems a bit well... boring? :P I know there isn't much we can do in F2P but still. :P A few mods will hide and give a hint as to where they are located. Everyone starts at say Varrock Fountain and the first to find and trade the hider will receive a prize. The harder the spot & hint, the higher the prize. Well that definitely seems a bit more interesting, not because of the monetary prizes but because people will actually be competing to see who finds the moderators first. Maybe get 2 or 3 mods to hide at the same time so the participants have more options? Thats kind of the idea we have right now, were still making the rules as to where we can not hide at the moment. Who knows, maybe someone may even find the evasive Salmoneus! We just got to knock him out, and drag him in game, tie him up and hide him somewhere with a reward next to him :D
  8. wingzero253

    Sal's Weekly Events

    Don't worry, we already have a few f2p events planned as well :D. We are trying to find one that most/all can enjoy to where skill pures and those w/o 50 rc can do as well. If anyone has ideas, let us know here !!! With many timezones to try and worth with; we can only do so much but lets do our best to have fun by luring sals into the wilderness at these events! :(
  9. wingzero253

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Wingzero253 I'd use it for smithing, since few people in the chat have high smithing lvl for effigy's D:
  10. could use 3 seperate cc's one for each king and ppl in that cc pick a king to kill and only 1 to kill, should up the $ a bit
  11. arma hilt while i'm at work?!!? *ragequits the irlmmorpg* ok time to make pixel money! grats tho guys :D and i'm off the next 2 days, pt in 5 hrs. and thursday have rest of flight phyiscal at 1300 gmt. i'll be up for dk's after any of those errands tho. :(
  12. I'll be at work in 30 min :D edit:making rl money is making me lose potention gp!!!!! D:
  13. Display Name: Wingzero253 Combat Level: 134 Did you read the requirements? yes Are you making an effort to progress? don't have 80 dung and i'm a v lazy person, and if bossing on weekends i usually work at least 2 days of the weekend since busiest days for movie theaters.
  14. wingzero253

    Women Problems

    Ehh first of all..How old are you? lol I'm just guessing your still in your early teens. Kids your ages don't know what you want. Do you still have feelings for her, Do you want to try a relationship with that person again? If not then don't bother with her. As for the sex part....I'm not going to say don't have sex, but if you do, bag it! You really don't want any pregnancy scares at your age (Trust me on that). The day you do find someone you really love. No matter what hell they put you through, and if you break up, etc. you will be sickend by how much you still wonder how that person is doing. Even if a months to a year passes without talking. You'll still think about that person... However if its meant to be your lives will cross again :(. Just do what you think will make you happy, and live your life with no regrets. :D edit: read one of your post, your 18. and she had cheated...sorry to hear that. However my advice from above still stays the same. I'm not really sure how you are as far as your personality or as to the circumstances that led to the events in your past. However this goes for everyone. After you've been in a great relationship and have taken it forgranted. you'll never realize it till after you leave it and have been in bad ones.

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