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    RUNESCAPE ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sir bama
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    saras pop
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  1. sir bama

    Tril Scroll

  2. sir bama

    Tril Scroll

    buy it. getting it from scrolls is slow sry i ment to say fastest way to get trail scroll
  3. sir bama

    Tril Scroll

    What is the quick est way to get a trail scroll?
  4. Can someone charge my glory ammys? If so ill pay pm in game and well decouse how and how much thanks Sir bama
  5. sir bama

    Elite Aromer Or Rune

    I have elite but is rune better stats wise i want the best armor right now
  6. sir bama

    Elite Aromer Or Rune

    Witch armor shoul i buy for best def Rune Or Elite? Also witch boots,cape,welpon,shald should i buy Combat-66 stg-54 attk-54 def-51 Thanks....
  7. sir bama

    Buying Good Outfit

    i am p2p now
  8. sir bama

    Ok To Fight Green Dragons

    So i should use my rune scimmy instead of my grante maul? And a anit dragon shild of course
  9. sir bama

    Ok To Fight Green Dragons

    Do you think i can fight Green dragons? Withpout going for food every min? combat 65 attk 52 stg 53 def 51 Should i use grante maul or rune scammy and bearker shild? Srry bouth speling working on it.
  10. 8/10 Good but not perfect )>.<:):):D:)
  11. sir bama

    Combat Training

    Yes im F2P Hill giants----Where? Skeletons----Where? What lvl? Thanks.
  12. sir bama

    Combat Training

    Where and What should i be training on? Combat lvl...64 ----------------------------- Stegth....53 >.< Attack....50 Def........51 :P Magic.....37 :D Prayer....44 :D Range.....20 :P Thanks For The Help===========Sir bama
  13. sir bama

    Plz Close

    close plz answered
  14. sir bama

    Maple Longbow (u)...

    Sounds like a good one to me buddy
  15. I couldent agree more there relly is a lot of ways so y take up vital recorces from jax?

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