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  1. Fritzy

    If You Were Going To Kill Yourself...

    I'd go out in a huge way. Either by killing a whole bunch of other people, or by being on the news by doing it. A.K.A Jumping off the Eiffel tower and doing as many flips as I can.
  2. Fritzy

    America Votes-2008!

    McCain. I'd debate why, but there are two outcomes: I'm racist. Or, I'll be flamed like nothing else, so... Haha Timmeh, same with me.
  3. Fritzy

    Advertisements In Posts?

    Ad Block Plus. It does wonders.
  4. Sal has taken care of it. Goodbye all. Please close.
  5. Fritzy

    96 Summoning And 138 Combat

    I wanna be the first to say congrats on a huge achievement! Great job man!

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