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  1. Zeldagamer13

    Divine Forces vs Damage Incorporated

    Good fight DI, it was fun. Thanks for the battle!
  2. Zeldagamer13

    Best clan names of all time

  3. Zeldagamer13

    Ascension - 105+ F2p || Pvp & Cwa Warring Clan

    Want to be part of a great clan and community, Join Ascension today!!!!
  4. Zeldagamer13

    Ascension - 105+ F2p || Pvp & Cwa Warring Clan

    Are you Ascending? If not, join today! www.rs-ascension.com
  5. Zeldagamer13

    Ddb Pk Trip 27th April

    Looks like you guys had a great pk trip!
  6. Zeldagamer13

    Ascension - F2p Warring / Pk Clan

    Join Ascension Today Still alive, and standing strong!
  7. Zeldagamer13

    Your Sals List!

    1. Ascension - 11 Months and 10 Days Old, Still going strong
  8. Ascension vs Corrupted Knights Corrupted Knights leader asked our Commander for a fight. Both clans agreed to the following rules. Rules: CWA PKRI - 1 Hour Cap Turrets Arena Melee/Binds/Range ONLY Explorer Rings allowed No Corrupt Items Allowed Ascension Starting: 22 People Corrupted Knights Starting: 23 People The fight broke out in the Northwest Turrets with Corrupted Knights attacking. Ascension's commander, Super Siopao, called a pile on a low level first, and it was a KO. Both clans in the beginning going kill for kill. After the first kill, we sent our Epic Snipers to lower Corrupted Knight's Power. After we got 5 kills, we started to take off and getting more KO's. Finally towards the end, Ascension started to lose the binds and finding out it was dinner time for a lot of us. CK also lost some members during this time. Even though we both lost some people, Ascension's pile was still strong, and the binds were coming back. At the end, Ascension took the victory with about 30 Kills more then Corrupted Knight's. Good Fight CK, and hope we war once again in the future -.-, maybe in all styles. Ascension Ending Kills: 72 Corrupted Knights Ending Kills: 43
  9. Zeldagamer13

    Notorious V Tmc

    Congrats Notorious! Being outnumbered and probably out leveled, but still pulled out a win. Great job -.-
  10. Zeldagamer13

    The Gladiatorz Vs Downfall

    Congrats Gladz on Both wins! Keep it up yo!
  11. Zeldagamer13

    Ascension - F2p Warring / Pk Clan

    Hope to see some of you guys join - Angelo
  12. Zeldagamer13

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    Congrats on the win SED! Next time Akel. -.-
  13. Zeldagamer13

    Ascension - F2p Warring / Pk Clan

    Layout: <banner> <requirements> <Officials list> <information> <history> <Why should you join?> <goals> <pictures> Content: "RISING FROM THE ABOVE" 103+ F2P Combat | 10 or more rune sets | 1500 water/earth rune 1000 nature rune | Ventrilo | and access to IRC Leader: Zeldagamer13 Council: Coask | Insert215 | Lq82 Warlord: Ice Cube619 PK Leader: RiceMonsta Elder: Anti__Rob | Haleigh923 FA Manager: Sirrick123 | Kool_dude170 Forums: http://rsascension.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx iRC Channel: #rs-ascension Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=theascension Information Ascension is a brand new clan, here to form a family atmosphere and a strong and serious warring position. We strive to be as close to our members and officials as we can and prove ourselves as formidable opponents for any clan. We use IRC as our most active form of communication and we ask that you please use SwiftIRC /mIRC /mibbit. (to be continued) History Ascension was founded by Zeldagamer13 and Anti__Rob on November 16th 2009. Officials were decided by past experiences and whether or not the founders thought they could do the job, the website was created, the ventrilo server payed and Ascension was opened on Friday November 20th 2009. At our clan opening gathering the leaders and warlords decided to get a war, Silent Ember agreed to giving Ascension its first war ever, and we had a great fight in which Ascension came out on top. So why should you join? We have a Strong current memberlist, Dedicated Leaders, and Great Organization by our Fall-In leaders and warlords. With these attributes, Ascension will climb to the top. We have a variety of fun events in Ascension, including: Wars in Clan wars, and PvP worlds. Castle Wars, Fight pits, inter-clan magic fights, DMing events, God Wars dungeon and other bosses, these events are varied between P2P and F2P (magic fights, dm events etc will be in f2p) Ascension has plans to step it up and take the f2p clan world by storm and one day fight some of the top clans of Runescape. All the while keeping our close family setting and continue to get close to our members. Pictures: PvP Wars: Clan Wars:

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