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    Barrel Rolling and my xbox 360 :D<br /><br />RIP Xbox #2, 1/9/09 3 weeks after warranty<br />Xbox #3 Purchased 1/18/09 99.99 Thanks Target<br /><br />I play<br />Air Strikes 2, Hooray For Airstrikes<br />Call Of Duty World at War<br />Call Of Duty 4<br />Dead Space<br />Fable 2<br />Fallout 3<br />Farcry 2<br />Gears Of war 2<br />GTA 4<br />GTA 4 TLAD<br />Guitar Hero World Tour<br />Guitar Hero 2,3<br />Halo 2<br />Halo 3<br />Halo Wars<br />Left 4 Dead<br />Mercenaries 2<br />Orange Box<br />Prince of Persia<br />Resident Evil 5<br />Rock Band 1,2<br />Stranglehold<br />Too Human<br />Viva Pinata TIP

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  1. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Scotsfan reporting in. How's it goin' dude? Good, good its been farrrr too long, still play xbox??
  2. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey everyone, long time no see, anyone still on here from when this thread started so many years ago? :(
  3. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    WOOOOOW its been a very long time, i was bored on the interwebs and i remembered this forum so i thought id pay a visit again and say hello everyone its been wayyyyyyyyyyy to long... Maybe i should update that first post... :(
  4. KoG Falsetto XS

    Will My Computer Handle Starcraft 2?

    How much is a graphics card that could run it? and is it possible on the laptop?
  5. KoG Falsetto XS

    Will My Computer Handle Starcraft 2?

    Okay so what's that last part even mean? Lol.
  6. KoG Falsetto XS

    Will My Computer Handle Starcraft 2?

    Does my computer have the stufff to play starcraft 2? i have a laptop also i may post the stuff they are both bought within the past month Uploaded with ImageShack.us another link http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/98/21014631.png Heres the laptop stuff too * Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Intel® Core™ i7 Processor * 6-cell lithium-ion battery * AC adapter * Software: Microsoft Works 9; Adobe Acrobat Reader and more * Owner's manual Product Features * Intel® Core™ i7-720QM processor Features a 6MB L3 cache and 1.8GHz processor speed with Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz. * Intel® Core i7 processor Features 8-way processing for ultimate smart performance. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology delivers extra performance when you need it and increased energy efficiency when you don't. * 4GB DDR3 memory For multitasking power, expandable to 8GB. * Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with double-layer support Records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media. Supports DVD-RAM and Labelflash direct-disc labels using compatible Labelflash media. * 16" TFT-LCD high-definition widescreen display With TruBrite technology and 1366 x 768 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity. Native support for 720p content. * 500GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 rpm) Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times. Toshiba hard drive impact 3D sensor for enahnced data safety. * NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics With 512MB GDDR3 discrete graphics memory and up to 1755MB dynamically allocated shared memory (2267MB total) using NVIDIA TurboCache technology. HDMI-CEC port. * Harman/Kardon stereo speakers With Dolby Sound Room support. * Media control buttons Include Toshiba eco utility, mute, media, CD/DVD controls, volume up and volume down. * Built-in webcam and microphone Make it easy to video chat with family and friends. * Multiformat media reader Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard and xD-Picture Card formats. * i.LINK (IEEE 1394) port and 3 USB 2.0 ports For digital data transfer and mobile digital imaging capabilities. 1 eSATA/USB combo port. * Built-in wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n) Wirelessly connect to the Internet. * Built-in 10/100 Ethernet LAN With RJ-45 connector for quick and easy wired Web connection. * Weighs 6.5 lbs. and measures just 1.6" thin For portable power. * Good battery life Of up to 2 hours and 35 minutes. * Fusion finish in quantum black For a stylish look. * Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system preinstalled Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more. * Best Buy Software Installer Personalize your PC! Discover and install just the software and services you want. Learn more. * Software package included With Microsoft Works 9, Adobe Acrobat Reader and more. 60-day trial version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 also included. * ENERGY STAR qualified Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. * Intel, Pentium, Celeron, Centrino, Core, Viiv, Intel Inside and the Intel Inside logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.
  7. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    yo i be on with that modern warfare 2 game in 3 hours -.-
  8. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    1 guy got fired at Target for selling MW early my other friend got banned for pirating it yesterday -.- Oh and my Target and im sure others has tons and tons of this game, if you didnt pre-order or reserve one it might be your first choice tomorrow we have like at least 100+ here
  9. KoG Falsetto XS

    Modern Warfare 2 Review

    Not to mention we already know all of this, well at least i did...
  10. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Yeah that kinda bugs me, especially for SND cuz i always play with at least 3 people or a full party and SnD really requires that communication and team work.
  11. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    HW so good i poop on dat robot
  12. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Josh should we find people to poop with us on toooooosdeh?
  13. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    So max level is 70?
  14. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Starcraft battle chest dude, come play with me on b.net so much funnnn
  15. KoG Falsetto XS

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Josh, we gonna poop on that mw game? i taking xbox break till then lolololololo

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