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  1. Im Ferrous

    Why the change to Gielinor?

    If I recall correctly during the Making History and Meeting History quests they call the plain which we play on Geilinor. Runescape could contain other plains such as the one where the people from the above quests said they were taking from by Guthix I reckon.
  2. Didnt know I had to post here to get credit, capped every week for past 42 week though :( ...
  3. Im Ferrous

    Sal's Highscores

    I don't always once a year; but when I do I make sure it's important. RSN: Master Xizao
  4. Im Ferrous

    Halfway To Pro

    Grats on 95 pray, nice choice.
  5. Im Ferrous

    Rate My Dinosaur

    10/10 for simplicity, keep it up!
  6. Im Ferrous

    Max Melayyyy

    Grats on 99 Strength!
  7. Im Ferrous

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Really like your layout. Grats on all the levels! :( Maybe next time is Devine for you :D .
  8. Im Ferrous

    Gogl's quest to remax.

    Grats on on the levels! Stop by and visit the ZMI soon?
  9. Im Ferrous

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    That sounds like alot of boringness. Good luck with all those wines! I wouldn't mind humidifying some jugs for ya, need some mage xp bad...maybe we could arrange something?
  10. Im Ferrous

    Hey U See, What's Inside Of Me

    Wow, grats on the Sigil split. Any plans?
  11. Im Ferrous


    Just some basic fixes of generality. If you arn't going to accept my first fix to the helmet, please add using. Doom this is a guide, please use full terms of objects unless you're using them multiple times in a paragraph. -.-
  12. Im Ferrous


    Fixed the Helmet section a tad. You either powerslay with slay helm or you don't at all. -.- I'm trying to say that if you haven't gotten the points to get a Slayer Helmet, like myself. (If people see your version they might try to tank Aberrant Spectres w/o Nosepeg...)
  13. Im Ferrous


    Fixed the Helmet section a tad.
  14. Im Ferrous

    Seers' Village Achievement Diary

    Change to "South" Archery Tickets may also be bought in the Grand Exchange.

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