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  1. Im Ferrous

    Half A Heart

    Gratz on 92 Hitpoints,try saving your sreenies as .png PNG is higher quality
  2. Im Ferrous

    88 Fishing!

    Gratz Karlos on 88 Fishing and GL on 99!!!
  3. Im Ferrous

    99 Firemaking!

    Wow,your like 5 combat levels lower than me and have two more skillcapes*gets three skillcapes* GRATZ!
  4. Im Ferrous

    *puts On Quest Cape Club Sunglasses*

    Gratz on Quest Cape! GL on future goals
  5. Im Ferrous

    55 Crafting

    Gratz GL on all your future goals
  6. Im Ferrous

    Deleted Or Moved Log Help

    Thanks,its ok if it was a Security measure ill try to post in some logs so it wont happen again
  7. When I was Editing my log and I hit the post button,it popped up and sayed ther was a problem and it was either moved or deleted,what should I do?
  8. Im Ferrous


    I cant believe im racing you i'm soooooo scared lol GL AND SUPPORTS! I have to get my mage up for zmi at the moment ^_^ It will be a good race..... By the time you finish getting your tokens ill have like 90 EDIT:^^^^^ Race sig [url=http://sig.runelegion.net][img=http://sig.runelegion.net/dynsig/race/barrows/bandos/masta_eric1/Holiday/runecraft/99.png][/url]
  9. Im Ferrous

    Beasts Log

    I like to say stuff thats flash and makes me look good,but saying something meen is better GRATS NUB!Gl on stuffs (Makes me feel good)
  10. Im Ferrous

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    LOl gl earthy,dont believe blakes sig every1 magical happenings will not come 2 u! Gratz on fire cape (took you long enough)
  11. Im Ferrous

    200M-Goals added screenies soon to come

    GL bro on skillz Edit:My first post,must be on my bro's log

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