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  1. Im Ferrous

    All Fired Up Minigame Corrections

    That way would be wayyyyyyyyy to hard for player that do not know what order to light the beacon's in, Lady's method is useful.
  2. Im Ferrous

    All Fired Up Minigame Corrections

    As I have noticed this is not in proper format, please read THIS and correct you mistakes.
  3. Im Ferrous

    Maj0r's Slayer Log And More! (yayz)

    Good luck on your goals. Fill up your log for even more cookies! I've gotten Panence gloves, takes a long time, almost as mush points as torso, Good luck
  4. *sigh* can't make it your party, but grats anyway . (10 am my time, don't get on till 2-3pm ^_^) Hope to see you get those 2 more skillcapes.
  5. Sal, please fix ancient magicks spellbook in the combat guide, it is currently showing an image of the modern spellbook. Other than that, keep it up, great guides .
  6. Im Ferrous

    200m Firemaking Expeez

    *sings* Auburn come back, cause you need to firemake.....*sings* Come back to firemaking or else i'll spank you! (jk)
  7. Im Ferrous

    69 Farming

    Grats on 78 Slayer and finishing another fail quest ;). Good luck on 1000000000 shinies (GP's) .
  8. Im Ferrous

    At Last, I Did It.

    Grats on 1000 toal and good luck on 1100 or 1111 .
  9. Im Ferrous

    Runescape In Portuguese

    Yay, now I can go to another world that everyone speaks portugeuse . JAGEX-Spanish next. EDIT: I'm currently playing in Portugese . And thanks for fixing title from 'Runescape In Portugese, 23rd July 2009' to 'Runescape In Portuguese, 23rd July 2009' ;).
  10. Im Ferrous

    The Meme Topic

    WARNING! This spoiler contains lots of images, I am not held responsible for anything that happens, you have been warned! If you click it you might get lag...
  11. Im Ferrous

    The Meme Topic

    <----JaGeX Mod That makes me cool . He is right ;).
  12. Im Ferrous

    Buying Another Computer.

    Diabba, I got the same laptop that you are looking at, it is great in all perspectives. The is a very fast computer and works fine for me. The laptop turns on very quickly so you don't have to wait and it is surprisingly light to carry, I would definatly recomend the laptop. Thats just what I would say doesn't really matter to me if you get the desktop, just saying how good the laptop is ;).
  13. Im Ferrous

    Wireless Mouse Issues, Help Me Please

    My mouse is about 2 years old, I prefer a wireless mouse because I have a laptop dont like the tangly cord. Might see if I can get a new one, but I love the mouse I got right now , wanna keep this one as long as possible. By the way...thanks for the effort ;).
  14. Hello, some of you may know me. I was wonder how to fix a problem with my mouse (VERY annoying now because i'm hardcore Runecrafting.) The Problem: My mouse is the same as this, the main issue is that my mouse is always being non-responsive or hold onto an item (dragging it.) I already know that the batteries are working, i've bought new ones yesterday. If you know how to fix my problem, or have any advice that may help, please leave a post so I can hopefully get back to hardcore runecrafting ;) . ~Thanks Edit: Just died at ZMI because of this need ANY advice possible!
  15. Omg, you made a log! Grats on everything before you made you log and good luck on everything that will come . I support.
  16. Im Ferrous

    93 Fishing! *6 Levels Left!*

    Grats on 93 Fishing, only 6 more to go, you can do it!
  17. Im Ferrous

    Your Pocket Change Is Mine

    Omg, I am a paladin *hides*, grats on 70 Thieving!
  18. Im Ferrous

    Oofar Catches The Last Running Man!

    Aww....too bad I cant make it sence it is at 11 am for me , when I don't play. Dont worry Uther, I will send you a PM that you can add to the screeny.
  19. Im Ferrous

    Ge Question

    You are right. After the HD update soe people have found that this is happening, JaGeX has noticed this problem and is probably working on it right now. The reason for this is because when HD first came out the GE from the old graphic Runescape, and the newer graphic Runescape had issues with all the item changing from HD to low quality, and the low quality items to HD, this made the bar appear as all white (blank) or another colour. To fix this problem move your cursor over the bar and it will come with a pop-up box like these:Thisor This. Hope that solves you problem.
  20. Im Ferrous

    Sick - Twisted Construction

    Hmmm.....the only thing I haven't seen people do alot is make a really large center of garden's/formal garden's and have all the other rooms surrounding the massive garden, hope you like that, or you could put all your rooms in a row.
  21. Don't switch to Vannaka (or Lolipop or whatever his name is) until about 110-115 combat, unless you get better armour .
  22. Im Ferrous

    Pokemon Discussion

    The only thing I can say is...... SO I HEAR YOU LIEK MUDKIPZ??????? Had to do that , used to watch some pokemon when I was younger, don't now (don't ask!)
  23. MEH! only 5,000,000 cash? Try for 20m, only works if you use the right skills, avainsies fail for cash . Good Luck though!
  24. Im Ferrous

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Grats on teh nice 80 Firemaking 60 Mining and being a pure noob .
  25. Im Ferrous

    .:: Matt's Log Of Epic Log To All 65+ ::.

    OMG you got HAXXED!!!! Oh well, pure time as you said, gl on everything thet comes before and after 99 woodcutting, firemaking and all the others...

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