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  1. valar5

    Potions, Spells and Runes

    Someone with level 44 rc will have a tiny chance of getting 2 natures per essence,maybe 5% however people with 90 rc will craft almost the same no. of runes a someone with 91 rc. It makes it much more fair in my opinion to have a continuous curve than the earlier system
  2. valar5

    Pvp Worlds

    I think only combat related stuff like food, potions ,armour and stuff like that. I've never got ore ,bars & feathers.
  3. valar5

    The Curse Of Zamorak Series

    Stop delaying already, post, everyone's waiting to read your new chapter.
  4. You won't get much coal unless you are lvl 60 mining & can get into mining guild Yews may be slow now but in the end you'll get more money.
  5. I think u can make money smelting steel bars. 1 iron ore=100 2 coal = 2*190=380 Total cost =480 steel bar = 575 profit=95 You can make a profit like this around 50k per hour.
  6. valar5

    Combined Actions

    I agree with magical. This update is pointless and would take ages for Jagex to do. I agree with magical. This update is pointless and would take ages for Jagex to do.
  7. valar5

    Gold And Silver Weapons

    Gold and silver are really soft. If you hit someone with a gold weapon, it'll get dented in one strike. We might need new weapon types, but I don't think we need new metals.
  8. valar5

    Horses In Runescape

    Great idea You should really post it on the official forums. Jagex will probably listen to your suggestion. However, I'm sure someone in Jagex has thought about this What about mounted combat?

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