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  1. ZackDark

    Mouse Keys And Sticky Keys While Runecrafting

    StickyKeys makes Windows believe you are always pressing predefined keys (whether you are or not) and MouseKeys makes the keyboard NumPad take control of the mouse pointer (though you can still use the actual mouse simultaneously).
  2. ZackDark


    just got law runes (2), water runes (2) and nature runes (4)
  3. ZackDark

    Medieval Names

    First names: Rohan, Phinius, Lear, Lyon, Shade, dunno anymore... Surnames: Greyhorse, Darkblood, Locklear ( ), Braveheart (cheesy), Phinhard, Schwartzblut, dunno...
  4. ZackDark

    Cockroach Drone

    again me sorry for bothering so much i just got 3 fire runes from one (got 4 a few minutes later) Also got an uncut ruby (dang, I'm getting lucky)
  5. ZackDark

    Cockroach Worker

    Me again I just got a single earth rune from one
  6. ZackDark

    Cockroach Drone

    Just mentioning, I just got 6 water runes from one today
  7. ZackDark

    Cockroach Worker

    last time i killed one, i got 11 chaos runes just mentioning it
  8. ZackDark

    Sal's Clan Improvement - Daily Events.

    errrmmm.... we do have some events annualy... so I guess it does make sense to consider us some sort of clan, only a heckuva lot more disperse and really, we were supposed to be more tightly knit, but Sal just got too well known for it
  9. ZackDark

    Sal's Clan Improvement - Daily Events.

    errrr... "more harder"? anyway, that too
  10. ZackDark

    Sal's Clan Improvement - Daily Events.

    As most answer topics like this: it would kindda ruin the specialness of the annual ones, that are awesome. But I guess you could always suggest some event in the chat and hope people do it, regardless of previous planning by mods and such.
  11. ZackDark

    Count To 5 Before A Forum Member Posts!

    I wish I could still sleep 10+ hours everyday... I love sleeping till I wake up by myself thing is, it can easily go over 14 hours...
  12. ZackDark

    I Have A Question For You All.

    billy jean?! I don't know any billie jean who told you I knew her?
  13. ZackDark

    Creating A New R.s Account

    wish you my best luck, comrade! anything I could do to accelerate your 2nd 'maxing out', just let me know
  14. ZackDark

    Runescape Suggestions

    Then guide us, oh mighty leader, for we, the forgotten F2P, need your help! hehe

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