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  1. And just when is TEL gonna end? I hope it's soon, since I find this somewhat more interesting, and I wouldn't want you to forget any great ideas you have for the story... to you know... spice it up
  2. Wali

    Accused And Invaded.

    OOC: Age: 16 (Passed all his life mostly in human form. I mean, you age faster as a werewolf right? Like dogs). Yeah well... thats what how I like him.
  3. Wali

    Accused And Invaded.

    APP: Name: Wally Abraxas/Ateara (Can't decide ) Gender: Male Age: 16 (Passed all his life mostly in human form. I mean, you age faster as a werewolf right? Like dogs). Race: Werewolf/Shape-shifter Personality: Initially didn't talk much. Decided that he should be more responsive as looking at the treatment other people get from doing so. He is witty and likes to be the best in everything. Likes isolation but doesn't shove off his company. He's pretty cool and all with shizzle, but hates drama. He's starting to be more social than he previously was. He is good at investigating and fooling people, aswell as playing along with stories his friends get him into (which are lies) for the better of both of them (And is good at it! :(). He likes being largely independent and usually gets things done himself, and for others too. Determined to get the job done under any condition, but no rush. Doesn't like to get other people involved in his affairs. Suspicious of everybody, except his brothers. Observative and competent. Good/Evil: N/A.. Though quite liberal (inclined towards good) Appearance: Olive interchanging Yellow eyes (depending on light). Dark hair with a shade of brown. Fur is chocolate-brown. Skin colour is fair as a kid, but now quite tan. 6'1", 156 lbs. Flexible and agile. Good stamina and trying hard to be more intellectual. Clothing: Large, loose shirts. That's about 3/4 sleeves, allows for flexibility and is smooth with skin. They go down below till just less than half of the thighs are covered (they have a big diameter), pretty much like the ones football players wear. All this although he is quite small himself considering his weight. Usually a white shirt of this kind. He also wears similar pants, but just not as silky-ish. Actually, at the level of less than crisp. Those pants he wears with a belt (as I said, Large and loose). He wears them low and are long enough to cover his soles. They colour of it is sometimes pretty light, but sometimes darker. Coloured usually brown, blue, black, olive green, and other dark similar colours. Weapons: His mouth since he usually likes to negotiate. Otherwise, his muscles (YEAH! =P). OTHERWISE, in more serious cases, he uses his powerful, double-edged spinecleaver sword. Stainless Steel Curved Blade, Pewter Hilt and Pommel with a wood grip. There is a wooden sheath with pewter finish metal accents. Occupation: Horded large treasures, but not from stealing. History: Grew up without biological parents. And very detached from those who brought him up till he decided to leave them and become totally independent. Thats when when he learnt about their history; survival through the great war and family background as well as the family legend, which we was quite fond of. After learning more about himself; his type, his "different hormone levels", and attitudes towards many things, and his background/history from his foster parents, he discovers (actually, figures) that there's more of him, and that he's also bound to have direct relatives out there, somewhere. But he isn't too keen to find them, although when he hears about people who fall in line with the descriptive picture he has of his "kind", he becomes particularly quite fond of them and befriends them to find out more. When concluded that they aren't his relatives he slowly disappears from their lives... More later. Other: Looks after his health. Easily envies people. Quick and good at getting away with things. Looks innocent. Has unbelievable control over his character and emotions.
  4. rofl do you personally know buland? No... Not really... I just made a wild guess on the Plasma TV ^_^... And PS2 and GoW2... Well.. His DP explains it...
  5. Because he needed me to study. Well, at least he cares for you... But DID he study? Thats something we may never know.. He still has a 42" Plasma Screen TV, PS2 and the game God of War 2!
  6. Awesome story! It's great! I like the originality (Most of it atleast) and the mysteries... I don't expect you to have a professional approach, editing and planing, but otherwise it's a good read. Now... make chapter 19 now! I command you! I know you're reading this because... 4 User(s) are reading this topic (2 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) 2 Members: Wali, Buland
  7. Wali

    Proposition 8 - Gay Marriage

    Lots of gay people are religious. Covered that already
  8. Wali


    If by "rights" you mean, everyday stuff, ofcourse! Religious rights.. Hmm, thats something to think about, you wouldn't want homos in your religion giving your religion a bad name, in some cases. Marriage, well, in the US, sure, but not in Middle Eastern or South Asian countries (because of religious beliefs). But in ME or SA, perhaps if the minorities there grew and had more rights, (by minorities I mean Chrisitians and such) then sure! Homosexual parents... Can that happen? EDIT: TO THE ABOVE FEW POSTS: I think what Buland means is that, when a homo has no feelings for the other sex, he can't get aroused and have an erection, and not having an erection means he cant have proper vaginal sex. Not having proper vaginal sex means he can't produce the sperm, which should go into the female and reproduction take place. They are ABLE to (lets say masturbate alone and collect the cum in a jar?).. But just WONT.
  9. Wali

    Best President And Worst?

    I liked JFK from what I've read, heard, and known about him... George W. Bush is a fudgetard...
  10. Wali

    Proposition 8 - Gay Marriage

    Let them live, besides, it's not like they're Christian or Muslims anymore once they're gay. So what is it to us, but if they still believe and insist on being gay, whats our problem? Spiritually they will be judged by God. Let them live their life.
  11. Wali

    Death Penalty

    Given that there are no mistakes in court, and it'd be even better if the accused admits, I believe a death penalty, quick and not so painful should be given unless it was a case of mistaken identity for self defense or if the family of the deceased pardons them. However in a case where there is doubt and/or the accused has not admitted, then a life time imprisonment until there is no doubt or if the accused admits. In addition to this, Islam gives a death penalty for those engaging in adultery but requires 4 trustful male Muslim witnesses under oath (or 2 women for each man). But no Muslim countries have had any such cases, and when there are some, they are covered by the media and the country government lets them go. Some say Islam also provides a death penalty to homos who have engaged in it for 2 times or more (but also requires the 4 witnesses thing). The first time they may be let go if they repent. Not sure about Bi's. Islamic laws don't apply to non-Muslims unless those laws are solid state laws.
  12. Wali

    Pesticide, Herbicide, Insecticide!

    The DDT ban has been lifted? ... Well, I think they should be used only to a certain extent. Like field farming, we need more people to take care of the crops and do some extra work to cut down on icide usage. But in greenhouses, they can use as much as they want. Bio-control is a pretty good alternative too.

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