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  1. milkomania

    Joska's F2p Range/2h Pure's Skill Log

    good luck with your goals :( -Andrew
  2. milkomania

    99 Achievements Posting

    ^ Wow. >_> Gratz anyway on....11 dragon boots and 83 slayer
  3. milkomania

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Mod Tomh world 2 at halloween event Mod Adam world 2 at halloween event
  4. milkomania

    Runescape Voices

    I'd like to be any person that just has an examine option (No-one wants to hear my Scottish accent )
  5. milkomania

    Let's get back: Pure in the making!

    Good luck on the hybrid and PKing
  6. milkomania

    I Can Say Half Way

    One more till SoL heaven Congrats
  7. milkomania

    99 Thieving!

    Congrats on 99 Maskehs
  8. milkomania

    Need A Fast Way To Make 4m?

    Try a few methods out of this >.> http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=279925
  9. milkomania

    As' Sklog To 99 F2p Mining!

    Grats on 10k Iron. My best is 500. >.>
  10. milkomania

    Finally =] Need Sugestions=]

    I would say try get 70 Attack, so you are ready for whip If you get bored training at Giant Spider or whatever, go to Clan Wars and enjoy yourself
  11. milkomania

    New Dragon Graphics

    I honestly can't say which is Iron and which is Steel. They look the same O_o
  12. milkomania

    Love Story

    I liek romance lulz
  13. milkomania


    Like the guy above said, do Slayer. In my opinion, the best way to train combat without being bored in 5 mins. Get 60 attack (if not already), do Lost City and enjoy the Dragon Dagger + Longsword Very good weapons :)
  14. I never got the easter ring so i want the bones one.
  15. milkomania

    Free Player Forum Access Expanded

    Next it will be avaliable to everyone >_<

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