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  1. A H M E D

    Blasρђεmy | 96+ | Warring Based - Great Community

    All you guys say the same thing lol, "Great clan, Join Now" anywayz goodluck
  2. A H M E D

    | Own | Our World Now 100+

    Forums | Memberlist OwN Our World Now We Have No Fear When Death Is Near Leaders -A H M E D Moderators - Pkay Outlaw - Capt Chen Councils - Hakeem253 Requirements -100+ CMB -95+ CMB with 95+ Mage/Range/atk/str/def Quick History This clan was made in 1999 in a game called Unreal Tournament 99. It was the biggest clan in that game and was very popular, and obviously I was the leader of it. on 2001, Unreal Tournament 99 was dead, I had created this clan on another game called Battlefield. It was also a very big clan and very famous. From 2001 until now, The clan 'OwN' (Our World Now), has been a clan for so much games like Call of duty, American Army, Medal of honor and more. Now I'm here to test out this clan in Runescape. I'm looking for this clan to be very big in Runescape. Attention Ok, this clan is for mature players only. I don't want kids like 11, 12 or 13-year-olds in this clan. In the past, I had about 20 members in the clan when the requirements were 80+. 70% of my clan were 90 CMB and under. But then I found out that most of the clan were all kids and under age to play Runescape. It really pissed me off. One time I tried to recuit a lvl 82, and I told him to download Swift Kit, becuase its needed for the clan, and he told me he has to ask him mom to download it because he isn't aloud lol. You can tell if that is a child right there. Thats why I changed the requirements to 100+ which makes my members lower to nearly 7 members now because 100+ players seem to be more mature. Thank You. Some info have been changed. I will be updated soon. Cape changed to team-19. F2P and P2P now! We now do F2P and P2P events. All kinds of Events. This will be updated soon. Our First War too bad we got crashed by the Titans lmao. But we were winning anyways, we had 6 ppl left i think, they had like 3.

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