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  1. OnYx Jester

    Dung Leveling.

    Need to find myself some able friends then :P I was trying to max out each level and get as much exp as possible. 1k per 30 mins :( OnYx :D
  2. OnYx Jester

    Dung Leveling.

    Is it possible to be effective by yourself? I was playing it last night and i didnt seem to player dependable at my level. Also, how are other skills included? Seems that you can just combat your way through and use other skills as assists to aid the combat. OnYx :D
  3. OnYx Jester

    Dung Leveling.

    So after two years I forgot how to do everything :( I'm level 10 from TOG and just wanted to know if there is anything simple to know about leveling. Do I need any money to buy resources to work quicker? Do I bring anything for effectiveness? It's a bit of a big question, but I literally know nothing about it and reading guides doesn't seem to appeal. OnYx :D
  4. OnYx Jester

    Frosts :(

    Jagex had the bots under control, the community ruined it again, no? OnYx :D
  5. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Think of it as a greatest hits? OnYx :D
  6. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Yeah I downloaded Wipeout then I could only access Playstation Plus after that :( Cheers Scrum. OnYx :D
  7. OnYx Jester

    Frosts :(

    Jagex won't delete accounts Falzar. That's why it took them a while to bring out a name changing system for the people who got sick of their avatar's name (I did :() And if they did a purge of idle accounts, how would they calculate and boast there enormous player bank? OnYx :D
  8. OnYx Jester

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    I'm just not feeling the "Joyful"ness. :D OnYx :(
  9. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Playstation Club

    I could only download one :( Wipeout is still fun. Shame I couldn't try Dead Nation, is it any good? OnYx :D
  10. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    They crack a fat one when mods come out of initiative from people to boost the game, then go a head and release there own. Well done. OnYx :D
  11. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I gave MW2 to my cousin for 2 months... big mistake. Ended up craving it soo bad :) 70, 1st Pretige. Finally getting into SnD. Demolition is fun and Ground War still makes me smile. OnYx
  12. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Yeah, I was contemplating World Cup, but the fact that it is just national teams might limit my playing. I'd only play as Spain or Italy :) OnYx
  13. OnYx Jester

    Hey Guys

    Woah... wtf Dani? Tis weird to not see you green. :) The forum hasn't aged much I see then :) OnYx
  14. OnYx Jester

    Sal's Playstation Club

    I've heard that the smoothness of World Cup is amazing. Does it really leave FIFA 10 in the dust? OnYx
  15. OnYx Jester

    Hey Guys

    I totally phased out of Runescape over the last 6 or so months so I became majorly inactivity :) What's the lastest in news and power abusing? :) OnYx

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