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  1. little boy 1100

    Earths Vs. Bodies

    bodies is bettter,cuzedgeville bank is closer to body altar than varrock bank to earth, but earch runes can be used with gloves for profit and u can use teleport to varrock while u cant teleport to edgeville, unless glory amulet
  2. little boy 1100

    Solo Bandos God Wars Guide

    Chaotic kiteshield is better (except if ur looking for prayer bonus) then elasian
  3. little boy 1100

    What Happened On The 4th?

    It's not 1 reason its couple. Lobsters: F2pers now can quickly note them without banking. P2pers dont really fish lobsters. More lobsters = more supply over demend = price falls. God amours: This is defenetly because of TT. Very simple Zj already explained. Barrows armor: I'm not sure completely why this kind of change is happening at this moment, but ppl are attracted more to going there because its easier to complete the puzzles while in a tomb. Since more ppl are attracted to go there, more rewards, more rewards = more bandos items = more supply over demand. Other raw materials/items: Dungeoneering changed a lot of things. First of all the rewards can replace a lot of weapons and shield (etc..) that you get outside of Deamonheim. That causes less people to buy things from GE so they just earn the tokens and buy it in Deamonheim. Also after recourse dungeons have been created a lot of new sources came to the game (its called a recourse dungeon for a reason). For example now there's completely no reason to leave the dwarven mine because theres 2 deposit boxed one of which is closer to the bank then falador and every single type of rock. Another example is limps found on a floor near hill giants. Those are just some thoughts that are going thru my head, I'm sure that it goes deeper then that though.
  4. little boy 1100

    The God Wars Dungeon

    Uhh, first of all i gotta say i haven't been here for a while =/ Anyways to answer your question, it looks like your looking for money, dont rush into combat with those stats, either train yourself up in soul wars or do some slayer to earn some money along the way, or look for a completely new way to make money. Remember that skilling is the worst way buy it gives you experience. Combat is the best way but it requires patience and of coarse high cobat stats. And the MOST important thing to remember is there couple of ways to make money that do not involve combat or skilling (meaning you receive no experience) I could share some of those ways with you but I prefer to keep them a secret, just remember that it's not hard to find those ways. And again, since your question is about GWD, either stick to aviansies or train yourself untill you can do better. Also those followers (or w/e ur planning to kill) drop lvl 3 clue scrolls, not elite
  5. little boy 1100

    Those Little Quest Symbols

    Whats annoying about those symbols is that they are one of those things that jagex adds that just adds more garbage. Why don't they keep things balanced, in this case either remove them or add them to ALL quests.
  6. I don't like that this skill does not play a big role in other parts of runescape (except for rewards of coarse)
  7. little boy 1100

    What Is This?

    I think its the worlds that have a job to them, for example W16 air running. And with Country signs its what city ur in.
  8. little boy 1100

    Machinima Competition - Cast Your Votes!

    I agree, it was great! The kid will have a good future in video making. Here's my order of the top 5 in reverse order: 5) Momma's. Had bits and pieces that were really funny, but it seemed like the usual random video clips put together into a single video that we've seen many times before. Personally I thought Chizle's and Anti's (among others) were better, but it's still a good video. 4) Arrow's. It was well edited and funny, but a lot of it is taken off of a counter-strike Machinima video of an office fight between two old guys. 3) JinJr's ... Amazing, amazing video, but I get the feeling this wasn't actually done in the two weeks the contest started. It's also a lot like his original Riverdance video, but still ... one amazing production piece! 2) KKComics. I get the feeling that if he had Chizle doing the editing for him, that this video would be the runaway #1. Funny as heck and great ideas! This might be the new up-and-comer of RS vids if he can keep it up! 1) Bumshows. I know a few people don't like the voice, but I thought this one was the best. Very funny, amazing editing ... and a catchy tune to boot. I was singing this for days after seeing it. Fir of all I can't beleive that Excl is on our forums (I'm not active lately) so good luck to you, your video was cool, but I voted for Bumshow probably because of Rap. This compitition was a real success and don't all of you think that JAgex didn't pick popular video makers on purpose? like chizle or sosolid?
  9. little boy 1100

    Sailing Is Not Dead Yet

    Upcoming skill will probably cover the tab because we can see that its shaded in RuneTek5 image but there's something behind it. It looks like a sail but who knows? I personally think it wont be sailing because ti also has to be f2p skill.
  10. little boy 1100

    Runecrafting From 24 To 40

    waste time no bodys better Body tiaras wont sell, i think you would make more with earth method. If you don't want to spend time on FOG I would just stay with air runes.
  11. little boy 1100

    Changes to Autocasting Spells

    Yes it does, that's the first thing I thought when I read the update. This is also very good overall, I think it's one of those updates that will balance out the Combat Triangle.
  12. little boy 1100

    Personalised Shops

    Umm, well it is better than full stock shops but I don't see how it's gonna help economy, it will just make runes not grow, but I don't think they'll drop either. It also does not bring back the old way to make money, so it's like a simple update. EDIT: After reading Pastas post I do think that it could stop the RWT, very good point of why they made this, cause I was confused why. Since RWTers could of sold something like GS to General Store and RWT buyer could of bought it for cheaper and sold it for higher and this update stops than.
  13. little boy 1100

    RuneTek 5 Game Engine

    I really like all updates, just some graphics are a little glitchy, but this update is very good and I like every part of it. It's a little weird but it's better than it was.
  14. little boy 1100

    Dev Blog: Community Management: Volunteer Moderators

    Yea I wonder why too, they are still trying to clean up a game and make everything fit together, anyways I'm happy they are doing that, but they also need to focus on people who abuse being a modarator.
  15. little boy 1100

    Curse Of Arrav

    Thanks for this guide and I'm glad that our community is becoming better and better, right now I'm in vacation but wil be active again and maybe help in fall.

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