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  1. little boy 1100

    Plz Close

    Im sure that he jsut tryes to earn SC poitns and not revenge. Also this is how you said in the wrong forum, someoen might move it. Since its in discussion I could discuss it, I agree that soemtimes to much rules is bad.
  2. little boy 1100

    I'm Confused

    It says last active 40 minutes ago, but posts dont show his activeness. Very interesting.
  3. little boy 1100

    Clue Scoll

    ^^Taken from runehq.com Is your rs name really H, because tehnoobshow showed you in a video.??
  4. little boy 1100

    The Steam Thread

    What you guys think about new Left 4 Dead survival? Whats your highest minuetes?
  5. little boy 1100


    They are much better than pkers, only thing bad is telly block, it should only work for the amount of time you being attacked, after 10 secodns of nto beign attacked from them you shouldnt be telly blocked. (I never actually made that suggestion) As fro runing away its easy, its jsut when im telly blocked i cant run anywhere (Cant KBD, cant Ardouge, cant mage arena and i think you also cant ancient teleport) You just have to get them stuck behind soemthing, than turn protect from mage, count to 2 and protect from range and han just run from them. EDIT: They werent made to be killed (which is stupid because they replace pkers so they shoul have some good drops.
  6. little boy 1100

    Safespotting Bork

    Lol, looks easy so they will probebly fix this, ill rememebr that rocks work for big monsters.
  7. little boy 1100


    No it wouldnt, and yes they should put more to give more room for people, it will still be packed if 100k+ is in a chest. ^^You can do drop parties in any world. O they changed it... Yea then defenetly more worlds.
  8. little boy 1100

    56-70 Mining

    You say that because thats what you did, but I agree with you. If your a memeber there are very fast ways to bank iron such as Port Khazard deposit box. All the droping is also the only reason why iron is still at 100gp and not as low as willows, and 2.8k per inventory is good not bad.
  9. little boy 1100

    Pure's Melee Setup

    I knew that, but it would be a great achievement.
  10. little boy 1100

    Avines Help

    Its ethier prayer for you (where defence doesnt matter) or your not ready, you need ethier 70 range or 70 defence. <<Both are reccomended
  11. little boy 1100

    Bgs Or Zgs

    Other: Buy BGS first (I think its better) use it sell it get ZGS, use it sell it reapeat. Always depends on what your doing. Always check GE graphs, when you notice price going up dont sell it until you notice the price droping, always sell for the same as you bought or higher(only if graphs change) Of course loosing like 1-3k wont hurt.
  12. little boy 1100

    Pure's Melee Setup

    Maybe somehow (idk how) you can get a firecape?
  13. little boy 1100


    Try something that wasnt really ment for skilling and make it into a skiller outfit.
  14. little boy 1100

    Training Attack

    If you use rune defender than its a whip, if you dont than its saradomin sword and if you dont its a godsword. Godsword is only good for getting more godsword hilts ;) and sure....I quesss pking and slayer (if you your just having fun) and minigames too.
  15. little boy 1100

    Bounty Worlds

    Just a note, it sounds like a cool update, maybe when my tats are better ill do it. Also protect item prayer stacks on top of 3 items kep on death.
  16. little boy 1100

    Corrupt D Long?

    Try selling it on forums, they are available to higher lvl f2p who might want it, of coarse sell it to them for even lower (using their junk or w/e)
  17. little boy 1100

    Development Diary: Tools For Games

    This sounds like it could be kind of useful but at the same time doesnt completly fit in a game, I hope they will give some more thought to this. Only thing that is GREAT that I see is that they look at all kinds of players (like they said they want to give pkers as much possibilities as skillers and so on) EDIT: Couldnt help noticing BLIZZARD comment, no remember people suggest these kind of things a lot, so people rip off which makes runescape get it. Runescape is still super different from other MMORPG games.
  18. little boy 1100


    I do not agree with 65 range (based on what?) I suggest 70, but if you already have 70 def you can start at 61. Less powerful equipment will be available to you (since you cant wear blessed d hide) Those are my recommendtation so you can succed at lower lvl and (less likely) fail at higher.
  19. little boy 1100

    Dying With Rune Ore

    Why it uses the alch price? It was so since very long (possible the begin of rs), from the time that there weren't set streetprices to check. So with no streetprices and only alches, jagex seemed to have decided to use the alches. Item kept on death came out before GE. Thats the reason.
  20. little boy 1100

    Merch Rune Berserker?

    Like The Who? said gauntles are always godo to merchent and its to late to merchent them for PvP.
  21. I dont understand why a lot of you voted no, they deserve them more than memebrs because its much harder to get them in f2p, and im talking only about those skillcapes that they have a master of in f2p. Sereosly they are just like us, we pay for ADDITIONS to the game and not FOR the game. EDIT: Sorry misread the poll question, but the ratio is till 6:5 and I do not understand why it cant be like 1:0, everyone should realise they deserve something. Also we do not pay for their updates, advertisements do. And im sure your not gonna quit jsut because they are spending your money on f2p.
  22. little boy 1100


    Honestly im tired of people talking about him, who cares, so he is not the first, but he is still popular, he wins ethier way.
  23. little boy 1100


    No because its pking and not a minigame, and those sound like glitches to me, or your simply a good pker which means you deserve that. What is the point of "Jagex Fail." In my opinion they were very thoughtful about these updates and its finnaly all fixed. How do private servers fit with this?
  24. little boy 1100

    19 Times

    3 times but i failed so far.
  25. little boy 1100

    The Quest To 99 Cooking

    Well, I think that you should go for smaller goal like 70 first to see if you like it, yuor to low lvl to be deciding to be going for 99 (no offence) I dont think a lot of people know the losses per lvl but from around lvl 70 it takes 2-4 mil (Im preatty sure on this, maybe correct me) depending on what you cook.

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