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    Wow, I Know Weird, But....

    Ok so, about range, yea get it, it really makes a difference with couple of lvls, mage doesnt, but still get 80 for that too. What to alch? Well if you could ( I think you need Lost City quest and maybe some others) than go to Lost City (Zanoras or w/e) and go to the market they have there, have a lot of money and natures runes with you, take a diamond and give it to gate keeper and enter the market where you should find a guy who sells rings. Buy they ring and alch, you only loose up to 40 coins per alch (depending on cost of runes) You earn if you make your runes from pure essence. Here is a good tutorial: YouTube Mage Turotial
  2. little boy 1100

    99 Theiving Help

    Im doing pyramid plunder right now for thieving got 2 lvls today 57-59. So I quess im trying to say that its the best way.
  3. little boy 1100

    Treasure Trail

    To be more specific, you get a clue of lvl 1, 2 or 3, each lvl is harder (needs more quests and better knowledge of game) but could contain a better reward (which is random, but is chosen from a better random list) Then you follow the clues all over runescape, spaciel places will give you chellenges, like in wild you will have to fight zammorak follower (which is easy) and clues are always different, some are puzzlesc some are location etc. Introduction Solvers: http://www.zybez.net/misc.php?id=57&ru...retrailhelp.htm http://runehq.com/guide.php?type=minigame&id=350 Solvers preatty much have all answers to clues, only problem with treasure trails is needs of quests, teleportation and be ready to be annoyed. Always have something like dragon dager and some food (specielly in wild, but it shouldnt be hard to run away from revenents)
  4. little boy 1100

    Bgs, Zgs, Or Tassets

    just overall i was maybee gonna do some training so im leaning towards a gs but ihave whip too. its not like im spending all my money ill have about 15m left over i jyust wanna know which one i should get Ok so I suggest trying each one of them, do whatever you do in game the most, and see what works out the best for you, you can sell it for same price almost all the time. Like I said tessets would be my choice, but if you dont really have a good armour (such as fighting torso) to go with them, then they are better t be replaced with defence (you pay less fro repairing barrows than buying tessets) EDIT: <<<<Forgot to finish my thought - Than do not use tessets and than jsut get the gs you like.
  5. little boy 1100

    Some Bounty World Questions

    I can answer the first one, that picture is taken by Jagex, they can do whatever the want, second, risk it if you think those stats worth it, but I think it works like PvP worlds and old BH, cant get any items back. So what im saying is that I dont see how you came up with that question from that picture.
  6. little boy 1100

    Bgs, Zgs, Or Tassets

    What do you need it for, I say that whip could easily replase GS, but i cant think of a lot of things that replace tessets (since they give str bonus) So, yea it would be more helpful if you would say what you need them for.
  7. little boy 1100

    Bounty Hunter Wilderness-only PvP

    In my opinion this is the closure of pking/trading/RWT its over, enjoy runescape and thanks to jagex!
  8. little boy 1100

    ~!l Boy 1100... Whats New? What To Do?!~

    thats cool, i dont know which one to do, herblore is taking a while to buy/sell so im gonna do some other skill aside
  9. little boy 1100

    Fire Cape Guide

    lol, there is also one in Guide-Rewrites section of this forum.
  10. little boy 1100

    Money Making Methods! New!

    Can we post links to guides (such as your mercheting guide and my aviansie guide?)
  11. little boy 1100

    Did The Clans Get Off?

    They cant really figure out if someone is bug abusing unless they see it (somehow with their system when their looking ) or if someone bug abuse report them, which clans didnt do to each other. I predicted this to happen, runescape doesnt really have a system to find people cheating (except for bots)
  12. little boy 1100

    Important Question.

    Up to 55 crumble undead in varock sever (up until you get that spell teleprot around) After 55 alch something, you can make profit by going on PvP world (no revenents) into Lava Maze and pick up steel plates and alch them, hop to another PvP world and reapeat, you make 900gp-1000gp per world and some magic xp (I believe more than FoG)
  13. little boy 1100

    Are Level 3 Clues Scrolls Worth It?

    Never throw it out unless you need to complete Master or Grandmaster quest to continue it. You never know what you will get, thats why always try and it could range from something like black d hide chaps to 3rd age kiteshield. Remember its always random. As this is in discsiion session I need to discuss more than to answer, so Im going to say that yes they are worth doing but nto worth fighting monsters for, those low lvl players jsut got lucky (since its random)
  14. little boy 1100

    A Very Rich Rs Player!

    Nice, dont know how much it will take me to get that.
  15. little boy 1100

    Not A Fake

    LOL, joking or misread? That's the cause indeed. He has 60 attack because dragon dager is in a trade too, so he ddidnt do monkey madness. I quess thats the point of the image, red squere (means someone doesnt meet requirements to wield that item) If your trying to show of someone else wealth than its not that great of SS.
  16. little boy 1100

    How To Teach Cannoners A Lesson

    I agree with you. I do not use a cannon for simple reason, dont think its worth it. But if I needed it I would use it, same with them, they need it they use it. Its a part of the game, and play your game to the fullest.
  17. little boy 1100

    Interesting But Odd!

    Group like this is needed in runescape. If they just say that, it doesnt mean that they really believe in saradomin, but if they do than their addicted (very very close to drugs, drinking and smoking, to much computer destroys you) I wouldnt say they have no life unless I would meet the individually. Ill support if they are just playing with the god thing.
  18. little boy 1100

    How Many F2p Songs Are There?

    Accoriding to runescape wiki less than 150
  19. little boy 1100

    Fight Cave Questions

    Dont wait for the sound, any wave that has 360s in it put mage on ( thats why it gets hard when they come with 90s, and thats why 80 defence is recomended)
  20. little boy 1100

    Fight Caves Re-write

    I like how u include where to heal, instead of figuring out where on your own.
  21. little boy 1100

    A Very Rich Rs Player!

    ss? saradomin sword? what i just bought 1 then sold it if thats what u talkign about In these kind of topic it means ScreenShot
  22. little boy 1100

    A Very Rich Rs Player!

    Yea well not bad ss anyways
  23. little boy 1100

    A Very Rich Rs Player!

    Wait, ill get more discriptive answer. edited by me doe to someone elses privacy Not rocket science
  24. little boy 1100

    Not A Fake

    i think its againt rules to advertise your post unless someone asks for help and u send them help link, anyways i dont get what great about it?
  25. little boy 1100

    A Very Rich Rs Player!

    "Bull Hurley has 15 free inventory slots."

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