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  1. little boy 1100

    Pure Name

    I would recomended something like your forum name. When pking its better when they tihnk your a main not a pure so they walk into your hands. But if you still want me to choose its: Fireslam 7
  2. little boy 1100

    Cockatrice Eggs?

    Yea i wanted to say what the first 2 posts say. Just posting this to let you know their not lieing =)
  3. little boy 1100

    Dragon Axe

    First of all its not expansive....wow! Its completly worth it...even know i dont like it what i mean is that its worth paying for it. Even when i was a noob and didnt have money for it i thoght it was worth it. Thats how simple that is. 2nd its Dragon Item. 3rd like other people said unsmithible, and 4th like other people said its rare. I also do not recomended. Just get the dragon scim,train to 70 att and get yourself a whip.
  4. little boy 1100

    Easy Str/ Attack Exp

    I dotn recomend doing 2nd pc post slower than the first one. Its good to use PC for training your skills. I found red spiders to be good because to your lvls they stick so you dotn have to click a lot and also flesh crawlers in stronghold of security are good. At higher lvl i think you should move on to doing some of the slayer. Rock crabs are also good but im not sure if your ready, their not hard but i have a feeling its better for you to stick to the stronghold
  5. little boy 1100

    High Alch

    ^^ false... make ur own nats or yl or things to alch and you make quite a bit of money... or run nats or laws for the runes and you either make or break even cash wise Um, I can't make nats - why don't you ever look in my stats in my sig? And what do you mean, "yl" ? Not happening. Camelot teleporting is expensive, and I need 4k laws to get from 56 to 65 Mage which is over 1m. And no, I don't want to mage these dragons. PLEASE ANYTHING ELSE THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE: Teleporting Maging to the monsters (I.e air strikes on chickens) -Cake ^_^ Yea your kind of right and wrong,if you buy natures its always loss unless he gets the string himself and fletches them completly. Theres no way to make profit if u dont at least buy ess and turn them into nats. I find ring or recoil good to alch if you make your nats but you will only keep the money not make any. Also takes a while to buy them, around 1 hour.
  6. little boy 1100

    Two Skills Needed To Be Reached To My Goal

    Ok for mage you have 3 choices depending on how much you want to spend. 1) High Alch - quickest, money loss depends on how you get runes and what you alch 2) Camalot Teleports - quick, some money loss but if you use assist for making laws than its the cheapest 3)Crumble Undead - its ok and if you dont make runes for Camalot than this turns out to be cheaper You could also use Fist of Guthix or Stealing Creation. They are the cheapest but the worsest to train with. They are also the funest to train on. For crafting use coifs. They are not so cheap but the cheapest it oculd be. From lvl 50-60 its 200-300k and its posible to get it in less then a day. Good Luck with a quest (Cant believe i didnt do it yet) YL- Yew Long (Thats what ppl mostly use for high alching. EDIT: Ive been reading some of your posts and it sounds like u dont want to mage,no alch no telly no monsters,whats left? And if you need runes just ask for assist. PPL like you use Fist of Guthix but i sereosly think it would be jsut faster to earn money for cammy teleport. Anyways good luck!
  7. little boy 1100

    I Dyed-dyed What?

    Yea i dont really care about thats but i quess the idea is cool. Support
  8. little boy 1100

    Tzhaar Fight Caves Help..

    Yea i really need to complete it too,but ill do it later when i have some time and a clear mind.
  9. little boy 1100

    Barrows Improvement

    That dart spell you get after lvl 55 slayer should help. You get most of the runes back when you go to the chest. I would melle karil but if you fdotn bring melle equip than dont bothor and do what your doing right now. Again Dart spell should help! EDIT: O i forgot DH should be killed first. Its just in my opinion. H can do most damage and its better when he does that damage when you still have a lot of food in inventory. Just my opinion...
  10. little boy 1100

    Players' Gallery

    I liked Octobar once better but these are nice too =)
  11. little boy 1100

    Is Jagex Rushing The Updates?

    I do not agree that they are rashing the updates. I mean look at it, updates are way better then last once and its new for them to work with these things. Later updates will be less glitchy. Also when they test the updates its like 10 people testing it and when 50k people test it its way different because its 50k people. Thats just my opinion but i cant be 100% sure.
  12. little boy 1100

    Stealing Creation

    This is really great minigame just needs more rewardst to it. I really like it and its just fun.
  13. little boy 1100

    Cant Decide?

    Im not sure about this one but all i know is that rune pure is very good,but you might regrat geting it,i vote for rune pure.
  14. little boy 1100

    Funnest Mini Game

    Ok mine used to be Fist of Guthix but this is Non Pk forum so it was probebly Great Orb Project. But Stealing Creation came out and its really fun minigame and my favourite now. They shoulsd really ad soem stuff but the playing is awesome.
  15. little boy 1100

    Your Favourite Role In Barbarian Assault

    Healer I think it is very fun. Your most importent when like on wave 10. Its fun and easy to poison. And very easy to get points. Here is how it is for me. Healer>Attacker>Collector>Defender Here is how i tihnk the hardest. Defender>Healer>Attacker>Collector And here how i tihnk it is with the points: Healer>Collector>Attacker>Defender AND CALL!
  16. little boy 1100


    My greatest achievment is being able to kill aviansies. Such a great money. Acheievement im trying to achieve is 85+ range and all skills 80. I was,but not anymore the kind of person who focuses on one thing and just keeps on going,i like to do different things so i dont get bored.
  17. little boy 1100

    Beware: Some Fansites Hacker Attacks

    Wow never thought anything like that is posible but thanks for warning. IM new to forums but you can search me on highscores and see that im not so new to runescape. I might even make some guides.

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