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  1. little boy 1100

    Voice Chat When Playing Runescape?

    I voted yes because poll asked me if I use it, but runescape does not need it.
  2. little boy 1100

    Miracle Escaping Stories.

    Yestarda, I have all my treasure trail items and teleports (good stuff) Revenent knight simply walks to me and attacks me, nearly killed me because of my stupidity, had 32 hp left ate all 7 monkfishes, hoped did clue (got only 43k!) and had to run all the way to edgevil from lvl 56 wild. Just the story I could remember, had more.
  3. little boy 1100

    Worst Slayer Task You Have Ever Gotten

    Didnt know they give out that big numbers, did you do it?
  4. little boy 1100

    Is It Okay To Play Runescape Alot?

    ^^Yep happens a lot when you dont know where to start and wha to start doing in runescape, but sometimes when I find something fun I just play, but rarely.
  5. little boy 1100

    Grand Exchange(s)?

    In the begining someone said something abotu banking anywhere, no thats totaly wrong, but as for grand exchange in every major city, also no. First of all Lumbridge isnt major, second of all I agree there should be another grand exchange but in totaly different direction from varock. No more than 2 GEs should be in the world as the whole point is to make you go there and sell there. Respond to UPk3dUp, Ardouge is major and I support it in being a candidate for GE, but other cityes do not deserve it, also Ardouge is mostly Quest and shop and skill city like falador and all others, and varock is like runescape city, so yes Ardouge will need some more things added to it to have a GE, but its a reasonalbe city to have it in anyways.
  6. little boy 1100

    Keep All Of A Stackable Item On Death

    I know, and I dotn know why Jagex still didtn fix this after so manny new items release and after people not being able to pick up your stuff, this is way more importent now to get all the stackable items back! I defenetly support as it makes much more sence of saving 50m instead of 3 coins. Im sure I deserve to save that much. Respond to Muttdog, and would you like to loose 900m and keep 3 coins, its simply one of those things that we are allowed to complain about, dont support Jagex in every way because we do own a game jsut a little and deserve to express what we feel needs to be fixed, they way you say it is all suggestions (about changing the game in some way) are wrong. Im not saying Jagex is bad, but we need to give them ideas and why we think they are good, than they will think the same way.
  7. little boy 1100

    Secondary Weapon Slot

    LOL, would be impossible as AGS is 2 handed. Only one handed wielded in 2 hands. Anyways I do not support yes as well as the 2 skims would stack up a great bonus so it needs some downsides to it, evolve the idea please, you defenetly on a good start.
  8. little boy 1100

    58-70 Smithing

    First thing is that you need to use the sacred clay hammer, it stacks up about 30k expirience on top of original 30k (one hammer) and it saves a lot of money. As for smithing itself I recommend expensive method of buying steel bars and making steel plates, but making mithril bolts will be more profitable and much slower.
  9. little boy 1100


    You should visit and read 2 links mantioned above. Basicly there are 4 things to create a monster (familiar) Charm (Gold,Green,Crimson and Blue) Usually the higher charm the better the monster and charms wealth depends on its rareness. They are untradable and you have to get them yourself from monster Item (example:raw chicken) Its what the soul (the way I understand it) of the fimaliar is. These do not stack like charms and these items force you to visit the bank. Pouch - An empty pouch that costs 1 gp where you will put the osul of familiar inside. Shard - Better the monster the mroe shards you spend, you but the shards which are expeensive, so its preatty much what you have to pay for making that familiar. Image it being like paying for making your monster. Once you got all the materials its basicly like runecrafting and you get expirience for doing it. Than you can use those pouches which wont give you expirience, or you can make those pouches into scrolls which will help your summoned familiar. You dont have to make a familiar to use it, you can buy it from another player, but raising your summoning level is importent to be able to summon that familiar. Again: Visit the links!
  10. little boy 1100


    You can take the long way I took (in f2p) and go to wild near chaos altar and pick up the bones and bury. Fastest way is gilded altar and (with the price) dragon bones but better bones are better =). That is just what I would normally suggest, but since I think your a memebr and not that rich than why not hunt for penguin and use xp lemps, I walys use mine on prayer (I think its the best skill to spend it on untill you get gilded altar)
  11. little boy 1100

    I'm At It Again!

    Try alching it, and are you sure the quest is complete (green in journal) Also when it says that circle repeats, its the part of the storyline, someone will always steal the jar, but it still doesnt mean you should have it in inventory.
  12. little boy 1100

    Rune Axe Vs Dragon Axe

    Its 5-10% for yews and mages and 15% for anything lower I believe. I defenetly saw a difference on everything up to yew (yew being like 10-20 logs more per hour) but mages look the same (never did per hour but looks like 2-5 more) Is it worth it? Not for the price it is, but if you have spare money or make money only by woodcuting than get it and sell it when your done. As for xp, it doesnt do much difference, sacred clay axe is always better! EDIT: Looks like a topic with a lot of arguments and disagreements, so simple and right answer for sure would be it is better but you might want to think if you reeally need it.
  13. little boy 1100

    Hardest Quest

    Didnt do dream mentor and WGS yet so i tihnk it will be WGS, but so far was regidice. All the once I did were 100% annoying.
  14. little boy 1100

    Glitchy Topic

    This is the glitch that kind of came back after being fixed and its about "Give Thanks" emote, but now its whoel another glitch with that emote, not sure how to do, so ill brb with more information. Ok you do this glitch of always staying a turkey by pressing on your ewuipment stas while doing emote, so it has nothing to do with new updates, keep this interface on to always be a turkey. So just tell me what you think about it.
  15. little boy 1100

    Worst Slayer Task You Have Ever Gotten

    Summona doesnt really give anything better than that. As for me I didnt get any bad tasks because I was ready to get things like Iron Dragons and stuff.
  16. little boy 1100

    You Should Watch This Rs Video

    Something stoped you from using home tele and ur character kind of fronze and than got back to standing right? That happeneds when you use an emote with home teleport, so sometihng stoped you, did the glitch occur while doing some agility obstacle? That might be what stoped you from teleporting. Did you try to home tele more than once?
  17. little boy 1100

    Pc Or Sw?

    Also remember that its possible to AFK in Soul Wars, dont do that because its bad, but if you need a drink or restroom than you dont have to worry.
  18. little boy 1100

    Cheapest Way To Get Members Without A Credit Card.

    You can use advertisement websites to get your money for pay pel and than use it for runescape to subscribe, but its not reccomended because it takes very long time for just 1 month. Target cards in US are the best after credit/debit.
  19. little boy 1100

    Pc Or Sw?

    Well it always depends, I agree with ming about the PC and soul wars seems like a agame where you have to think more, so whatever you enjoy more is what to choose.
  20. little boy 1100

    You Should Watch This Rs Video

    I know! Long ago there were glitches like that and Jagex incoureged us to use it! Next time remember about it.
  21. little boy 1100

    Summoning Upgrades and Hairstyles

    Good adgustments, but I thought now we can summon 2 familiars, well we cant but other things are still very helpful.
  22. little boy 1100

    Is Zezima Really The Best Player On Runescape.

    I have no probelm with zezima, as i never met him and I dont know him. I judge a person only if I know him, so I cant say anything about his real life and if he did "have a life" and if he has one now. But what I could say is even if he get 99 summoning he wont be the first one anymore, but simply on the first page of highscores, he could try catching up by still training some of the skills like firemaking, but I think that he doesnt do it anymore and just spends time on new updates and works on summoning sometimes.
  23. little boy 1100

    Is It Okay To Play Runescape Alot?

    Some days it turns out to be 1 hour, some up to 7 (like on weekends) but I think im completly normal, between that time I spend A LOT of time on forums and youtube, and of course I do got friends and I would say that playing that much does not do anything to my life, I have interest in other things as well, and I actually like school (just not homework). About lifelessness, I think that you have a life no matter how much you play, but if your a nerd (talk like one, and act like one) than its not ok to play that much, since you defenetly take it to sereously.
  24. little boy 1100

    All The New People...

    They do not crash as for one reason, they are regular players as us, what if they wouldnt have that pure or that tank, than they would have a main, and they would play on the main, and the result of drops would be the same, so it does not matter except in PvP.
  25. little boy 1100

    Pvp World

    If you want it to go faster, skilling alreayd increases your potentiol as well as 76k, so both will make a good combinations, so you dont have to but its reccomended, also 76k give better potantiol than skilling.

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