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  1. little boy 1100

    Pvp World

    If your a member its 76k.
  2. little boy 1100

    What Guide?

    Looks complete, but sals ignores it for some reason, as well as mine
  3. little boy 1100

    Fishing Whales!

    I remember this being very old idea, and im not sure its yours , but anyways I do not support, why? Its to complicated, fishing should be kept simple, all it needs right now is distraction and diversey and its should be fine, no new thing should be added (for example i dont think they will add dragon rocks or dark trees) so why whales, maybe whale will be one thing in distraction and diversey, but not as normal fish. Why am i talking about distraction and diverseys? Because we already got evil tree and shooting star, so we need something for fishing too!
  4. little boy 1100

    Secondary Weapon Slot

    I used to think of this as well, wearing 2 skims would be awesome, but it would overpower a lot of things, so this idea needs a lot of thinking before being supported.
  5. little boy 1100

    Development Diary: Run Energy

    Im sure it wont overpower Terrorbird or 80+ agility.
  6. little boy 1100


    To repair it you go to a guy called Bob in Lumbridge, in some cases its better to sell 0 one and buy fixed one, but in some cases its better to repair it with Bob. Also you can repair it before it falls to 0, it falls by 25s (Fixed, 100,75,50,25,0) Bob can repair it anywhere between 100-0. EDIT: He sells axes in his axe shop.
  7. little boy 1100

    Desert Treasure- Holy Crap

    No 138 wont die. You can do it but I do reccomend higher magic level.
  8. little boy 1100

    The New Forum Mod+ War! :aware:

    Neo Avatars- 36 Pluvialis Aquila- 6 Finisterra- 28 Sparhawke- 26 Xaria- 10 Dark Light A- 6 SlashingUK- 19 Hit: SlashingUK Heal: Xaria
  9. little boy 1100

    In What Detail Do You Play Runescape And Why?

    Actually I use all forms, Full explorer screen, full screen, low detail and high small screen. Mostly hight small screen, im used to it, not much mouse movements.
  10. little boy 1100

    What Guide?

    Mithril Dragon hunting, it is needed.
  11. little boy 1100

    The Throwdown

    They've been promising that since rsc. You always complain and make negative comments on like every thread. Anyways Mod MMG said that some team is working on magic.
  12. They dont have HAM people, I think they should get their own complete new skill, but right now the best they could get is fletching, flax could be put somewhere in drayanor and edgevill. Can make anything up to yew and any type of arrow. Only 1 (or is it 2) types of crossbows, and it should be fine.
  13. little boy 1100

    Best Way To Get 61 Range

    remember that 40-61 are the most boring levels, once you get to 61 and than even to 70 range will be very fun.
  14. little boy 1100

    Woohoo! Okay, Now What Should I Do?!

    Yea first time you always get lost, personally I suggest making a goal and completing it, mine was geting dragon scimitar when ifirst became a member, and my first dragon weapon was skimitar. that is just an example of goal and accomplishment thing.
  15. little boy 1100

    Issues With My Membership Credit...

    If your using a credit or debit card try calling your bank. maybe there is a proble, or like Chase, they deny a payment because of their protection plan, make sure runescape is not protected.
  16. little boy 1100

    99 Fishing Vs. 99 Hitpoints

    First of all your poll is a little wrong, people can vote for both. Now as for my vote i picked hitpoints, its much more helpful than fishing and would be awesome for you.
  17. little boy 1100

    The Throwdown

    Jagex is currently is working on fixing the combat triangle to make all skills equel and make your facourite skill be as much as effective as possible in world of runescape. As for PvP hybriding works the best, but the triangle will also be fixed there. It will be still breakible, but not as it is now (range breaks everything) So right now range turns out to be the best. Mage cant beat range, melle is scared of them and range beats melle and mage most of the times (LOL), hope this gets fixed.
  18. little boy 1100

    Money Making Using Skilling

    I agree on GOP, but if you count summoning as non-combat, there are some ways to earn money with that (even at level 10!)
  19. little boy 1100

    Help Me Make Money?

    Like someone mantioned, recourse skills (woodcutiing/mining...) are a good way to start with money (up untill you have a resonable amount) but there are toher ways (like picking flax, like Ming said) are better but almost do not give any expirience. As for my own tip, I suggest using combat, or skilling (depending on what you like) and after you get a good level to be able to start making money from it, than start making money from it. For example geting 60 attack, strenght and defence and go kill green dragons (which is a good example of starting making money with combat. So now the best way to earn money, is train your skills while earning small money, and than work your way up.
  20. little boy 1100


    All barrows equipement have same defence but diddfrent effect when FULL Saparetly each piece gives bigger or same bonus againt the other piece. For example torag lags with everything else guthan will give bigger defence than just full guthan, but no effect. So torag legs are better than any other barrows legs, but torag helm (I believe, might be some other peice of equipment) is worse then other helms (also not sure) I hope that you understand what Im saying because its kind of hard to explain, to see what I mean jsut compare the stats of all barrows, but you ethier have to give up some defence for the barrows effect, or give up the effect and get the highest defence. In my opinion the best barrows effect is Guthan or/and DHorak.
  21. little boy 1100

    Am I Good Enough?

    Im not sure if it still works, but a friend used to (or can) be able to help you by killing it most of the way and you can just finish it off. That made the quest be able to be done by level 3, even know its completly useless.
  22. little boy 1100

    Interview With Jagex!

    Jagex is in contact with multiple fansites, including Sal's, and is looking to create a relationship between Jagex and the fansites that would be beneficial to everyone. One of the ways in which they're reaching out to help the fansites was by offering us this opportunity for an interview, which we took them up on. I don't think that I can say much more than that right now, but more specifics will be given later I'm sure. Think this will answer all you wish it to http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=274299 On official forums you were able to post your favourite fansites, and I bet a lot of people posted link to this website so it got selected as one of those that will work with jagex! That was the only time links were allowed on official forums but were hidden automaticly, so only jagex saw them. You can still support this site by posting a link now, but jagex already know about us. Quick find code: 103-104-7-58601096
  23. little boy 1100

    Is This Scamming?

    I think you both need to log out. But if you already tested it, and got it back, that means that it might be a scam, but why ask, just see if you get baned.
  24. little boy 1100

    Interview With Jagex!

    Nice,they answered 2 of my questions, they probebly didnt really understand what I ment by PvP system, but they did kind of give me the answer I wanted anyways, runescape simply not the kind of game that it would be possible to do this in. I am very proud of this community and of Jagex participating in improving the game with us. EDIT: He said that he is not sure how it will make the game more realistic, the more points you have, the higher chances of you being the victim. so people would PK less on the streets of PvP and more in wild, so if in the future there will be more questions for jagex, please correct me. EDIT2: We did not know that those questions will really be asked to Jagex, so maybe in the future we could be worned that we will be perticipating in game development and ask even better questions or suggestions.
  25. little boy 1100

    Ali The Wise Can't Spell.

    ^^I agree

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