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  1. raptor73523

    Change In The Farming Calc

    yes! that is pretty much exaclty what im tryen to say! and what about the monsters database? i always go to another site because i always forget that we have one here on sals because its kinda hidden in the forums... its not a huge thing but maybe liek a side project to put it up on the actual site because i use the site a lot over the forums. wow, i feel special because salmoneus actually replied to my topic. lol
  2. raptor73523

    Change In The Farming Calc

    for the farming calc... dont you think it would make more sence for it to not include the planting part but for the planting part and the harvesting part to be included? i am lvl 41 and i only do trees and herbs for fruit trees it would only make sence to have the planting and checking into one row while the nexr row down it would be planting plant, check, harvest. do you get what im saying? i guess i probably need to say it more clearely but im just saying that i would want to know how many fruit trees i need to plant, check, and then harvest. i wanna know how many i neeed to do while i get the xp of all 3 of that. since it doesnt have that im sorry to say that most lickely i wont be using the farming calc for the monsters database... dont yo think it should eb added on the site and not just the forums? it would only make sence... if not then why not have the items database on the forums only... please post for what you think
  3. raptor73523

    Wat Mucic You Like

    my main music is slipknot, korn, system fo a down... im getting into mudvain, tool, and deftones even though i liek a few of their songs... i also like stains and disturbed
  4. raptor73523

    Top 5 Favourite Bands

    this isnt in order korn slipknot system of a down disturbed staind
  5. raptor73523

    C Balls In Calcs

    i thought that you might wanna add the c balls to the smithing calculators... each c balls gives u 6.25xp and each bar makes 4 c balls so each bar gives u 25xp which is less then a steel dagger or the usual xp but i just wanted to mention this...

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