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  1. Volksman1

    Money Making

    The best way to make money is... 1. do miscelania quest 2. do royal trouble quest 3. Put 3m+ in miscelania, put full maples and half flax, leave out 400k 4. Buy as much pure ess as you can with that 400k 5. Get essence pouches 6. Withdraw essence 7. Go through abyss 8. Req. Assist from 91+ rcers 9. Repeat 6-8 i make 800k+ an hour, then at the end of the day i get 300k from miscelania link to guide --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djfFusurQEE 1m+ a day <3 gl also green drags or avvys if u get bored, but always do miscelnia
  2. Volksman1

    Red Chinchompas

    Ok thank you guys, i was asking how much it would cost including chins and p pots, I mite wait till 90 range Do you think i should use full void or wear dhide and lots of prayr bonus stuff? Bump plz respond <3
  3. Volksman1

    Red Chinchompas

    Hey guys, i was wondering how much it would cost to get from 80-99 ranged using the chincompa method. Can you tell me what to buy and how much and then tell me cost, ty Also, i was wondering, if i use the red chinchompa method, would i be able to use full range void? or do i need more prayer bonus? I want the cheapest way possible Thank you

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