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  1. icelizard4372

    Whats Your Faverite Place In Runescape?

    My favorite place is Camelot. It looks the nicest and it's just fun to hang out there.
  2. icelizard4372

    If You Could.......

    - Tehnoobshow, so I could be in one of his amazing videos - Elvemage77, so I could get some serious advice on pking. - Mod Andrew, so I could interview him and get some behind-the-scenes information on some future game updates.
  3. icelizard4372

    Halloween 2008

    It was a pretty good event, but I just didn't like the costume reward. To me, it was kind of ugly. ;)
  4. icelizard4372

    Where Should I Mine Coal?

    Alright, I'll try those locations. ;)
  5. icelizard4372

    Where Should I Mine Coal?

    I am non-member, I have level 27 combat, and 37 mining. Where is the best place for me to mine coal? I need to make some serious cash, so please give me a location that is really close to the bank and is not very crowded. Thanks!
  6. icelizard4372

    Quick Question On Runecrafting

    Thanks. But should I still follow your method if I don't use the special gloves? Or are they really important?
  7. icelizard4372

    Quick Question On Runecrafting

    Thanks, guys!
  8. icelizard4372

    Quick Question On Runecrafting

    Well, I'm F2P. Are Earth Gloves F2P and how much do they cost? I can't find them on the Grand Exchange price guide.
  9. icelizard4372

    Quick Question On Runecrafting

    I'm F2P. Runecrafting body runes will give me the most runecrafting XP right? Should I even runecraft them? Like right now I have 1 runecrafting. plz tell me what to do in steps so that i dont mess up i wanna get up to 50 rc
  10. icelizard4372

    What's The Best F2p Item To Merchant?

    Yeah I will buy and then sell. Anyway, thanks everyone!
  11. icelizard4372

    Who Wants The Old Pvp Back?!

    Okay, sorry for bringing this up I guess.
  12. icelizard4372

    What's The Best F2p Item To Merchant?

    yes it is worth it.and at the above poster you can make godly money. actually have you seen the cash chessy made from it. Okay but what's a good F2P item I should start with? At the moment, I only have 200k
  13. I know many of us want the old PvP back, like in the old days. I don't know about you, but I'm SICK of the so called "new and improved" PvP system. But I've thought of a way of how we might be able to get our thoughts nice and thoroughly into Jagex. We just need a lot of people. Here's how you can help: 1.) Make a junk email account, if you do not have one already. 2.) As Jagex has many emails for customer support, please help by sending 1 email to each of the following: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] * We need a lot of people to help * Do not spam * In the subject and body of the email, enter anything non-abusive, but make sure you make it clear that you are angry and desperate for the old PvP. I just thought of this idea, and it just might work if many many members do it.
  14. Is merchanting even worth it anymore?

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