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  1. Justin

    Hard Drive and OS Issues

    Well, thanks. I thought it might have been a hardware failure but wasn't sure. At least I was planning on getting a new laptop before heading to college.
  2. Justin

    Hard Drive and OS Issues

    Thanks. I'm running Windows 7, and I can get into the BIOS but I don't remember what the BDOS said. And I would assume SATA?
  3. Alright, so to start off, I'm typing this from my phone. The past week or so my laptop (pretty sure it's a Dell Inspiron 1440 from 2009) has been running quite slow. I've gotten the BSOD twice in a week, and so I did some things. I looked at my processes running and didn't see anything out of the ordinary or excessive and checked resource monitor and it looked like everything was fine. I then ran Malwarebytes, just in case, and nothing came up. I then restarted my laptop and I couldn't play any videos on my laptop except online ones, and Firefox would not open, only Chrome. I also got an I/O error trying to copy some files and back things up. I ran registry cleaner and Ccleaner, and then went to the properties>tools of my C: drive to do error checking over night. When I woke up today, I can't boot and get the error "A disk drive error occurred." So I tried to reinstall windows from a CD and when it came to selecting a partition on my HDD, it looked as if the drive was blank (all space was available). After selectin the partition, it would start the process, stay at 0% and then give an error. Then, no hard drive would appear in the "where do you want to install windows screen" So, is there any way I can fix this, and is it even worth it? Don't care about the data though I lost a 10-year FM save. Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance.
  4. Justin

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    What's all this then?
  5. Originality: 7/10 Neatness: 7/10 Not many icons, but dat taskbar. Style: 8/10 I like the lone Umbrella icon. Overall: 7.64673413/10 My desktop:
  6. Justin


    Jeez, Bradford seemed to have inspired lower league teams. Really hope they beat swansea!
  7. Justin

    Heb0's evil plot to destroy the athiests

    Saw this on r/atheism and ran here! It's a mighty fine plan.
  8. 10 I remember you from when I was active. :3
  9. Looks perfect, but alot of people seem to be having trouble with the power supply after looking at the reviews. But, it does look absolutely perfect otherwise. EDIT: Some other ones I saw: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883229292 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883229286 Main differences between the one you posted? And thanks for helping me.
  10. I'm looking for something around 1,000 dollars. And The Cyberpowerpc build I made was mainly clicking on expensive items. ಠ_ಠ
  11. So, using that site (Thanks btw) I created a PC on CyberPower PC, but the cost was about... 2,300 dollars over what I wanted. But here is the full description of the PC and if anyone could, can it run what I described in the first post. Case: CoolerMaster HAF 912 Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ Adjustable HDD Cage [+1] (Black Color) Laser Engraving: None Laser Engraving Message: Freebies: None Internal USB Extension Module: None Neon Light Upgrade: None Extra Case Fan Upgrade: Default case fans Noise Reduction Technology: None CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-970 3.20 GHz 12M Intel Smart Cache LGA1366 [+300] Venom Boost Fast And Efficient Factory Overclocking: No Overclocking Cooling Fan: Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan (Enhanced Cooling Performance + Extreme Silent at 20dBA) (Single Standard 120MM Fan) Coolant for Cyberpower Xtreme Hydro Water Cooling Kits: Standard Coolant Motherboard: (3-Way SLI Support) MSI Big Bang-XPower Intel X58 Chipset SLI/CrossFireX Triple-Channel DDR3 ATX Mainboard w/ 7.1 THX TruStudio PC Audio, eSATA, USB 3.0, 2x SATA-III RAID, IEEE1394a, 6 Gen2 PCIe & 1 PCIe X1 (All Venom OC Certified) [+93] Memory: 12GB (2GBx6) DDR3/1333MHz Triple Channel Memory [+36] (Corsair or Major Brand) Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB 16X PCIe Video Card [+207] (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA) Freebies: None Video Card 2: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 3GB 16X PCIe Video Card [+645] (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA) Video Card 3: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 3GB 16X PCIe Video Card [+645] (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA) Power Supply Upgrade: 450 Watts - Standard Case Power Supply Hard Drive: 2TB (2TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 7200RPM HDD [+59] (Single Drive) Data Hard Drive: None Hard Drive Cooling Fan: None External Hard Drive (USB3.0/2.0/eSATA): None USB Flash Drive: None Optical Drive: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive (BLACK COLOR) Optical Drive 2: None Sound: HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD 7.1 AUDIO 3D Vision Glasses: None LCD Monitor: 27" Widescreen 1920x1080 Asus VE276Q LCD Display w/ Built-in Speaker, DVI, & HDMI-Input [+339] 2nd Monitor: None 3rd Monitor: None Speakers: None Network: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network Network Switch: None Keyboard: Xtreme Gear (Black Color) Multimedia/Internet USB Keyboard Mouse: XtremeGear Optical USB 3 Buttons Gaming Mouse Mouse Pad: None Gaming Gear: None Extra Thermal Display: None Wireless 802.11B/G Network Card: None External Wireless Network Card: None Wireless 802.11 B/G/N Access Point: None Bluetooth: None Flash Media Reader/Writer: None Video Camera: None Headset: None Printer: None Cable: None Power Protection: None IEEE1394 Card: None Internal USB Port: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports USB Port: None Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Premium [+104] (64-bit Edition) Media Center Remote Control & TV Tuner: None Office Suite: None Ultra Care Option: None Service: STANDARD WARRANTY: 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY PLUS LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT Rush Service: NO; READY TO SHIP IN 10~15 BUSINESS DAYS
  12. So, after being unsatisfied by my Xbox 360, and being annoyed at all the amazing PC skyrim mods, I've been looking for a new PC. I've been looking around, and I haven't really been able to find anything that fits my fancy. All I really need is for it to be able to run Battlefield 3, and it absolutely must be able to run Skyrim at the highest possible graphics settings, with mods and no lag. I don't really have a budget, but the less money the better. Some of the PC's I've been looking at include: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Cyberpowerpc+-+Gamer+Ultra+GUA250+Desktop+Computer+-+AMD+FX-Series+FX-4100+3.60+GHz+-+Tower+-+Black/4686573.p?id=1218508110441&skuId=4686573 I was also looking at Cyberpowerpc.com itself, as they allow you to pick and choose each individual item yourself. For anyone that helps, thank you in advance and I'd love to see what you guys suggest!
  13. Justin


    My laptop has been having some problemsAfter moving my modem to my room, my laptop will not connect to the internet at all. I have even tried connecting to a wireless network that i know works to nO avail and my xbox works fine with that mOdem. Sorry for any typing errors, i am on my ipod. Edit: I've fixed the problem on my PC by disabling IPV6 but my Xbox no longer will connect to the internet with my modem. Any advice would be greatful!
  14. Justin

    What's Your Number?

    When you were born, you were the: 5,889,818,816th person alive on Earth 81,322,625,243rd person to have lived since history began /Younger than anyone on this thread.

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