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    Playing RuneScape, drawing graffiti, listening to music and skateboarding. I hope that's it!

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  1. Felgrand

    Lazy Cat Question

    It's quite obvious, catch some rats with it!
  2. Felgrand


    Definitely Guthix! It looks cool and not so pricy, other than that get Saradomin, but definitely not Zamorak! It's evil, red and really not so nice, well that;s my opinion!
  3. Felgrand

    99 Range Or Wc?

    Get money (around 20-30M or so) and buy as many red chinchompas you can! Get 99 Ranged and then get your money back at PKing ir at GWD (Aviansies, Kree'Arra and so on). I know it'll be boring getting 99 Ranged so woodcut for breaks, it'll help, believe me. I'm rising 99 Ranged, too!
  4. Felgrand

    Mort Myre Fungus Picking.

    Now I'm picking Mort Myre fungus to earn my 320k per hour. So what I want to ask, do people buy these mushrooms at medium price or just at minimum? And if someone knows a way that I could earn more than 400k per hour?! I'd be very pleases if, you guys, can help me! Thanks in advance!

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