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  1. JamesT

    Need Some Help Quickly

    This is for geometry I'm assuming? Do you have the degrees for the angles possibly? It could be a 30-60-90 right triangle postulate.
  2. JamesT

    I Don't Get It...

    Agent F hit the nail there, its just for fun, kinda like Runescape, its a game! It just makes the forum more Runescape related. JT
  3. JamesT

    Rants Forum Returns

    The rants forum is a complete loony town right now.
  4. JamesT

    Runescape Credit Card

    I think were looking at this the wrong way. Maybe we can improve the initial idea suggestion. Let's look at it first this way, the game is based around is based around Medieval Times, with Wizards, Archers and Great Warriors. The "credit card", she be called an Enchanted Bank Scroll. That would magically update with the change of the money in your bank account. This although to serve any purpose should be abled to be placed in a "pocket" slot in your inventory, or maybe take up a single pouch space. Now these would not be account connected, so if you died, and a player came across your scroll, one would be unable to obtain the money of that user. So lets say I died with my Credit Card/Enchanted Scroll. So Wizard Necco's scroll is laying on the ground, when in my possession it is useful with my money. Now lets say Salmoneus comes by and picks up the scroll that I lost when I died. The scroll would "magically changed" to be used with Salmoneus' money, rather than mine. So in order to use this you would need to complete a quest, and have achieved some sort of magic level. JT
  5. JamesT

    Selling Swamp Toad

    Selling 574 Swamp Toad! Message on the forums or in game! Wizard Necco JT
  6. JamesT


    Hey All - I too run all on Macintosh and have also ran into this problem. At such time I know of no current fix. I will keep investigating and post back with a rectification! JT
  7. JamesT

    Dual Booting Os X

    Hello everyone - I'm the resident Mac Tech Support guy, well, when we used to have the group. Anyways, yes as per the Terms of Use, and Apple Letter of Agreement, you cannot install any Mac OS X operating software on any non-apple produced product. However, if you have a Apple Computer, you may use software called bootcamp to load Windows OSs on to the computer. I guess you can say Apple Computers Inc, are a tad bit selfish . JT
  8. JamesT

    Runescape Or Sals

    Thats quite upsetting to hear this! I find many of the users on this forum to be extremely pleasant and kind! JT
  9. JamesT


    Because we need the mod for other things, such as the market place. This prevents people from continuously posting "bump", in their topics. JT
  10. JamesT

    17 Kids Dead In Plane Crash

    I've been a real world pilot for the past 5 years of my life. To be completely honest, more people die on a daily basis in car crashes than in a week in aviation crashes. The reason is your just not aware of all the crashes that go on because people on the news honestly don't give a damn about car crashes to put it plain and simple. Yes we all go through rigorous training, all up to FAA standards. However, once our CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) lets us go then it is up to us to follow all the FARs as well use our general common sense. With the crash in Montana it was the PIC (Pilot in Commands) fault of the crash. The PC12 is meant for a total of 12-14 people, not including the accounting for luggage weight. As the FAA reported there was a total of 18 persons in the aircraft at the time of the crash. This is 4 people over weight. Conditions like that are considerably unsafe. So flat out there should not have been that many people a board. James
  11. JamesT

    This Guy Has Sex With His Car!

    Are people this desperate these days? First the guy in London with the Hoover-Vacuum now this guy with his car. Is it really that hard to find a hooker?? (Not that its the right thing to do) But this is just weird!?!
  12. JamesT

    Harrased Outside Of Sal's

    Well it's the internet. He's not going to be physically harmed. My main concern would be if he made any threats, he just seems to be making fun of you. It's the internet, and it's called freedom of speech. If legal action can't be taken, you're best bet would be to ignore it as I suggested, and eventaully he might give up. Good luck with it. I don't really think too much on the internet can be considered that serouis, unless someone is being directly threatened, but alot of stuff online is immoral anyways. So what can you expect? lol Daniel is coming after him here... Do you watch the news? How many times have you seen something brew on the internet and end up being "taken care off" in real life.
  13. JamesT

    Harrased Outside Of Sal's

    Do you know how to read? Stop repeating what everyone else has said... Your not helping....
  14. JamesT

    Harrased Outside Of Sal's

    Okay, now I am going to get involved. Shut up why don't ya? No, its not his personal army, but this is TIED to the users on SALS, he needs to bring it to there attention, what is going on here in my opinion is VERY SERIOUS. Daniel IMO is acting like a Petifile, Stalker, Pervert, Weirdo, on the internet. He has no reason to be doing this other for his own ego. To be honest, you aren't helping by making any of these snide remarks. So lay low, and stop acting like a smart cabbage. Mcsuper - I don't what to tell you buddy other then to report him all you can, if you want to talk to me PM me and we can exchange information.
  15. If you can't wait a week you need a break from the computer. Also sure go a head, break the rules, but tell us that your going to break them? HAH!

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