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  1. D4rk Yorkie

    Skill To Train And Make Money...?

    I'd go with Runecrafting, or Farming (herb runs). Runecrafting can make a bit if you work at it, by runecrafting nature runes. Farming herb runs can make quite a bit too, as it requires little work. Just make sure your herbs don't die.
  2. D4rk Yorkie

    Good Charms Drops

    Slayer is a good way to get charms, depending on your task.
  3. D4rk Yorkie

    95 Runecrafting

    Anybody who can get their Runecrafting that high is just pro. Congrats on 95! Must've taken a while. Keep going!
  4. D4rk Yorkie

    Double 80's

    80 Prayer? Nice! Lots of money spent. 80 Construction? Nice as well! Quite a bit of money spent on there too. Enjoy your new skills. And.. Congratulations!
  5. D4rk Yorkie

    Half The Strongest Man

    Doing great, keep going. You'll have 99 in no time. Creativity with the title lol.
  6. D4rk Yorkie

    ~ 99 Woodcutting!

    Congrats on 99 Woodcutting! Enjoy that cool cape. ;D Must've been hard work. Well rewarded.
  7. D4rk Yorkie

    Radioscape [fullscreen Fake]

    I like the idea. Nice text editing as well. 9/10.
  8. D4rk Yorkie

    6 Runescape Font Files - 200 Characters Each!

    Wow, this is very nice! This helps a lot of people. Thanks for making this!
  9. D4rk Yorkie

    New Enchants? Ooi!

    Wow, that's really cool. Nice job. 9/10.
  10. D4rk Yorkie

    3rd Fake

    I like it. Gave me a smile. 8/10.
  11. D4rk Yorkie

    This Is The Drop

    Good luck on 99 Theiving. Your doing GREAT progress, and keep going! You'll have it before you know it. Oh and, nice stats btw. 99 Fishing especially.
  12. D4rk Yorkie

    Quest Bug?

    That sounds familiar... It may have happened to me as well. Unfortunately, I did that quest long long ago, so I don't remember how I fixed it. <-- If it even happened. Sorry. :/ EDIT: Sometimes, if you just continue with a quest, it may fix a problem. Try it.
  13. D4rk Yorkie

    My House Plan

    Looks nice. I like it. I hope Jagex updates the room limit soon...
  14. D4rk Yorkie

    Just Got A Playstation 3

    Resistance all the way. I see it's on your list. ^^ If you get it, start with the first one! It follows a deep storyline! (The first one is Fall of Man). Since it's an older game, your probably going to have to get it used. Great game!
  15. D4rk Yorkie

    On The Blackest Plains In Hell's Domain...

    I like it. Nice work. Hmmm... 9/10.

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