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    Music! I love listening to music and playing bass in the orchestra at my school. I mainly listen to metal and rock along with a little bit of techno. I absolutely hate rap, country, jazz, and blues.

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  1. Orchdork19

    Pest Queen

    He can't use any of them. 40 Defense. Oh, sorry, I forgot that.
  2. Orchdork19

    Pest Queen

    If you still haven't killed her yet, I suggest that you switch out the boots for dragon boots and the helm for the helm of neitiznot and the shield for obsidian or dragon defender to get a little more strength bonus. The decrease in magic defence really shouldn't make that much of a difference. I ran out of special too; don't worry, and just keep going and healing. Also, you may want to use a regen bracelet to help with healing even though it gives less strength and attack bonuses.
  3. Orchdork19

    What To Train To Get Skills Up

    As stated earlier, slayer is one of the best ways to get combat up, and it is less boring because it add diversity to your training in addition to being a pretty good money maker once you get it a little higher. Right now I would suggest going to Chaeldar for some tasks, then when you get to level 100 combat, going to Sumona. Good luck!
  4. Orchdork19


    I'd guess that this will take about 6 hours, but if you don't get distracted, it will take less. I would just find about 5-7 hours on a weekend and do it all in one shot. This will be the most time efficient, and when I concentrated like that, I was able to burn a little over 1k logs and hour. As stated earlier, get some good music going; it really will save you from wanting to bash your head against a wall. I would suggest your favourite music and some stuff you can sing to in order to keep yourself entertained, but not too distracted. Firemaking really isn't that bad to train once you find a good spot where people won't block your paths as they try to compete, and this really is the biggest problem that I had, but to get around this, just go onto a German world. There usually aren't that many people on them, so you can always find somewhere where you won't have to fight with another firemaker. Good luck, and enjoy the music that you pick!
  5. Orchdork19

    Is There A True Goverment?

    Fist of all, the framers created our government based on the fact that the American public was too stupid to make their own choices. So, when you say "serves the people's requests," I must say that sadly the American public is still too ignorant to know what is needed. All humans can be corrupt, and "unflawed humans" is an oxymoron. There is no perfect government, so there is no "best" government. The word "best" is all relative as mentioned in the following quote. Before continuing, I would like to say that Brave New World is one of my favourite books; though I did not enjoy it as much as 1984. - Albert Einstein Sadly, the majority of American society is in the Gama and Delta levels. I wasn't always like this; back in the 1960's, we were on the top for math and science, and now we aren't even in the top twenty. American society has been regressing in intelligence, and I believe that the majority of Americans simply do not know enough to be able to make an informed choice. Now, I'm not saying that the government should make all the choices for us, because that is a dictatorship, but rather the government should listen to those who truely know what they are talking about while limiting the voice of the ignorant who would only slow down the process of politics, which is already slow enough.
  6. Orchdork19

    Are Runescape Friends "friends"?

    Some of my real life friends are friends on Runescape, but not many of my friends play or play anymore. I really don't add that many people; it's mainly just people who asked me to be friends or trading partners. I rarely talk with any of the people on my friends list in game, and after we add each other, niether person really ever starts a conversation. I would never really contact or meet any of the people on my friends list other than my real friends in real life mainly because we never talk, so I don't really know them.
  7. Orchdork19

    Help W/ Summers End

    I just completed this quest yesterday. It was probably one of the most annoying quests ever. I didn't use any food in the quest, but I died about 15 times. It takes longer if you don't use food, but I wasn't willing to spend money on it. In the first room I would suggest that you cut all that you need first, and don't worry about getting a dragon hatchet. After you have all 15 logs, light the fires. If you die, you can respawn at Edgeville which is a little over a one minute run from your grave, so do not worry about death, and if you die, you can collect all the wood that was in your inventory, but any that you had put on the pyres without lighting will be lost. For me, the second room took the longest because the beat would rarely release the dark cores, but for this room, just run around a lot and you'll get it eventually. The third room was the easiest. You just need to remember in which grave each colour is, but expect to die once since after the first two spieits attack the beast, he launches a lot of attacks, and this will be the point where you will most likely need to recharge your prayer, so he will most likely attack you as you get to the alter. Good luck with the quest!
  8. Orchdork19

    God Book Help

    You only need to complete one book before you buy the reast of them, so no, you will not need to complete it.
  9. Orchdork19

    What Stats?

    Really, all that I can suggest is to train skills to do quests. As a member, just explore all you can and have fun; that's what the game is for, having fun, so don't worry so much about the money. Although money does make many things easier, it isn't everything, but if you are focused on money, I would suggest getting your runecrafting level to 40 and higher to start runecrafting astral runes and nature runes. With astral runes, you will need to get your skills up enough to cmplete Lunar Diplomacy, but it's a good quest to do just to get the lunar spellbook, which is my personal favourite out of the three. Another good method of making money would be mining pure essence or mining in the living rock caverns. For mining pure essence, I would suggest getting your magic level up to 66 to get into the magic guild to make mining the essence a lot quicker. To start mining in the living rock caverns, you will need 77 mining to mine the concentrated coal. This can be great money as it makes mining even faster than woodcutting. Woodcutting is also a good way to get money, and I would suggest that you get to level 65 or even 70 before cutting yews because starting at 60 will be very slow. Farming is aslo a great money maker once you get it up to 32 to plant ranarr. This will require some start-up money, but it sounds like you have that covered. Farming herbs is a great way to make money while training other skills since you can plant them and leave them for about and hour and a half. You should also complete Fairy Tale Part 1 to get the magic secateurs which give a 10% bonus to crop yields. These are just some suggestions to get started, but the best way to play as a member is to just play around for a few days to get a feel for all the extra content and then choose how you want to play from there. Good luck, and enjoy your membership!
  10. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Rhapsody of Fire is really good. Alestorm is a mix of power metal and folk metal, and they are great! Alestorm - Keelhauled Rhapsody of Fire - Old Age of Wonders
  11. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    My friend suggested that I listen to . I thought that it was a really good song, and the singer has a great voice.
  12. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    That was a good song, and the machine gun breakdown was cool. This sounds like a good band; I'm going to have to look into them more.
  13. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    No matter how bad they are you shouldn't insult metal like that!
  14. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    That song is different. I liked it. I haven't really heard many songs by Infected Mushroom, but that one was good.
  15. Orchdork19

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I just found two bands from Japan that are really good. Followbane: Melodic Death Metal Blood Stain Child: Melodic Death Metal & Electronic Also, I recommend Wumpscut.

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