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  1. error404

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sals

    Merry Christmas!
  2. error404


    I'm good! Been a bit busy lately, but summer is here!
  3. error404


    Got it back! I remember everyone!
  4. error404


    How's the forum?
  5. error404

    Card Fraud

    Never used the card in public at all. It was only for council tax, internet service, etc. It was a debit card, and I live in the UK - I have got my card transactions cut off for now.
  6. error404

    Card Fraud

    I just got a statement from 2 banks, and around 700 pounds on each one have been subject to fraud - namely "Facebook goods". It has started in mid August, right up until now. Now, here is where I am confused - I have never used Facebook to buy anything at all, I have never used one of the cards on the internet, at all, I have never had the card stolen or lost, and as far as I know, it has always been with me. I have never taken it out of my possession. I've scanned my computer for viruses - none have turned up - not that that would matter, since I've never used it on the internet. Have you any idea how this could have happened, and how I could have prevented this?
  7. error404


    What about zoonosis? Isn't it rather dangerous to have sexual intercourse with an animal? STDs, exposure to semen or vaginal fluids, urine, saliva, faeces or blood. What about bites, injury and trauma? Allergic reactions? Would there need to be tests for animal STDs?
  8. error404

    Is a loaded die "random"

    But if it's guaranteed to land on one side, choosing "3" from 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 surely isn't random? Well, no. I would say that randomness requires a range of possibilities. But loaded generally implies bias, not guarantee. I agree with you, but OP said this: Oh shoot, didn't see that. Then it isn't random, because the outcome is guaranteed, you're right. But the definition of random doesn't take into account the amount of possibilities, so in theory the die is random, even though it would land on 3 all the time...or am I missing something here? Is there a real difference between multiple possibilities and just one?
  9. error404

    Is a loaded die "random"

    A question I got asked: assuming that the normal die is random, not pseudo-random, would a loaded die be random? According to mathematics, random is the unpredictability of events, thus both randomness and bias can co-exist mutually, as far as I know. If the die is random, would be a 100% loaded die be random? If you loaded it so much that it was guaranteed to land on one side.
  10. error404

    Show us your bum

    I live on the urban-urban-urban fringe...my phone number code shows me living in one city, my postcode shows me living in the other, the map shows me living in the third...
  11. error404

    How do you drink your coffee?

    I drink tea. Because tea > Coffee. If I do drink coffee, however, I would have a teaspoon of a sugar and no cream.
  12. error404

    Thieves Make off with Five Tons of Nutella in Germany

    Marmite is better. Silly nutella lovers. You keep proclaiming that Marmite is better and no one agrees with you, I think you lose... I agree that Marmite is better. But with Marmite weighing in at 500g and Nutella at a mere 350g per jar, It's agreeable they went for the easy way out... There are 5kg jars of Nutella. Where is your God now? (Your nutritionist threw himself off a cliff already) Would you like a kiss?
  13. error404

    Bans imposed on nuclear weaponry

    As much as I would like the US to step back from its high power place, and have no say in imposing bans on countries making/using nuclear weapons; in my opinion, a ban on North Korea would be justified and a good thing to do. I'd rather have the US assert more power, than less power, (within reasonable boundaries, obviously). It's very difficult to argue against a ban on NK producing nuclear weapons.
  14. error404

    Thieves Make off with Five Tons of Nutella in Germany

    Marmite is better. Silly nutella lovers. It's made by Unilever. I tend not to trust anything made by someone that makes food, bleach *and* margarine They also made Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. How can you not trust them?
  15. error404

    Margaret Thatcher dies aged 87

    Stroke is an attack on the brain, it attacks like...fire.

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