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    Uhh getting cash to buy a new computer and some money to pay natalie for the flat she shares with me;)<br />

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  1. Morlant

    Why You No Like Anime.

    I like it coz im part japanese and i was brought up with it o_O. In japan 16 year olds think english peopls tom and jerry is awesome. I like all anime. Some people just dislike it because the translations are terrible. They are not accurate and give a bad impression on the anime/manga.
  2. Morlant

    Your Top 5 Must Have Albums

    Rhcp: live in hyde park the quality is alright and you get some good songs. Killers|samstown: has 3 amazing songs on it MaximoPark|Earthlypleasures:Has good songs. Muse:blackHolesAndRevelations:Classic! Last ones hard... Biffyclyro:puzzle NICE NEW BAND :P
  3. Morlant

    We Love You Alex Zane

    see he is cool. Oh and celtic yeah that was me Im hayley XD
  4. Morlant

    We Love You Alex Zane

    Hes coool :o you just dont like his dancing on popworld >_>
  5. Morlant

    Does Naruto Suck?

    Actually if you watch the naruto on tv you wont find any nudity simply because they arenet allowed. However if you read the naruto books they have naked people occasionally.
  6. Morlant


    house is on at around 12:30-2pm on weekdays in the uk well it used to be on channel 5. And on thursdays at around 10pm. It is also on Five Us freeview channel 30 something and starts in the afternoon ^_^
  7. Morlant

    Does Naruto Suck?

    Actually naruto isnt too bad the translations are rubbish. I own a complete collection of all the naruto comics all 39 unless a new one has come out and once you get into it the story becomes very good. I recently watched the latest movie the day it came out in japan and that was cool. Dont let first impressions fool you the naruto series starts off a bit dodgy but after a hundred episodes it becomes good. Or if you want start of when they are in their teens in "Naruto Shippuden". Also i love bleach i read the latest one and uryuu does some really cool stuff:D <3 Ishida Uryuu ^_^
  8. Morlant

    We Love You Alex Zane

    alex zane the guy from t4 popworld balls of steel real hot like 22 years old works with alexa whos 22 too model did loads of music videos kissed holly valance in the video down boy.
  9. Morlant

    We Love You Alex Zane

    Who loves alex zane from t4 popworld/balls of steel and alexa too We love you alex zane :s :/
  10. Morlant

    Pics Of Yourself!

    are all melissas pics taken from when she was young a bit older and a bit older or old and then younger and a bit younger. i dont remember taking many pics in my bathroom >_>
  11. Morlant

    Have You Ever Broken A Bone?

    broke my left arm when i was 14 then again when i was 15 one playing netball and one playing softball o_O i miss a hell of alot of writing in lessons =] since im left handed xD
  12. Morlant

    Pics Of Yourself!

    before you look look away id rather die than get a reply from one of these old pictures.
  13. Morlant

    Race 2 99's Smaus Vs Faten

    just saying faten ftw lol i vote faten because hes the coolest person in the whole world :D have a beer on me faten
  14. Morlant

    The Strength Of Love Is The Strongest Of All!

    ok here it is lol congratz lol that was funny
  15. Morlant

    9 Square Rune Meal

    but raz when u access the shop it gives u the option of buying all of the runes for a certain amount of money...

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