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  1. Valorn

    Fur 'n' Seek

    Wow you people post fast. Now I finally have a reason to finish Rag and Bone Man lol....
  2. Valorn

    About To Die

    I stay and fight. I've only gone pking on my main so I'm not very good at it yet.
  3. Valorn

    The Tough Choice (read Topic First)

    I agree, you should stay an obby mauler then later get around 40 attack.
  4. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    iGhost~ He still does? I thought he stopped after the original Learning the Ropes. Lol~ I've seen your guide and gone by it, but it became hard to find, so thanks for posting it. All this help is greatly appreciated thanks! I've now switched to a team cape, and made mining my money making skill. At what level/ stats would I be able to start pking?
  5. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    Thanks both of you.
  6. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    I'm just going to finish 20 strength quickly, it's 100 xp to 20. What should I train range to for Vampire Slayer, what arrows/bow, and how many? EDIT: Done with it at 20 range. I now have 23 attack, 20 strength, 1 defence, 20 range, 19 hitpoints, and 1 prayer.
  7. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    Ok, this account now has 10 combat, 10 attack, 10 strength, and 10 range. Continue on cows? Or can I kill something else? EDIT: The training is going quite fast.
  8. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    Alright I won't. I now have 5 range and I'm killing cows/calves. I have to go, so I'll train it more later or tomorrow. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    well, I left this morning. At the moment I'm getting strength to 10, then attack, then range. Would I be able to still train defence? Just to 40. If I try to kill a cow, I almost get powned by it lol. At the moment i have 6 strength and I'm level 5. EDIT: Now I'm level 10, have 13 hitpoints, 10 attack, 10 strength, 22 mining, 4 smithing, 3 fishing, 7 cooking, and 3 woodcutting. Everything else is one. Should I move on to something else besides chickens?
  10. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    Alright, and thanks! EDIT: Should I wear a cape? Which should I train first, attack, strength, or range?
  11. Valorn

    Pkers, What's The Best Style?

    Thanks, it was really helpful! I'll keep this in mind and finish Tutorial Island on it tomorrow.
  12. I'm thinking of starting a new free Pk account. What style would be the best to Pk with, and what gear/levels should I use? This'll be my first time Pking so I might not understand much. If I posted in the wrong place, sorry. Thanks for any help!
  13. Valorn

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    You now you addicted to runescape when you make a dragon halberd by "smithing it" and try to kill a guy dressed as an elf. >.<
  14. Valorn

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    Only thing is I don' have a clue what that timezone is if I knew i would know time easily lol. :) ^_^

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