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  1. Yep, and have been involved in bloody coups... *cough* Arbenz and Allende * cough*
  2. The US shouldn't mess around with him. It's Venezuela's problem, and I hope that one day the wake up and get the balls (most of them have them) to do something about him. After all, it's THEM he's screwing.
  3. He must of done something right to be voted into office. Hmm... I recomend a book called Cuentos Chinos, that's the title in spanish (edit: found it, link below, Saving the Americas: The Dangerous Decline of Latin America and What The U.S. Must Do ), there's an english version but I forgot the name of it... It's by Andrés Oppenheimer. Anyway, he didn't do anything really, he's got a crapload of opposition... The thing is, he's pretty stubborn to leave his throne. He controls the courts, he controls the congress, the only remnant in Carcas of the opposition (the mayor and his office) are guarded by his own men, and there are frequent reports of stuff being thrown at the building, apparently you can't do anything Anti-Chávez in downtown Caracas, unless you want to get your butt kicked really bad. Oh, by the way, did I also mention how he controls the Tribunal that counts the elections, and how he's a shareholder of the company that distributed the counting software and computers that counted the ballots during referenda and ellections? Not to mention his involvement with FARC, eh? I have to endure this jackass whenever I read news on the region, or watch latin CNN or any crap... I agree with Dani, the US has no business in Venezuela... The thing that pisses me off is that most of Latin America is starting to have leaders whose campaigns are funded by him, so he's got a crapload of support from foreign governments in the region... He's a lesser evil, yes, but he's an evil nonetheless.. Meh, makes me remember something that wrote Carlos Montaner, what would Carlos Rangel think if he were to see the mess Venezuela's in? Really man, a petrol producing country, having ENERGY RATIONING? What the HECK is that... You know, Venezuela has got one of the biggest hydroelectric centrals in Latin America... But of course, most of the machinery was bought years ago from USA companies, so what happens now? Chavez doesn't want to buy from the "Empire", so the facilities aren't precisely working as they should... Because of Chavez' senseless whining. Not to mention, two weeks ago, the bolivar had a 63.50% devaluation... May I recommend a book? Or a couple, rather.... http://www.amazon.com/El-regreso-del-idiot...h/dp/0307391515 http://www.amazon.com/Guide-Perfect-Latin-.../ref=pd_sim_b_1 http://www.amazon.com/Saving-Americas-Dang.../ref=pd_sim_b_2
  4. Jose0

    Haitian Earthquake And Relief Help

    Haiti does NOT have the money to help themselves, plus, seeing as corruption was probably at some point in history helped - just a bit- by the US backed coup that happened there, it would only be fair for them to help that country, especially when most of the people there have no guilt on the country's crappy situation... Yeah, you're just saying, let them die, they're stupid anyway... How the hell would you have acted if everyone had said "oh look at katrina, hahaha, them gringos had it comin'!" instead of helping you?
  5. Meh, Chávez is lame, and as a latin american I find it sad that a lot of people, even foreigners to our countries, think this guy's our savior (he thinks of himself not just as a Venezuelan Messiah, but someone who's bound to rule Latin America)
  6. Jose0

    Sal's Band

    Username: Ehm... Jose0? Instrument: Guitar You good at what you play?(Beginner, Intermediate, Pro): Intermediate Recommended song?: idc
  7. Jose0

    Christmas Traditions.

    On Xmas Eve, I first go to my maternal grandmother's, have a bit of typical local Christmas food (as crazy as it may seem to you, we have tamales, baked pork leg, and a desert called torrejas), that is around 6 PM, we stay there till around 9PM, then we go to my paternal grandmother's, where I usually eat the most (she's my favorite cook -.- ) and she cooks turkey, ham, and a bunch of different types of food, sometimes a lot of peruvian.... We then wait until midnight, where we have a countdown... Then we open the presents and stay around talking until about 4 AM...
  8. Jose0


    You mean the one that lost? :)
  9. Jose0


    Madrid beat Marseille... and got in as first of its group -.-
  10. Jose0


    Look up a film called Blade Runner, in the end, a character allows himself to die so that the main character would, somewhat, understand the marvel that life is.
  11. I've had this for a while, when I press ctrl+alt+del I don't get the window, so I've tried directly running Taskmgr.exe , and I get, roughly translated from spanish, this: Only a part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory petition was completed. I'm an administrator on this computer, I'm running Windows XP... The problem I've had for over a year, it never really troubled me, but I'd like to know what's wrong.
  12. I can't either :) But I just have to wait a bit... A year and a half, and I'll probably get a scholarship either to France or to Germany -.-
  13. Jose0


    Yep... Harder groups, like, oh I don't know, Brasil, Portugal, Ivory Coast and Korea (forgot which one) -.-
  14. Jose0

    Advanced Trig Graphing

    I don't know man, you could probably calculate for various values of X and then just draw it.

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