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  1. Me-Bomb

    Divine Herb patches

    I've been wondering something about a certain divine location, specifically, the divine herb patch III. As someone who has 68 farming (Enough for cadantines, not enough will to train it up higher at the moment), but 78 divination (Well, 77, but less then 1k xp from 78), I'd like to know: If I train my divination up to 82 and place down a divine herb patch, and someone with, say, 98 farming picks it, will I get only noted herbs based off of my farming level (i.e. Cadantines), or will I get herbs based off of the gatherer's levels (i.e. Lantadymes, Dwarf Weeds, Torstols etc.)? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm doing lumber because I need the wc experience.
  3. Me-Bomb

    What's your favorite skill?

    For some thieving, because it just feels good to steal from everyone. Also, one of the few skills that can be leveled standalone (more or less) without cost.
  4. Me-Bomb

    My longest 99 goal ever

    I am glad I was able to see this moment. Congratulations on achieving it! Must have taken a long time.
  5. Me-Bomb

    How can I get 75-85 melee stats fast in the EOC?

    TzHaar Fight Arena enemies grant quite a lot of experience, but it's resource heavy and, unless you do the entire thing, almost no rewards.
  6. Me-Bomb

    Returning member

    :) I am glad to receive a warm welcome. Though it's sad to see that the forums are not as active as they once were anymore. I remember when this place was pretty much the height of Runescape forums. Still, I'm sure I can get used to it.
  7. Me-Bomb

    Returning member

    Hello everyone. I haven't been here for a long time, ~3-4 years since I was last here. I've, for the most part, left Runescape until ~6 months ago, when I started to slowly return to the game. And less then a month ago I finally did what I wanted to do for many years: become a member. So I guess it's appropriate to return here as well. I don't know if I'll meet anyone here that I remember from my previous time here, but I hope to become friends with the "Next-gen" community, as I'm gonna say.
  8. Me-Bomb

    Beat Me

    http://me-bomb.mybrute.com If anyone wouldn't mind. What bad will it give you, it will only make me get more experience, while you get no penalty.
  9. Me-Bomb

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

    I never have, am, or will work with the communists. I take that as a sole promise.
  10. Me-Bomb

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

    Let me join, I'm ready to bust some communists for FREEDOM!
  11. http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/5557/70fishing.png Just scored 70 fishing, entering the elite leagues of f2p fishers
  12. Me-Bomb

    Count To 1000 (new Style)

    13 (bad number)
  13. Me-Bomb

    Am I Strong Enough?

    It's for the black demons AFTER the boss The balance elemental has to be killed with normal stats

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