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  1. It seems your question has already been answered, but I remember Microsoft offering a tutorial somewhere that tells you how to make a basic web browser in vb.
  2. Website: runescape.stupidgamestuff.com I don't know much outside of html and css, so I'll probably be posting here alot=P, but I'll stick with some basic questions for now. 1. I use phpbb, and there's a problem with my avatar folder. Filezilla won't let me view or delete or change permissions for it and when I use the godaddy (yes, I use godaddy, lol) file manager, it says that the folder cannot be read. Any ideas on how to fix this? It would be nice to be able to have avatars. Well, that's really the only question I have right now. My php questions will come later (lol, right now all my editing is done in notepad in its raw html form). And don't mind my site layout, I hope to change it later. I'm not the most creative of people (probably one of the least), and my layouts tend to look like other websites I visit regularly. It started out looking like tip.it, then zybez, then funorb, and now it looks kind of like this site, lol.

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