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  1. Very recently, I've been getting my emails returned by an address called [email protected] Most of all of my email's that I've sent have been returned from this same address. I looked it up and I still don't exactly know what it is, besides the fact that it returns emails if you've incorrectly typed in an incorrect address as the sender. But I've never had this problem before and the emails I was sending to, I've been sending to for awhile, I know they're correct. Is there a way to stop this or is this even something to be concerned about? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it either but I've also noticed that when I sign up for websites and they ask for email verification, I am never sent an email to verify, and this has happened to several sites that I've tried. I'm not sure if this is due to my above problem or not.
  2. Darkblister4

    Returned emails from mailer-daemon

    Hmmm, I'll try and scan. But as far as that goes, what if I get these messages regardless of the type of medium I'm using to send it with? I'm pretty sure it's happened with my phone and laptop. Is this an issue with the thing I'm using or something else?
  3. Darkblister4

    Any Good, Cheap Android Phones?

    I have the AT&T version of that phone. It's actually not a bad phone. The camera is pretty good for the quality of the phone except at night. I can't speak for much since my phone is rooted and I don't know how well it works on stock but on the couple of times I've used it when it was, i liked it. Especially if it's just a temporary phone I think it'd be fine. You could try and look for unlocked phones on craigslist or something too, just scout them out, that's how I got mine for $100. Perfect condition, not a single scratch but that is just for my case, just trying to prove that phones bought off people aren't always bad.
  4. I'm pretty sure, it started happening ever since I updated my laptop to Windows 8.1 Pro. I found that whenever I try to change my lock screen background/picture, a loading symbol just appears and nothing ever happens. I tried googling for some answers and I did find some, but I could not understand them or they didn't work. Why is this even an issue? And why would it even take so much to just change something so simple?
  5. I currently am using a Samsung galaxy exhilarate phone and I'm having some trouble with the memory. The phone has an internal memory of I think 4gb so I bought a 32gb microsd to make up for it. The problem is that there are some things that I can't move onto the sd and so a good amount of the internal is used. But when I look at the storage settings, it splits my internal memory into two for some reason so each has like 1.5gb of memory. For some reason, everything on the internal memory is being put it only one of those 1.5gb categories. I can't take pictures now because it says there isn't enough memory and I can't move some stuff to the other half of the internal memory which has a good 700mb available as opposed to the 40mb one that is only used. I typed a lot but any kind of info can help, thank you. If any other info is needed let me know
  6. I'm about to sell one of my old laptops and I took out the recovery CD and I'm not at a menu where it gives me two options. The first is to "Recover to Factory Default Software - Recover to out-of-box state" and the second is to "Erase the hard disk - Delete all the data and the partitions from your hard drive". Would I only do the factory default option or should I also erase the hard disk? ~Thank You!
  7. Darkblister4

    How to get rid of watermark?

    Thank you very much, i'll try those methods!
  8. Darkblister4

    How to get rid of watermark?

    I have a picture that I don't really like the watermark or the signature on the picture and I want to take it out. I'm not really sure how to though. First off, is it even possible to take it off without the help of the original person who put it on? If so, could anyone perhaps do it for me or direct me in how I can do it myself? I'm not using the picture for any type of commercial use, it's just for my personal use in a small collage i'm making. Thank you. (I want the top left and bottom right words taken out) http://a0.img.mobypi...80579c_view.jpg
  9. How can I change the background color of this picture? I tried using paint (like a noob) and used the bucket on it but there were a lot of white blotches not colored in. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. I recently bought a laptop, a toshiba satellite l755. I downloaded some games like maplestory and ijji gunz and whenever I try to play in fullscreen in both games, it's shown as a box, with black bars on both sides, not stretched across the screen. I've messed with the game resolution and stuff like that but it stays. My friends don't seem to have the problem though and their laptops are similar to mine. Both 1366x768 resolution, not sure if that matters with aspect ratio though. Can I change this? (I have no idea what I'm talking about, I hope I didn't butcher any words or mix up some vocabulary, just using what I've heard or read)
  11. Darkblister4

    Need An Audio Trimmer

    How do I use lame mp3 with audacity, that's the thing I don't understand. [EDIT] Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks for the help, I'm done.
  12. Do you guys recommend any audio trimmer? I need a free one that's simple to use so that I can make like ringtone's from song's I like and etc.
  13. Darkblister4

    Need An Audio Trimmer

    Does audacity still need that plugin to export as .mp3 though? It's just a quick download. Yea, I was confused on that part. I didn't know what to do there. Are there any other trimmers?
  14. Darkblister4

    Laptop Battery (resolved, Please Close)

    Hmmm, alright thank you! This can be closed now
  15. I just got a new laptop today and my brother told me to try and somehow find out how to extend the battery life. My friend told me to take out the battery when I'm at home and play while plugged in. First of all, would that work or help at all? If it does, would I need to cover the battery or something so dust doesn't get on it or something? :( If taking the battery out isn't a good idea then just forget the second question. Thanks!
  16. Darkblister4

    Laptop Battery (resolved, Please Close)

    Okay that helps clarify a lot. But my last question, would it matter if I cover the battery or not so dust doesn't get on it? Like cover as in, put it in a bag or something.
  17. Darkblister4

    Gimp Cropping

    I need a picture cropped, like how in the runescape guides, like for Achievement Capes, the capes are cropped out so that there's only the capes showing. Not sure how else to explain it. Like if you were trying to crop that on paint, you'd end up with a picture of a box with the cape in it. I don't know exactly what its called, so can someone give me like a link to a youtube video on how to do it or if you could, give me a short guide? Thank you
  18. Darkblister4

    Gimp Cropping

    I don't think I can do this. Could someone make the transparency for me?
  19. Darkblister4

    Winrar Download Help

    Thank you for the advice. I understand now. For the longest time I was curious haha.
  20. In the sticky with the free software, I want to download winrar but I don't understand the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit and which one to use. Not only with this but with a lot of other downloads I've seen. Not sure if it helps but I'm using Microsoft Windows Xp Professional.
  21. Darkblister4

    Would A Zune Be Worth It?

    I have a Zune and the only thing I could complain about it is that when I tried to get support through the forums, support rarely answers back. Other than that, it's a decent mp3 player. I prefer and iPod because its popular and there likes so much more accessories and its compatible with a lot of other things. My dad bought a stereo system and it came with and iPod dock. You never see things like that with Zune, at least maybe not yet. Thats my opinion.
  22. I was downloaded maplestory a while ago. Right when the download was at 2 minutes left, I guess my internet went out for a bit and my download was stopped and it couldn't continue. Now I have the download file thing sitting on my comp, taking up like 1gig and I can't delete because its write-protected. How do I get rid of it.
  23. Darkblister4

    Deleting Write-protected Files?

    Ok well I believe I'm using Windows XP and here's a screenshot. Also, could you explain the safe mode thing a little bit. I don't know what that is, sorry.
  24. Darkblister4

    Deleting Write-protected Files?

    Well the file was originally located on my desktop, but I just moved it to another folder because it bugged me being there. What I've done was right click and delete, drag to recycle bin, although probably no difference between the two. As for a screenshot, what kind? Like a picture of the actual message it gives me when I try to delete it or something else?

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