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    Stealing the lead tiles from every church in East England

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    Seven-hundred and something
  1. I still see people in banks asking for 1 law for 1k. I happily sell these, as I have plenty to spare.
  2. In general I wouldn't look forward to it like I do som eother games that I'm totally eager to get, but I'd be prepared to give it a go.
  3. Onyyx Ryoku

    Emerl's First Million

    Power-smelting steel bars works. I had 200K two days ago. What's more I feel so proud I didn't bot or anything. Hours of spare time I had. HOURS.
  4. Onyyx Ryoku

    Emerl's First Million

    I'm not sure if it means much to most of you out there who have multiple millions of coins, but for me this is the most coins I've accumulated so far, and I feel proud of it. I thought I'd share it, and thought here would be the best place to post it.
  5. Onyyx Ryoku

    Would You See A Runescape Movie?

    I wouldn't count down the days until it came out or anthing, but I'd be prepared to see it out of curiosity.
  6. Singleplayer RuneScape wut. Also it'd totally work on the Wii and maybe the DS.
  7. Onyyx Ryoku


    http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/mk/image...7/MKNINJAS2.gif Me proving to my friend that Mortal Kombat's massive roster of "original" characters has its flaws.
  8. It all seems to have gone somewhere. I'm offering to buy for max price, and I'm not getting any. Thought I'd post here just to notify anyone who wants to make some money. Current order is 500, but I'm placing many more.
  9. Onyyx Ryoku


    In before "IT'S OVER TEN MILLIIIOOON". Congratulations, m'boy. Just shows where a lot of screaming can get you.
  10. Onyyx Ryoku

    Amulet Of Ranging

    Because it's a new item. People want them purely because they're new. Once it's been out for a few months or so and there are more floating around the price will calm down to something more sensible.
  11. Onyyx Ryoku

    Brass Necklace

    Nope. Just did that recently on an alt. account, no brass necklace.
  12. Onyyx Ryoku

    Brass Necklace

    Oh, that's real nice. I try and set up a conversation about small-time items and you just berate me for it. If you're not interested in such things then why bother taking part in the thread?
  13. Onyyx Ryoku

    Brass Necklace

    But surely if there are all these trash items that have no use, not even some obscure quest, are taking up memory space that could be used for something else, or something?
  14. Onyyx Ryoku

    Brass Necklace

    It can't be crafted or enchanted, gives no bonuses, is cheap and dropped by weak creatures (facts), and it looks tacky and nasty compared to other things that can be gained with similar ease (opinion), so is there really any point to it? Just a spur-of-the-moment thread after seeing some level 20-something wearing one, I was interested as to what others think.
  15. Onyyx Ryoku

    Walking With A Broomstikck

    I used to wield the broomstick a lot before the animation update, and while you did sweep with it before, I'm sure I can see more strut and sweep than there used to be.

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