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  1. Updates: Graphics and pictures from the two sides of the quest. Reworked the text slightly. Thanks to the original writers and "pollitaawesom" for the help. -------------------- > Essential Info Start Point By speaking to Reldo, the librarian of Varrock Castle or Charlie the Tramp, located next to the Varrock Weapon Store. Required Skills: Ability to defeat a level level 2 or level 30 monster (depends on your gang choice). Quests: None. Items: 1x A friend who has not started the quest, 20x Coins. Recommended Skills: None. Quests: None. Items: None. Ratings Difficulty: Novice Length: Medium () Map of quest areas () Getting Started Before beginning this quest it is highly advisable that you get a friend that has not completed it yet. Once you have found a friend, make your way to the Library at the northern end of Varrock Castle. Speak to Reldo and ask him for a quest. At first he will be unsure if he has any, but after a bit of thought he asks you to look for a book. He mentions the book is nearby in one of the shelves. This book can be seen by the blue and white shield on a top shelf, facing away from the desk. Take it and read it. After reading the book talk to Reldo and he will tell you to talk to Baraek. Now that both of you have started the quest, decide on the gang that each of you will join. Apparently the Shield was broken in half, and each gang has 1 piece. You'll each have to join a different gang to get both halves.If you plan on joining the Black Arm Gang do not talk to Baraek! () Phoenix Gang Baraek can be found outside Varrock Castle in the marketplace, near the fur stall. Ask him about the gang, but before he gives out the location, he wants 20gp. After he tells you about the location of the gang, head along the south wall of the city, walking east until you see a small building with a dungeon symbol. Climb down the ladder, Once down talk to Straven. At first he will pretend that he does not know what you are talking about, but you continue to press your point. He still continues to deny everything but he mentions Jonny the Beard, a member of their rival gang who is supposed to have an intel report on his person. He hints that the removal of such a person as well as the acquisition of such a report could prove useful to anyone joining the said Phoenix Gang. Jonny the Beard is found in the Bar not far northwest from the hideout. You could attempt to talk to him, but in the end you must kill him, Jonny the Beard is a level 2. With him dead pick up the intel report. Take the report back to Straven and he will give you a key. This key is used to open both the hideout and the weapons' storage building. Enter the hideout and head southwest until you see a chest. Open and search it. You should obtain a left-half shield. As soon as you get the left-half shield, climb the ladder and meet your partner outside. Trade him the Weapon Store Key, and send him to the weapon store room. Once he is inside, he should kill the level 30 Weapons' Master and pick up the two phoenix crossbows. Afterwards, he will take them to his own gang's headquarters and obtain his own half of the shield. Then make your way to the Museum. () Black Arm Gang After talking to Reldo, talk to Charlie the Tramp at the southern entrance to Varrock. Ask him about what is down the alley. After he tells you that that is the alley to the Black Arm Gang's headquarters, ask him if you would be allowed in. He responds that he doesn't know and that you should try talking with Katrine. Katrine should be in the second room north of the end of the alley. At first she is unsure of your intentions, but in the end she mentions she may have a job for you to do. Accept the offer and she will give you point you in the direction of the Weapons Room. The Weapons Room is just east of the ladder to the Phoenix Gang's hideout. It is now that your Phoenix accomplice should trade you their key. Enter the building to the east with the ladder going up and go up the ladder. Once at the top you can pick up the Phoenix crossbows but not until you have disposed of the Weapons Master. Then go back to Katrine and give her the crossbows. Go upstairs and search the cupboard on the east wall for a right-half shield. () Final Steps Once you have your half of the shield go to the museum and use it on the Curator. He will be immensely surprised but then he will take it from you and give you two certificates of your appropriate shield half. He will let you know that you cannot complete the quest with just one half of the certificate. But fortunately for you, you have a friend who can give you their second certificate! Put the two pieces together. You should get a warning telling you that the paper will become untradable once you put it together. Put it together anyways. Once you have the full certificate take it to the King in Varrock Castle. Needless to say, he will be surprised as well and after a bit of talking he will give you your reward! Quest Complete! Rewards 1 Quest Point 600 coins Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune
  2. Updates: Much needed graphical updates. Delrith's combat level is now 60. Map for the Wizards' Tower has changed as well as the location of the Traiborn (the original mentions killing wizards for bones- there are no killable wizards at the Tower anymore- I changed the text slightly here. I also changed the text when the original mentions red/blue/yellow "circles" to "squares". Thanks again to all the writers of the original text. --------------------------------------------------- () Getting Started [The original map is still good.] First off, visit the Gypsy in the city of Varrock. She can be found in the tent next to the Clothing Shop (red square on the map). When you talk to her she wants to read your future, but you need to "cross [her] palm with silver". In other words, just give her 1 gp. You can then choose any of the three options. Then ask her who Delrith is, and she talks of an old tale… Dark wizards gathered in beneath Varrock to summon the Delrith, a vicious monster that they hoped would render Varrock into rubble. Luckily, Wally, the hero, came just in time. And by reciting the correct incantations our (humble) hero managed to defeat the Demon and bind him within the stone Circle that we see now below Varrock. Ask how you can kill the demon, and she says that you need a Silverlight Sword and an incantation -- be sure to write down the incantation that she gives you (it's different for everyone)! She tells you to talk to Sir Prysin about the sword. () The Keys Sir Prysin can be found in a small room on the west side of Varrock Castle (blue square on the map). He tends to wander out of this room, however, so be warned. At first he is surprised when you mention the Delrith. But after you explain about Gypsy Aris’ premonition, he understands the city’s plight. He says that he has the Silverlight, but, unfortunately, he needs 3 keys to open the box. He says that Captain Rovin has a key, and tells you where he is. () Captain Rovin's Key Climb 2 sets of stairs in the northwest corner of the castle to find him, and tell him that it's important that you speak to him. Captain Rovin is at first mistrusting of you. After a bit of arguing however, he finally gives in and lets you have the key. () Sir Prysin's Key Sir Prysin also said that he had a key, but dropped it down the kitchen drain. Go back downstairs from Captain Rovin and head to the kitchen in the northeast corner of the castle. You will see a drain there. You see the key, but you can’t reach it. You’re going to have to get it below, but you have to wash it down first. Use the bucket of water you should have in your inventory with the drain just outside the kitchen door to wash the key into the Varrock Sewer. If you don't have one, you can go up the stairs, and pick up a bucket from either of the rooms, and then fill it with water from the kitchen sink. The entrance to the sewer is just east of the castle fountain area manhole (yellow square on the map), so climb down the manhole. Take the red path to a small room, and the key should be on the ground, surrounded by corpses. [The old map works here as well.] Just click on it and you'll get a rusty Silverlight Key. () Traiborn's Key The last key is with Wizard Traiborn, located on the second floor of the Wizard Tower, just south of Draynor Village. Tell him that you need Sir Prysin's key, and then ask him if he has any keys around. He is totally confused. He finally remembers a key, but he needs 25 bones to perform a ritual to open the box that it's in. ' If you forgot to bring the bones, the back of Lumbridge castle has an ample supply of goblins waiting to be killed. You can give him the bones gradually. In other words, you don't have to give all 25 bones at once. However, it quicker to do it all at once if you are killing goblins for them. When you give him all the bones, a very short mini-cut scene will ensue where he performs the ritual and a wardrobe will rise from the floor. He will take his Silverlight Key out and give it to you. () Obtaining the Silverlight Sword Once you have all 3 keys, go back to Sir Prysin. Another very small mini-cut scene will happen as he opens the box and gives the Silverlight to you, and which you then brandish about for a bit. Hint: If you drop your Silverlight and talk to Sir Prysin, he will give you another sword. This way, you could have an extra in case you lose your sword after the quest, instead of having to buy one for 500gp later on. () Killing the Demon Once you have all your combat equipment and food ready, head to the Stone Circle just south of Varrock. Once you get within close proximity of the circle, a big cut scene starts. You see three dark wizards and a wizard called Denath. All the Dark Wizards begin to chant. They finally summon the supremely evil Demon. This might be the end for Varrock! But you arrive just in time! When you enter the circle, a wizard will start attacking you, so you will have to kill it and go to the Delrith. Or, you can wait until all the Dark Wizards are facing away from you and the Delrith is close to you and then run to him. With your Silverlight equipped, attack the Demon until he is in a weakened state. When he is in this state, pick the right incantation (refer to the incantation you wrote down earlier) and finish off the foul Demon. Congratulations, quest complete! Rewards 3 Quest Points You get to keep the Silverlight sword. If you ever lose it, you can buy another from Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle for 500gp Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune ------------------------------------ As with the weapons for Blood Pact, I can't get a decent picture of the stats of the Silverlight equipped so if anyone can help with that it would be appreciated. I am working on getting one though.
  3. Updates: Graphics and rewards. Weapons also have different stats but since I'm not willing to remove my member items (as I'm currently non) I would appreciate if someone could submit their own pictures. Again thanks to the original writer of the script. ------------------------------ () You can begin your quest by making your way down to the Lumbridge Graveyard, directly south of the Lumbridge Church. The easiest way to get there is to use the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell to get to Lumbridge. Once you have arrived, go outside the courtyard, and make your way south towards the church. Connected to the south side of the church is the graveyard. In the graveyard you will find Xenia, speak with her. After you have greeted each other, choose the option "What do you need help with?" She will explain the situation to you. There are three cultists of Zamorak who have stowed away a prisoner in the Lumbridge catacombs. She is unaware of what they are planning to do, and she needs your help to figure out. Unfortunately, she isn't able to find out on her own (because of her age). She needs backup, so select the option "I'll help you." In the very east of the graveyard, you can find the stairs she mentioned (or rather the catacomb entrance.) You must now climb down the Catacomb Entrance in order to proceed with the quest. ()The Catacombs Directly upon entering the catacombs, you will be shown a brief cut-scene with the three cultists, Caitlin, Kayle, and Reese. The three will be arguing, and something about a 'blood pact' will be brought up. This 'blood pact' somehow keeps the cultists together. [i did not get a snapshot of this picture in the walkthrough.] After the cut-scene, Xenia tells you what to do. There's a guard in the room directly to the north, and Xenia thinks that you and her should be able to overpower him. At this point, it would be a good idea to turn off 'auto retaliate' because Kayle is a ranger. Before you go charging in to save the day, it should be a good thing for you to know this: If you run straight down the room, Xenia will be attacked, and you will have to start all over. [i'm sure she gets attacked regardless of how you try to approach Kayle. She then is sent back to the starting room and edges you to go on without her.] Be sure to walk around the edges of the room until you reach Kayle and be sure not to go into the middle! Once you have gotten to Kayle you should attack him and defeat him. [Actually I'm pretty sure Kayle (and everybody else) has more lifepoints because of the eoc update. I'm not certain if the combat level changed as I forgot to observe it as I went through the quest.] Just before you knock the last life point out of Kayle, he starts to talk to you. He asks you if you were going to kill him. You have two options here. If you are looking to do this quest as fast as possible, choose the option "Die now" to move on to the next cultist. If you are more interested in the story line, choose the option "I have some questions." He'll be more than willing to answer. You will ask Kayle three questions. (Who are you?; Who are the others?; What were you planning to do down here?) From these three questions, you will learn that Kayle is a ranger, Reese is the leader and was a former acolyte at Lumbridge Church, Caitlin is a dark mage and former wizard, and Kayle has no idea what they were planning to do. However, Kayle does know that Reese discovered something about these catacombs; something about how they were built. Caitlin had also found something at the ruins of the old Wizard's Tower, something that appears to be from Zamorak Wizards. They began to work together and realized that by combining these two things, they would have power over many things including life and death. The two made a 'blood pact' to go to the Catacombs. The two had traveled further into the Catacombs to perform the ritual, while he stood guard. Now that you have this information, you no longer have a use for Kayle. You can either kill him, or spare his life and get his equipment. Xenia doesn't believe that Kayle will be of any more trouble. Xenia tells you that the second cultist will be using magic and that you must use a ranged weapon to defeat him. Pick up the ranged equipment Kayle dropped, and continue into the next room. Across the room will be Caitlin, who also has . Attack her, and she will be defeated just as easily as Kayle. Head to the south, where you can find a winch. This controls the spear wall. Operate the winch, and the spear wall will go down, allowing you to walk over to Caitlin. To save time, you don't have to question her. Just choose the option where you can take her equipment. Whatever option you choose you will get the equipment, at which point you should proceed down the stairs to find Reese, the third and final cultist. Xenia recommends you kill melee fighters with magic, so be sure to pick up Caitlin's magic equipment! In case you are unfamiliar with how magic works, be sure to check out the Magic skill guide on how to use magic before continuing. Needless to say, you can choose to ignore her and go down the stairs anyways. Once you are downstairs, head south until you reach a tomb door. Open the door, and Reese will immediately talk to you. You can choose any option, as the results are all the same: He will attack you. Reese is also so defeating him should be just as easy as the other two cultists. Just like the other two cultists, you will be faced with two choices on what to do with Reese after you have defeated him. You can take the easy way out and kill Reese, or you can question him and learn more about the storyline. If you decide to question Reese, you will learn that he was about to send an army of the dead to Lumbridge so he could claim the town and end Saradomin's dominance over the city. After he reveals this, you can either kill him or take his stuff (like on the other two cultists). Unfortunately, Reese thinks otherwise, so in the end Reese dies. You can pick up the sword he leaves behind. Proceed into the chamber and untie Ilona, their hostage. You will then be returned to the Lumbridge Graveyard. Ilona will give you her thanks, and you will be given the reward for stopping the cultists. Rewards 1 Quest Point 200 Mind, Air runes, and bronze arrows (from Xenia) The Cultist's Weapons The Helmet of Trials (requires 300 quest points) 100 Attack experience 100 Strength experience 100 Defence experience 100 Ranged experience 100 Magic experience Access to the Lumbridge Catacombs Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune -------------------------------------------- Kayle's Bow Caitlin's Staff Reese's Sword Helmet of Trials As of right now I don't have a picture for this. I'm working on getting better pictures of the weapons and helmet at the moment.
  4. Updates: Pictures and chat with graphics updates. I used much of the same text as in the original post so thanks to whoever did that. Only a slight change while at the Cow part. Also updated rewards. ----------------------------------------------------- ()To start this quest, go to Lumbridge Castle and speak with the Cook on the first floor. He says that he's forgotten some of the ingredients for the cake that he was going to bake for Duke Horacio. Offer your help to him, and he will ask you to bring him three ingredients for the cake: some Top-quality Milk, Extra Fine Flour, and a Super Large Egg. Leave the castle and head out onto the streets of Lumbridge to begin your task of finding ingredients. Here is a map of the useful places used during this quest: ()Top-quality Milk Top-quality Milk is obtained from a Prized Dairy Cow, which can be found in a Cow pen located northeast of Lumbridge. Cross over the River Lum to the east of Lumbridge Castle using a bridge, and then continue north along the road until you find the Cow pen. The Prized Dairy Cow can be found at the north-eastern end of the pen, along with a Bucket respawn. Pick up the Bucket (if you don't already have one), and then left-click on the Prized Dairy Cow to fill the bucket with milk. You should now have a bucket of Top-quality Milk. () Super Large Egg There are two locations where a Super Large Egg can be found: First, the farm west of the Cow pen has a Super Large Egg respawn in the northwest corner, inside the northern building. From the cow pen, travel a short distance north along the road until you come to a small Chicken Farm. Second, there is a respawn location at Fred the Farmer's farm located directly north of Lumbridge. From Lumbridge, travel north along the road, and then continue west past the Sheep pen. Fred the Farmer's farm house is located just past the Sheep Pen, and a Super Large Egg respawn is located at the east end of the Chicken area. Now just pick the egg up and leave the farm. () Extra Fine Flour The final necessary ingredient is Extra Fine Flour, which is obtained by grinding Wheat into Flour at a Windmill (). However, Extra Fine Flour is special, and must be made at Mill Lane Mill located northwest of Fred the Farmer's farm. To make Extra Fine Flour, travel to Mill Lane Mill, located northwest of Lumbridge. From Lumbridge Castle, travel north along the road, and then west, past Fred the Farmer's farmhouse. There is a Wheat field located to the west of the mill. Pick some Wheat by left-clicking on it, and then enter the Windmill. Speak to Millie Miller and ask about making Extra Fine Flour and she will adjust the mill's machinery for you. If you don't have an Empty Pot with you, take one from the table at the north side of the mill. Now, climb up to the top of the windmill and use the Grain with the Hopper. Now Operate the Hopper Controls, and then climb down to the bottom of the mill. Finally, click on the Flour Bin to fill your pot with Extra Fine Flour. [i forgot to take a pic here] ()Finishing the Quest Now that you've got all of the ingredients, head back to the cook by traveling east on the road until you reach the castle. Talk to him again, give him the Top-quality Milk, Super Large Egg and Extra Fine Flour, and you're finished! ()Rewards 1 Quest Point 300 Cooking experience 500gp 20 Noted Sardines You can now cook on the Lumbridge Castle stove. This stove is known to burn less food than an ordinary stove, and because of the Lumbridge Castle Bank being located upstairs, makes this one of the best place to cook food in RuneScape! Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune
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    Rs Useless Facts

    - Unless they have fixed it, one is unable to walk through the western door of the Lumbridge general Store, but can run through.
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    Magic Interface Features

    Interesting update, but I would rather have Jagex spend their time on better updates than a "you are here" arrow... About the magic book update thingy, it was ok. At least Jagex is trying, right? Updates: (From a scale from 1 - 10) 6
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    Christmas Event And Quest

    Talk to him with your ammy on and he will try to freeze u. Then talk to your imp and he will teleport u to where jack went. Jack says u need to defeat him but all u need to do is slide over him by standing infront of him and sliding forward. He will be knocked out and the the good withc will come and alot of talking and stuff. -- u got it?

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