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  1. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Wooden Shields

    I was asking because they removed tutorial island.
  2. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Blackberry Tour

    cool story bro
  3. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Wooden Shields

    Are they discontinued now?
  4. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Windows Update Error

    Are you on the main account on your computer?
  5. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Email Account

    I only use my MSN account.
  6. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Tall Short Alliance - Vote For Officers

    He picks up a bus and he throws it back down As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town. I am 62 feet tall. I have this problem with green scaly skin and very short arms btw. You forgot us.
  7. Muttmuttinthebutt

    I Quit

    Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
  8. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Stop Stalking Me,

    I found Dani on Facebook.
  9. When does Mutt come in? This is v gud anime, better than gunnerkrigg. :/
  10. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Have You Ever Gone Inactive For A While...

    I played for a while in '05, then didn't come back until '08.
  11. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Post Your Best Memory Of Slams

    How can you hijack a pointless thread? O_o My best memory is Mutt, he v good troll
  12. Muttmuttinthebutt


  13. Muttmuttinthebutt

    What Would You Do If You Met The Above Poster Irl

    Disturbing since I'm male. O.o Kick his ass.
  14. Muttmuttinthebutt

    Your Room

    Post pictures of your room, or a certain section of it. I'll add one tomorrow when I wake up if I remember.
  15. Most likely post in another topic, then sleep.

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