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  1. I Lucky Punk

    Basilisk Head

    Thanks all. Didn't think about the pet thing, but oh well.
  2. I Lucky Punk

    100 Combat

    Finally got my goal of 100 combat. It's been my goal since I started RuneScape in Easter 05. Even though summoning helped, it's still an achievement for me. I actually got this a few weeks ago, never got around to posting it until now.
  3. I Lucky Punk

    Basilisk Head

    Just got my first Basilisk head off of the second one I killed. I heard these are pretty rare? I'll have to put it up in my house. The people in Sal's chat weren't to congradulatory of this, but it's pretty awesome for me, as I'm never lucky!
  4. I Lucky Punk

    Prodical Account :p

    Awesome, and grats. It's funny, because my account name has 1070 in it. Don't judge me!
  5. Very nice, Kugel. Hope you achieve all of your goals. I'll be seeing you on Sal's chat!
  6. I Lucky Punk

    Varrock Med Diary Question...

    Ah, thanks fini. The RuneScape guide says that i need to catch the rats before it get overgrown, so I was worried. Hope it works!
  7. I Lucky Punk

    Varrock Med Diary Question...

    I just have a quick question about the cat training medal i have to get from Gertrude for the med Varrock diary. Various guides say I need a kitten or cat. I do not have a kitten/cat, as I only have a wiley cat. My question is: can I still use a wiley cat, or do I have to raise a whole other cat to catch 100 rats for the medal? Thanks.
  8. Cheese, we really did fail on the 80 combat picture. You kept telling people to post on your log, so now i finally will. Keep going on, you cheesy fellow! lool.
  9. I Lucky Punk

    Rs Useless Facts

    Here's one: when a whirlpool appears while fishing, it becomes a yellow dot on the map. Sweet, I know.
  10. I Lucky Punk

    Defense In F2p

    I would say that I love training on cockroaches. I've gotten 3 Rune Scimitars and 1 Rune Sq. They drop a lot of mith and addy ores, so it's easy to make profit from them if you buy your food from the Grand Exchange.
  11. I Lucky Punk

    The First Time You Died

    Hmm, I have been careful about dieing in RuneScape ever since i started, and probably only died about 4 times. The first time though, my friend who got me into RuneScape was showing me around the wilderness and teaching me to be careful and only bring 3 items in. He also told me about being skulled. So some higher level walks up to me, and says he'll give me free money if i follow him deeper into the wild. So I do. He tells me to attack him and he'll give me the money. Sadly, I had already forgotten about the skulled thing, and lost all of my black armor. I got really mad after that, maybe even quit for awhile like all the "noobs" do. ever since, I have been very careful about dieing, and I'm level 85 at the moment. Thank you for your time >.<
  12. I Lucky Punk

    Freeplay Trading Member's Items

    Well, they may not be THAT great, but I have a Dragon Scimtar, a God Cloak, full black Dragonhide, some Mystic robes, a beret, Ring of Wealth, Glory Amulet, a Warrior helm, and also a Granite Body.
  13. I Lucky Punk

    Freeplay Trading Member's Items

    Oh well. Sucks for me, I guess. I will just have to stare at them in my bank while they taunt me every day. But thanks anyway!
  14. I Lucky Punk

    Freeplay Trading Member's Items

    Ok, so here's my problem. I used to be a member in RuneScape, but now I am a freeplay. I stopped being a member because I thought I wasn't going to play anymore, so I didn't sell any of my things. Now, I am playing again, and stuck with a few valuble member's items. Is there any way to sell them to other members, or is the only solution to become a member again?

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